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Love it or try to ignore it, Facebook – that creation from that scrawny college student, what's his name? Henry Frankenstein? Something or other Zuckerberg? – is now the world's virtual kitchen table where over two billion of us can sit around and chat with friends and neighbors and catch up…


Mary Ann Lucero, of Socorro, gained her wings on Oct. 2, 2020, surrounded by her loving family.

Fred Richard Mata, 70, of Rio Communities, N.M., passed away on September 20, 2020. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather & brother. Fred enjoyed spending time with his family, kicking back watching old westerns, hunting shows or his favorite Dallas Cowboys, who…

Jean T. Johnson of Lemitar, N.M., born March 10, 1935, peacefully passed away on August 19, 2020, in her home.

On March 5, 2020, Frank H. Walton, our beloved husband, father, grandfather and, avid golfer, left this earth to catch his permanent tee time in Paradise.