Letter to the Editor


Support is appreciated

Thank you Socorro.
Many days of the year are consumed with concern of how we can continue to help people who need it the most.
We often use the bulk of our finances making sure people are cared for, and replenishing these finances can often become a burden.
This is why I take great pleasure in living in Socorro, where the community tends to be more willing to help when times are a little stressed.
Puerto Seguro has been helping people for more than 10 years and with continued support will continue to make a difference in the lives of our citizens and our community.
Most of our donations begin to come in when the weather begins to cool off, and these are greatly appreciated — but we at Puerto Seguro also recognize the danger of extreme, hot weather. During these times, donations are at a minimum due to the busy summer lives that we all enjoy.
Fortunately, others also recognize this annual occurrence and continue to open their hearts to people less fortunate than themselves.
I, on behalf of our board of directors and clients, would like to thank the people of Socorro who help us remain fluid throughout the year. The wonderful support we are blessed with from the City of Socorro and Socorro County is enhanced by organizations such as the “M” Mountain Sam’s, The Eagles Club, Aerojet Corporation and the local churches of our community.
These organizations, along with private supporters, have been instrumental in strengthening the faith we have in our community and we consider them all great friends of Puerto Seguro.
Thank you Socorro for your kind hearts, generosity and caring attitude. All are welcome to come by and visit us because we would love to have you as our guests!
Duane Baker
Puerto Seguro Inc.


Satisfied customer

I wish to publicly thank all the good people at Monette Ford for not only the years of wonderful service to our 1986 Ford truck, but for their honest, thoughtful and extremely kind treatment to my mom and I.
I recently purchased an old Dodge truck that I fully intended to have restored by Monette Ford. For years, I have looked for a 1970s Dodge. The ace mechanics found that the frame was too bent to even begin to think about restoring it. It is only good for a donor parts truck.
Nevertheless, Monette “made me an offer I couldn’t refuse” on trading in my little MoPar on a newer equivalent in a nice used Ford truck.
They hauled my little Dodge away, brought over the Ford for me, discussed payment methods, and more. Everyone was very attentive and treated me as if I were royalty. I accidently dropped my wallet which is full of extremely important cards and papers and they phoned me right away in regards to the wallet.
Thank you to the unknown customer who found it.
I cannot thank Monette Ford enough for their professionalism and kindness. I’m just a middle-aged, disabled woman — nothing spectacular — and everyone treated me like a queen.
If you are considering a new or used vehicle, do give the people at Monette Ford a visit. They are the epitome of the American business where the customer is No. 1. Plus, Ford is still made with pride in the USA!
Socorro is very fortunate to have Monette Ford! It is with tears almost welling up in my eyes in saying thank you all at Monette Ford! God bless you all.
A word to people suffering with any form of back problems. A short two-wheel-drive truck is easier to get in than a car, plus the bench seat supports your spine from top to bottom.
Vivian McAlexander