Letters to the Editor


Bustamante should step away from recall process
Socorro Electric Co-op members persistently ignored by Paul Bustamante have at long last demanded his recall in sufficient numbers to precipitate a vote on his removal. The members followed all the requirements of the bylaws to secure Bustamante be ousted.

He, however, follows no rules and is fervently working at every angle to manipulate the election. Bustamante has taken charge of making all arrangements for the voting. All from scheduling the time, date, place, composition of the ballots, and most likely, the personnel who will handle the election, the vote counts and the release of the results.
This for his own recall election — an election supposedly to be run fairly and objectively for the wishes of the co-op members. Bustamante’s iron grip and scheming ways find no honor, no integrity and no shame. All the more reason for him to go.
I urge all co-op members to contact their board trustee and demand Bustamante step away from the recall election. The board can meet and determine a point person to run the election with an independent agent responsible for the voting, counting and tabulation of results.
It might turn out to be the first fair election ever held at the Socorro Electric Co-op.
Herbert Myers

Co-op board not doing what public demanded
I really thought that with the up and coming “judgment” in Los Lunas, the “trustees” would do what the public has demanded.
No such thing! I wonder why (Paul) Bustamante is so adamant in keeping his seat? Moving the registration time to 4:30 when most everyone is working seems underhanded indeed.
A question should be raised. How long did this father have the same seat and what were the issues back then? Once the public studies those issues, then they can vote accordingly.
James Padilla
San Antonio/Tucson

Socorro Electric board’s actions are outrageous
I attended the monthly meeting of the SEC Board of “DisTrustees” on Feb. 23 and once again watched as the majority of the board continue to act as if they own the co-op and do whatever they want and the members can be damned.
For all you folks who live in District 2, prepare yourselves for the biggest scam of all when you go to vote to oust Paul Bustamante. The wording on the ballot will be very confusing. He is hoping that people will be too ignorant to see through the maze. Not only that, he thinks he has a right to chair the meeting even though the petition that was signed by the members want him out of power. All that — combined with such an early registration, that most hard working people will still be at work and perhaps not be allowed to have their voices heard.
Next item of interest was that Donald Wolberg continues to toot his own horn about the redistricting plan that he put together. He said that if we accept his plan, it would cost the members nothing. We are supposed to believe this in light of the fact that thanks to previous actions by the board, the SEC is on the brink of bankruptcy. I think not.
I say we will pay forever if his plan is adopted. He continues to vote on every issue against the members. We need a company with no conflicts of interest to decide what the lines will be.
I urge you to go to www.informedcynic.com to see for yourself the unprofessional, incompetence and petty name calling (the SEC attorney called Mr. Wagner Joseph Stalin and that is like the pot calling the kettle black) that goes on at these meetings.
It is an outrage.
Virginia Martin
District 1

Recall ballot only serves to confuse
Recall. Remove. What does Socorro Electric Cooperative President Paul Bustamante not understand?
The Feb. 23 board of trustees meeting again was a eye-opener. Muammar Gaddafi would be proud he has brothers here in little old Socorro.
Mr. Bustamante has set up a special meeting in District II to consider his recall to begin at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 16, to assure that no one can make the meeting. What do they call that? Voter manipulation?
Mr. Bustamante wants to state his case. Have you ever heard of the accused setting up his own forum, so to speak? So they, the trustees, in all their underhanded way, came up with a ballot that reads:
1. Retain Paul Bustamante   Yes    No
2. Remove Paul Bustamante   Yes    No
How crazy is that? One line (Remove yes or no) would have been enough, but let’s just add more confusion to the mix.
And what exactly does Mr. Bustamante want to explain to the members? That he has helped run the co-op into the ground? That at this point we are so deep in debt that USDA’s Rural Utilities Service is threatening to take over?
Richard Epstien turned in a petition for recall with 115 signatures, 34 of which were invalidated. I know for a fact that 10 of those signatures I collected were valid. They were signed by the spouse, but they were denied as being not valid. But I guarantee you that when the light bill comes and the spouse sends in the check with her signature it isn’t questioned; it’s cashed.
Games. That’s all this board is doing, and for what reason? Everytime they deny the members access to information they add to the rope. The rope that the courts will tighten and eventually hang them.
Well, all I can say is District II needs to come out and vote — if you can make it at 4:30.
Charlene West