Letters to the Editor


Rodeo proved successful
On behalf of the M-Mountain Rodeo Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to the city of Socorro and all the wonderful sponsors of the Socorro Cinco De Mayo Rodeo!! We are very blessed to live in such a gracious community.

We continue to receive compliments and thanks from contestants, stock contractors, judges and the community. This rodeo would not have been a success without the great work done by all. A personal Thank you to Mr. Mike Lucero, with the city of Socorro Landfill Dept., for getting the rodeo grounds prepped and watered. Thanks to Mr. Pat Gonzalez for giving up his weekend to ensure that the arena ground was groomed and safe for all the contestants. Mike and Pat, you made such a difference and the contestants all appreciated your time and efforts! Thank you to Lonnie Gonzales and Danny Monette for your contributions to the event!
A very special thanks goes out to the city of Socorro Paramedics for such a remarkable job! Unfortunately, we needed your services on a couple of occasions, but your professionalism and efficiency allowed the show to go on, despite some minor accidents. Thank you to the officers at the Socorro County Detention Center for arranging the cleanup and repair of the rodeo arena!
We believe Socorro is the perfect environment and location to host many, many more successful rodeo events in the near future. We have already been approached by the N.M. Rodeo Association as a possible location for their finals in 2012.
The USTRC has expressed interest in moving their High Stakes Invitational Team Roping to Socorro. The N.M. National Barrel Horse Association has confirmed that they would indeed move more of their races to our location. The list is never ending!
Once again, Thank you Mayor Bhasker, city council members and all our sponsors for helping us put on a successful Cinco De Mayo Rodeo 2011!! Go Rodeo!
Laura Haines, M-Mountain Rodeo Committee

There are many different beliefs

Many people believe that Saturday, May 21, was the end of the world and the rapture occurred. We shouldn’t make fun of them as they are correct.
If they believe in their hearts and souls that they will be raptured, they were raptured. There was not a bunch of people ascending into heaven as is so often illustrated. Indeed, their Souls went to Heaven to be comforted by Jesus. Their physical body will remain here along with the Soul as Souls can be in two or more places at one time. It is hard for us to understand this with our limited thinking that anything can be in more than one place at a time, but anything is possible with God.
We don’t, as humans, understand one-millionth of 1 percent of what goes on in the universe, particularly when it comes to spirituality. I do know this; that everyone, no matter what their belief system or religion or lack thereof, is correct in how they feel as long as they believe in their system with all of their heart and Soul.
It is possible for many different beliefs to be correct in the spiritual world. God is a single entity that goes by a number of names, Jehovah, Allah, the Creator, the Divine, the Supreme Being and others. It is all in one and the one God loves everyone equally, no matter what your beliefs are.
My Soulmate is Jesus. Other folks may have different Soulmates, but they are all correct. There is no right and wrong in religious beliefs. The right and wrong comes when we decide we need to impose our beliefs on others because we think we are right and they are wrong. That isn’t what is happening. The sun shines on everyone equally and we are all enshrouded in the Soul of God, no matter what our beliefs. Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jewish folks, Hindus, Buddhists and even agnostics and atheists share the love of God equally. He doesn’t care how you believe, He wants all of us to practice what He is Absolute Love.
This day shouldn’t be considered the End of Times as I have seen written, but we should all get together and make it the New Beginning. Let all spiritual beliefs be recognized as valid, even if they are different from yours. Let us respect and honor all people instead of fighting wars in the name of God.
We are supposed to be an intelligent species, but we have done more to destroy the environment and each other than all of the other species on earth combined. If we look to humans as the intelligent species, we may be looking in the wrong direction.
God is all about Love and has nothing to do with fear and hate. Those are human emotions that we need to subdue. Lets start by showing respect and love to everyone, no matter what their beliefs and how they differ from ours, instead of fighting amongst ourselves. Let us respect our Divine Leader (God) and the environment He created for us instead of destroying it.
As for all the folks who were Raptured, God Bless you. You are in good hands.
Richard Fagerlund, Veguita