Letters to the Editor


Take time to thank our officers
In light of the recent unfortunate incident with a Socorro County Sheriff deputy, I am proud to support our local officers; it seems the only time police officers seem to be honored is when they are lying in a coffin with their family standing next to them for the last time.

How easy it is to bring up or publicize the wrong, but how often do we recognize the good they do on a daily basis.
Have you ever thought about what a law enforcement officer’s job is and what they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis?
This job comes with dangers and sacrifices and they don’t make as much money as you would expect, but the things they encounter everyday are just part of the job.
My point is we in Socorro County (City Police, Magdalena Marshal, Sheriff and State Police) have exceptionally fine officers, and have very honest “cops.” Most never compromise honesty on or off duty, and when one does all the officers feel the shame.
There are many thousands of good police officers, but one officer just like in any field or career may not be so honest or honorable. It doesn’t or at least shouldn’t reflect badly on all officers.
Socorro County has a fine group of police and police leaders and I believe they have always understood that integrity is not negotiable. We all need to value the men and women who risk their lives daily serving our communities.
Our Socorro law enforcement teams work very hard and deal with many issues most of us don’t or probably haven’t imagined go on in a small county like ours. We can rest assured we will be protected in Socorro because all-in-all WE ARE BEING PROTECTED BY THE FINEST!
So next time you see one of these men or women, extend a thank you to them!
Theresa Rosales, Socorro

Down to the wire for theatre
London Frontier Theatre Company is currently still in hiatus and still receiving many questions and requests about “the next show.” A new show is “in the works”… but more on that in a minute.
Meanwhile, roaring down upon us like an express train is a frightening deadline: on June 14 we need to have $14,904 to make the final mortgage payment on our great old WPA venue in Magdalena. The New Mexico Community Development Loan Fund, our mortgagee, has worked with us over the past several years, extending our final/total-payment deadline several times, while allowing us to pay interest-only on our loan, but we’ve now come to the crunch.
After 15 seasons in Magdalena and over 50 original productions — from 12 episodes of the popular “Lost Wife Creek” series, to the epic madness of “Enchantment” and the musical “Dogs!” from the eerie, haunting “Long Road Home” and multi-media presentations like “The Ballad of Babe & Beau” to adaptations of Mark Twain and Brett Harte — is this the end of LFTC? It could be. Without our permanent venue for rehearsals and presentations, plus storage for sets, costumes, props and lighting equipment amassed over years, we would be forced to close up shop. But we’ll fight it down to the wire.
We’ve done amazingly well for a small, very nonprofit theatre in rural New Mexico, knocking the original $49,500 loan down to under $15,000 in less than five years (2006 to present), due in great part to our supporters/Friends of the Theatre, who’ve donated generously to keep LFTC going.
We’ve applied for grants, which would pay off a portion of the loan if received, but that’s a big “if” — and time is of the essence. We did receive funding toward a new heating system from long-time grantor McCune, so if we can hold onto our home, we’ll be able to offer the “warmest holiday wishes” both presentation and comfort-wise.
We do have a new show in pre-production stage, adapting and constructing the script from a theme in an existing work to a very topical local (Socorro/Catron counties) issue. We won’t reveal more now, other than that it will be “large-scale” (well, for us), whimsical, dramatic, and entertaining as well as pertinent. You’ll hear about it shortly, if London Frontier is still “at home” and going forward.
We’ve been beggars at your gates before and you haven’t turned us away but have given beyond all expectation, which makes us cringe — especially in these hard times for all — from again stretching out palms in supplication. But, with apologies, we’re begging for the life of London Frontier Theatre Company and the chance to continue giving you original scripts, ensemble work, and adaptations that incorporate our local/New Mexico’s vivid multi-culture.
We can be contacted (and donations can be sent) via our website www.londonfrontiertheatre.com, or to London Frontier Theatre Company, P.O. Box 1126, Magdalena, NM 87825; for other information, londonfrontier@gilanet.com or 575-854-2519.
Thank you.
Donna Todd, Magdalena