Letters to the Editor


Low cost spay/neuter services
The purpose of this letter is to update you on the efforts being made to get a two- or three-day spay and neuter mobile van from the Santa Fe New Mexico Animal Shelter and Humane Society to our area. This van will provide extremely low cost spay, neuter, immunization, identification chipping, as well as other veterinarian services for our cats and dogs, AND will help our friends and neighbors in Socorro County.

We hope to get this service to our area twice a year so all residents can plan and rely on the fact that all animals in need will get the services required in an expected, reliable timeframe, for an expected, low cost fee.
Last Tuesday, APAS decided not to fund this particular endeavor, so today we are regrouping and beginning our fundraising efforts. If everyone helps, even in one or two ways, we can still get this needed service here to Socorro County in October. It’s time for your feedback!
We can’t keep expecting someone else to step in and alleviate animal suffering resulting from our cat and dog overpopulation! We must do this ourselves and now we have the opportunity to make very needed and positive changes to our community. During this time when government austerity measures are being implemented, we can get this done.
I’ve listed below some of the facts about this s/n mobile van effort — we’re appealing for people interested in hearing our presentation or those who wish to help, to contact the group and become involved.
This effort is independent from any one animal rescue/help group and is made up (so far) of concerned citizens from Magdalena and Socorro — anyone who wishes to become involved will be referred to Jill Urban, an independent animal advocate in Socorro who is to organize the Volunteer Committee.
For the time being, until someone else would like to take over this function, I will serve as the Point of Contact and I will answer questions, schedule, organize, and present our briefing to any organization or group wanting to hear more of the details. Please send this information to others and share this with friends and neighbors at your church, your school, your workplace, with your community organizers, and your community service volunteers. My email is wildhorsenm@hughes.net and my phone is 575-418-8647. Let me know your thoughts.
This s/n mobile van event is meant to target the underserved areas of the county and to help those people and animals who would not normally, for whatever reason, be able to seek out traditional methods of obtaining veterinarian services but who are trying their best to care for their “furry friends”.
We have many very, very poor people in our county, living without running water for example, who are doing their best to care for their animals and the puppies dumped on their doorsteps.
For the past several months, a group of concerned citizens has been working on and completed a written document which outlines the who/what/where/when/why and how, this mobile van event can and will take place. The research and framework is completed and in writing and many, many of the issues, such as liability and insurance, has been covered.
However, this document is only a springboard, and those who will become involved will decide the details, such as which animals are to get “free” service. Is $20 too much or too little to ask for everyone else?? How do we conduct successful outreach to those most in need? Can volunteers get theirs or neighbor’s animals the vet help for free or a reduced fee? You are in charge.
I will present more details to any organization, club, school community project class, Navajo Nation government, church, library, or any interested group. Please spread the word and let me know what you’re thinking! Contact me!
Marguerite Sweeney, Magdalena


Donations sought for memorial marker
The Socorro Garden Club is in the process of purchasing a Blue Star Memorial Marker to be placed in the new Socorro Memorial Park.
The Blue Star Memorial program has been in existence through the garden club movement for more than 60 years. National Garden Clubs Inc. is committed to placing Blue Star Memorial markers in honor of our nation’s armed forces.
We are proud of this patriotic program which encompasses our entire country.
At the close of World War II, National Garden Clubs (called National Council of Garden Clubs at the time), like other public spirited groups, was seeking a suitable means of honoring our service men and women. Garden club members visualized a living memorial, preferring to help beautify and preserve the country these men and women had fought for.
It enlarged its mission in 1951 to include all men and women who had served, were serving or would serve in the armed forces of the U.S.
Each time a Blue Star Marker is dedicated, we show our love for this beautiful United States of America and our appreciation for the armed services of America.
The Socorro Garden Club is the oldest garden club in the state of New Mexico. We would like to have this marker ready for dedication by Veterans Day on Nov. 11. We would appreciate any donations for this project. In the future we will have fundraisers for this.
For more information, call Betty Easley, president of the garden club, at 575-835-4702, or Susan Miller, vice president, at 575-835-0998.
Betty Easley and Susan Miller, Socorro Garden Club