Letters to the editor


Heartfelt thanks to our firefighters

A Huge Thank You and Kudos to the 346 Firefighters — Our Sabinal and Veguita “Guardian Angels!”
When we watch on TV the emotion and unsettling concern of those in the path of devastating fires, we can only imagine the actual horror these folks are experiencing.
When the 346 Fire exploded on Sunday, June 26, around 1 p.m. in the bosque along Drain No. 7, we residents of Sabinal and Veguita finally understood the real horror that wildfires can produce.
We experienced the fire’s unpredictability and erratic behavior. It caused minute damage to some of our homes and property while destroying others — and in the blink of an eye! But, true to our community spirit, we helped each other as we resolved to restore our lives and losses.
We acknowledge such extreme gratefulness for all the firefighters that came to our collective rescue, Without them, I think all of our homes in the affected area of Sabinal, for sure, would have been destroyed. My husband and I particularly have to give our heartfelt thanks to the professional, skilled and dedicated firefighters from the San Antonio Volunteer Fire Department, the BLM out of Socorro and the BLM out of Elko, Nev., (assigned to Albuquerque) in addition to our own Abeytas Volunteer Fire Department.  
I know we would not be at our present location here in Sabinal if it weren’t for them!  They stuck with this fire until every smoldering ember in the affected areas were dead out!
Thank you, thank you!
With sincere gratefulness to you and appreciation for you dedication — Kudos!
Clyde and Dolores Phillips

Firefighters give more than time

In response to the article on the volunteer firefighters of San Antonio, I would like to add my thanks and appreciation to all firefighters.
Not only do they volunteer their time fighting fires, but they attend training meetings twice a month and spend some evenings and weekends performing vehicle and station maintenance and special training sessions. Personal time from the workday is also needed for fire safety education for the children in the community and attending classes at the Fire Academy.
Needless to say, fires never come at a convenient time. Volunteers are called out on fires after putting in a full day’s work, in the middle of the night and at mealtime, and therefore they often miss meals.
I have seen these volunteers in action, protecting homes and sometimes working throughout the night.
Some of the volunteers not mentioned on the list of San Antonio firefighters are Michael Torres, former Capt. Brent Fazio with over 25 years of service and Assistant Chief Ted Saavedra with 18 years of service.
To all these brave firefighters, I give my thanks. To all residents, I ask that you please be aware and respect the no burn restrictions.
Proud wife, sister and aunt of some of the finest.
Barbara Fazio-Kendall
San Antonio

Major issue is nation’s debt

The letter to the editor, “Demand will reduce the price” in your June 29 edition is correct in saying that subsidizing solar panels will increase the demand, to some degree, and eventually will reduce the cost also.
However, this is a minor point. At this time the major issue facing our citizens and our nation is our ever-increasing debt. On May 4 the Treasury said that the government is borrowing an average of $125 billion a month. That is $4 billion each day.  
Forty-two percent of federal spending is coming from borrowed money. We are not paying off our debt, only adding to it at a staggering rate. This means that interest payments on these debts will become a larger percentage of every future budget.  
If interest rates, which are abnormally low, should double, then our interest payments will double. Our people and our nation are already suffering under a horrendous debt burden. We need to cut our spending and borrowing. We cannot afford it.   
Fossil fuels and atomic energy, if not overly regulated, are great national assets. At the present our power generation is cleaner than in most nations in the world. If we further burden these industries with more regulations we are only further encouraging manufacturing to go overseas.
We need the jobs here.
Rev. Doug May