Village approves rate increase for trash pick up


Village residents will see an increase in their solid waste fees on their September bill.

The village board of trustees unanimously approved a resolution to raise rates on Monday after several public hearings addressing the issue were held in June and July.

Although Village Clerk Rita Broaddus said during the hearings that no one wanted to raise the rates, in order for the village to pay its portion of the landfill fees an increase in rates was needed.

Per the agreement with the city of Socorro and the county to help implement a regional landfill, the solid waste costs are higher right now because of engineering and permit fees that are required for the landfill. Broaddus said the three entities share in the cost of the landfill and each is billed a percentage based on the tonnage of trash dumped.

Prior to the vote, Broaddus said many of the suggestions made by residents at a previous board meeting were checked into, but unfortunately the alternative solutions were not feasible.

“One option was additional (trash) bins at the transfer station, but that is not workable,” Broaddus said.

She said there is no space or berm at the transfer station and the out-of-pocket expense to the village for construction to make it a viable option was too high.

One thing Broaddus said she did do was contact Socorro County Fire Marshal Fred Hollis and together they are working to bring a chipper to Magdalena for residents to use.

“They will go to your home — no charge,” Broaddus said. “We’re trying to coordinate with the community, so if you are interested let me know and I’ll work on a date with Hollis.”

Broaddus said the county also has a new chipper and she is looking into possibly coordinating the use of it as well.

Trustee Diane Allen asked about residents being able to take their own trash versus having the village picking it up, but Broaddus said the village again would need additional bins.

One resident asked how long the projected revenue from the rate increase was expected to cover the costs, and Broaddus said she was “reasonably confident” it would be enough to cover expenses.

“I think it will cover us because we share in the expenses with the city and county,” she said. “The city is trying to be permitted and I anticipate this will be just enough to keep us level.”

Broaddus said once the landfill gets permitted she expected the village’s portion of the expenses to start coming down. Right now, she said, the village’s portion runs about 6 to 7 percent based on its contribution to the waste stream.

“If it comes down we can look at lowering it,” Mayor Sandy Julian said.

An additional $2.75 per bin per month is what residents can expect to see on their next billing statement, with the exception of rates for seniors, which will only increase by $1. Broaddus said currently residents pay $12.25 per bin. The new rate will bring the cost to $15. For seniors, the rate per bin will go from $8.65 to $9.65.

For each additional bin the rate will go from $9.20 to $11.95 — again, an increase of $2.75. The flat rate for government and school trash pick-up for 10 bins per month will be raised $17, going from $163 per month to $180. For each additional bin per month the rate will go from $12.25 to $15.

Businesses and commercial accounts rates for trash pick up once a week for one bin will go from 14.80 to 17.55. For two bins, the rate will be go from $22.45 to $25.20. And, for each additional bin per month will go from $11.20 to $13.95.

For two pick ups per week, for business and commercial accounts, the rates are as follows: One bin — $19.40 to $22.15; two bins — $32.65 to $35.40, and each additional bin will go from $12.25 to $15.00.

“The new rates won’t take effect until September,” Broaddus said.

In other business:

• Julian said the newly hired deputy, Kenneth Gonzales, would be resigning due to health issues, specifically knee surgery she said. “It had nothing to do with me,” Julian added. “We will have to look to find someone else.”

Marshal Larry Cearley said Gonzales needed a total knee replacement and could not continue training to meet the requirements necessary to serve.

• Acting Fire Chief Donna Dawson said she received a package from former Fire Chief David Harris with a letter of resignation and his set of keys to the station. She said the volunteer fire department would be meeting to discuss what they plan to do.

The next regular meeting of the board of trustees will be at 6 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 15.


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