17th Annual Chile Harvest Triathlon


Ironmen can’t stop Irvin’s streak

Socorro has spawned some elite triathletes, including two who earned invitations to the sport’s pinnacle event, the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, last October. Both were on hand to compete in their hometown triathlon last Saturday during the 17th Annual Chile Harvest Triathlon.
Matt Napier, who has competed in three Ironman World Championships, finished second overall, 43 seconds behind winner Rance Irvin, a 21-year-old from Hobbs, who has won six-straight triathlons (see story page 1).
“Last year I was third, this year I was second; maybe I’ll win it next year,” said Napier, a 34-year-old now making his home in Albuquerque.
Napier said he’s backed off his training this season, not necessarily by choice.
“I’ve been fighting through some nagging injuries,” he said, adding that lately a sore calf has been giving him the most trouble.
Napier said chasing a 21-year-old around the course made him feel old, but he felt good about his performance. His time of 57:23 was just 7 seconds slower than what he did last year.
“It was solid. I can’t complain,” he said.
The other local favorite — as always — is Steven Montoya, who holds the distinction of having competed in all 17 Chile Harvest Triathlons.
This year wasn’t his best. His time of 1:01:50 was more than two minutes slower than what he did a year ago, but good enough to place 12th overall.
“I think I went quite a bit faster last year when I was training for Ironman,” he said. “I was a little inconsistent today.”
Montoya said he’s doesn’t excel at either swimming, biking or running.
“I’m decent at all of them,” he said. “I don’t have a strength, but I don’t have any weakness. When you put it all together, you get a good result.”
Though the result wasn’t quite as good as he would have liked, Montoya said he enjoyed this one as much as any other.
“My cross country kids cheering me on around the course,” said Montoya, who started up Socorro High School’s cross country program three years ago. “They don’t get to see me perform very often, so that was kind of neat. The cross country team was a big part of it.”
Another local competitor who finished just out of the top 10 was Jeffrey Johnson, who won the 35-39 age division in 1:02:38.
“I’ve lived here four years, but it’s the first time I’ve done this one,” said Johnson, who has seriously trained for Ironman. “This is an awesome race. It’s one of the best organized and it’s here in our hometown.”
Of the local competitors, New Mexico Tech student William Kessler had the next best time, 1:04:39.
Kessler, a 19-year-old sophomore, ran cross country and was on the swim team at Los Lunas High School. He hooked up with a small group of other students — Shawn Ward, William Reiser and Natasha Sopa in college — and the group trains together when they get a chance.
“Me and Shawn started two years ago and then William joined us and the other William joined us too,” Sopa said.
Scholars may know the Latin phrase sens sana in corpora sano (a sound mind in a healthy body) and these students live that lifestyle. They don’t need drugs for stimulation when a 400-meter swim, 20K bike ride and 10K run can do the trick.
”It’s a high,” said Ward, who finished in a respectable 1:10:47 and placed seventh out of 20 competitors in the 20-24 division. “I know it sounds stereotypical, but it’s a high.”
“It felt great coming out of the pool,” added Reiser, who came in about three minutes behind Ward. “And I loved the run. I found my wind on the run. I think I had a personal best.”
Several other local athletes turned in strong performances.
Robert Gonzales finished the race in 1:07:27, good enough for fourth place in the men’s 45-49 division.
Other notable efforts came from Patrick Roache, a 73-year-old who placed fourth in the 70 and over division, and Hanson Oxford, a 17-year-old who was second in the 15-17 division (See results above).
Race Director Camille Scielzi said this year’s event was a huge success.
“It was fantastic,” she said. “We had a field of 255 people ranging in age from 10 to 74, and perfect weather.”
Scielzi thanked all the volunteers — many of whom are members of Socorro Striders and Riders — and the city of Socorro for making accommodations to stage the race at the municipal pool and city streets.
Striders and Riders and the city were also main sponsors of the event.


Moore coasts to easy win in women’s race

Terry Moore made a triumphant return to her hometown, winning the women’s division of Socorro’s Chile Harvest Triathlon in impressive fashion on Saturday.
Moore, a standout athlete during her high school years in Socorro in the mid-1990s, breezed to a more than five-minute victory over her female competitors.
In fact, Moore beat all but seven men at the Southwest Racing Series event that attracted some of the best triathletes from around the state and West Texas. She was just a little more than four minutes behind the overall winner, Rance Irvin, in a race that consists of a 400-meter swim, 20K bike ride and 5K run.
“This is my favorite race,” said Moore, a serious triathlete good enough to have competed in the Ironman World Championships. “It’s my hometown race, and it’s always fun to come here and do well.”
There’s no official word on whether she set a course record for women, but it seems likely. Records show that no woman since 2006 has come close to the time she posted on Saturday, 1 hour and 53 seconds.
Moore said she expected to win this year. At 34, she’s in her prime years as a triathlete and she’s been training hard.
“I’ve had a good season, but you never know who’s going to show up,” she said.  “I did get a little scared when I saw Mary Uhl was here.”
Mary Uhl was the dominant force in triathlon in New Mexico for many years. The 46-year-old Santa Fean may be past her peak, but she remains a formidable foe anytime she shows up for a race.
But Uhl could never catch Moore on Saturday, and in fact lost ground. Her time of 1:06 flat was 5 minutes, 7 seconds off Moore’s winning pace. Albuquerque’s Lisa Broidy was third, another minute behind Uhl.
Moore separated herself from the start. Swimming is her specialty — she attended the University of New Mexico on a swim scholarship — and is now the girls head coach at Las Cruces High School, where she teaches special education.
She extended her lead on the bike and could afford to coast through the run, but she didn’t. Her time this year was more than five minutes better than two years ago, the last time she raced in Socorro.
“Overall, it was solid,” she said when asked how the race went for her this year. “We had some awesome weather, and they repaved the road on the bike course. It made for a faster race.”
Moore is tuning up for an Olympic-distance triathlon in California in two weeks. There, she’ll swim a mile in the open ocean, bike 40K and finish with a 10K run.

An Up-and-Comer

Meanwhile, a 17-year-old who perhaps could one day follow in Moore’s footsteps was participating in her first triathlon.
Brittani Webb debuted by winning her age division, finishing the course in 1:24:20.
Webb, a senior-to-be, said she didn’t decide to enter until about a month before the race and only trained for it for that long.
“But I’m already a swimmer and I run cross country,” she said. “I didn’t pick up biking until about a month ago.”
Webb said she didn’t come into it with any expectations.
“My only goal was to finish,” she said.
But now she expects she’ll try it, maybe next year when she’s done with school.
“I’d like to do more. I’m going to have to work on my biking,” she said.
Another local girl, Jennell Higgs, has a little head start on Webb. She won the 18-19 division in 1:18:28.
New Mexico Tech student Natasha Sopa finished second in the 20-24 age division with a time of 1:17:08.
Lizabeth Clabaugh was seconds behind Sopa, while placing fifth in the 35-39 age division. Emma Goldberg was sixth in the 30-34 group, and Lynette Napier won the 60-64 division by virtue of being the only entry.
But anyone who finished the Chile Harvest Triathlon could call it a triumph.


1. Rance Irvin (Hobbs)        0:56.40
2. Matthew Napiar (Albuquerque)    0:57:23
3. Pat Burg (Los Alamos)        0:58.11
4. Jeff Johnson (Los Alamos)        0:58:14
5. Christian Krueger (Hurley)        0:58:18
6.Justin Newcomer (Albuquerque)    0:59:24
7. Micah Zuhl (Albuquerque)        1:00:28
8. Terry Moore (Las Cruces)        1:00:53
9. Robert Browning (Albuquerque)    1:01:23
10. Robert Mercer (Las Cruces)        1:01:27

Men’s Results
1. Rance Irvin (Hobbs)        0:56.40
2. Matthew Napiar (Albuquerque)    0:57:23
3. Pat Burg (Los Alamos)        0:58.11

14 and under
1. Liam Browning (Albuquerque)    1:28:01

1. K. Lucas Giesen (Albuquerque)    1:11:26
2. Hanson Oxford (Socorro)        1:15:00

1. Zachary Romero (Rio Rancho)    1:01:30


1. Robert Mercer (Las Cruces)        1:01:27
4. Shawn Ward (Socorro)        1:10:47
9. Lucio Lopez Plancarte (Socorro)    1:11:11
14. William Reiser (Socorro)        1:13:27
17. Daniel Nava (Socorro)        1:16:31

1. Peter van Moorsel (Santa Fe)        1:07:54

1. Justin Newcomer (Albuquerque)    0:59:24
3. Steven Montoya (Socorro)        1:01:50
11. Jeremy McComas (Socorro)        1:15:50
12. Ryan Mertz (Socorro)        1:16:11

1. Jeffrey Johnson (Socorro)        1:02:38

1. Christian Krueger (Hurley)        0:58:18

1. Jeff Johnson (Los Alamos)        0:58:14
4. Robert Gonzales (Socorro)        1:07:27
11. Michael Hrynevych (Socorro)        1:12:54

1. Bart Vanbloemen (Albuquerque)    1:03:48
12. Jim Jacobs (Socorro)        1:33:22

1. Curt McGill (Albuquerque)        1:08:12
8. Steven Gonzales (San Antonio)    1:56:03


1. Miguel Sanchez (Albuquerque)    1:07:31

1. Art Gardenschwartz (Albuquerque)    1:16:22

70 and over
1. Kenneth O’Connpr (Grants)        1:22:00
4. Patrick Roache (Socorro)        1:47:50

Women’s Results

1. Terry Moore (Las Cruces)        1:00:53
2. Mary Uhl (Santa Fe)        1:06:00
3. Lisa Broidy (Albuquerque)        1:07:01

14 and under
Tiziana DeHorney (Albuquerque)    1:17:47

1. Brittani Webb (Socorro)        1:24:20
2. Julie Aster (Socorro)        1:27:04

1. Jennell Higgs (Socorro)        1:18:28

1. Lydia Wermer (Los Alamos)        1:15:45
2. Natasha Sopa (Socorro)        1:17:08


1. Giana Morini (Santa Fe)        1:12:42

1. Monika Martin (Crownpoint)        1:16:25
6. Emma Goldberg (Socorro)        1:26:29

1. Trisha Stavinoha (San Antonio)    1:10:08
5. Lizabeth Clabaugh (Socorro)        1:17:23

Chile Harvest Youth Triathlon
Friday, Aug. 5, 2011

Boys’ Results
7-8 (50m, 2K, 1K)
1. Hezekiah Oxford (Socorro)  10:38
4. Finn Parker (Socorro)         12:51
5. Scott Bunning (Socorro)     13:42

9-10 (100m, 4K, 1K)
1. Kyle Cummings (Socorro)            15:48
2. Benjamin Oxford (Socorro)          15:49
3. Skyler Bunning (Socorro)            16:23
5. Bryce Jacobs (Socorro)               17:27
6. Jeremy DiBartolomeo (Socorro)    17:41

11-12 (150m, 6K, 2K)
1. Devan Webb (Socorro)        20:00
3. Corbin Seek (Socorro)        26:02
8. Gian Madrid (Socorro)        32:50
9. Malik Osman (Socorro)        38:19

13-14 (200m, 8K, 2K)
1. Taylor Atencio (Albuquerque)        22:57
3. Ryan Botko (Socorro)        27:59
4. Tyler Crespin (Socorro)        29:40

15-16 (200 m, 8K, 2K)
1. Jonah Brown (TorC)            25:52

Girls’ Results
7-8 (50m, 2K, 1K)
1. Hannah Samuels (San Antonio)    13:57
2. Marysa Ocampo (Socorro)        15:32

9-10 (100m, 4K, 1K)
1. Kayla Botko (Socorro)        15:45
2. Sophia Beames (Socorro)        16:37
5. Ambriel Mauldin (Lemitar)        19:12
6. Charlotte Eveleth (Socorro)        23:29
7. Abigail Eveleth (Socorro)        26:32

11-12 (150m, 6K, 2K)
1. Julie Maynes (Rio Rancho)        23:43
2. Stephanie Hofner (Socorro)        24:29
3. Holland Oxford (Socorro)        25:26
4. Olivia Beames (Socorro)        25:36
5. Danielle Moore (Socorro)        28:25
6. Valerla Hofner (Socorro)        29:06

13-14 (200m, 8K, 2K)
1. Melene Berkstresser (Elephant Butte)    40:21