Letters to the Editor (02/15/2012)


We should throw ‘em all out of office
We know our government offices and state legislature are rife with corruption, malfeasance, and low ethics. It’s reported daily in the news media. If it’s not another elected official or agency officer found to be stealing, it’s another piece of legislation being passed to prohibit these same people from fraudulent acts. Why do we have to tell our governmental people they must be honest? It’s because we are electing and selecting the worst kind of persons, right?
We know the Senate and House of Representatives are rotten with corruption in Washington, D.C. They pass laws which allow themselves all manner of advantages and financial gain not available to the rest of America. They had to consider a bill recently that prohibits them from engaging in “insider trading” of marketable securities. We know that talking about it, or even passing a rule against it, won’t stop these beloved politicians from enriching themselves at every opportunity presenting itself. That’s the reason they got elected. A Congress of aloof, egotistical, self-worshipping thieves, liars, hypocrites, and outright scumbags that will be re-elected this coming November by a largely ignoramus American plebiscite. Greed and corruption at its worst.
We know the IRS is corrupt. They will make deals on taxes due. They will make deals only with lawyers having an “inside” connection at the IRS. They won’t make those deals with everyday citizens. You see the advertisements on television, along with the testimony of those who avoided or evaded tax payments with the intervention of approved inside collaborators. It was reported recently that over $400 billion in taxes due in 2010 was not collected yet. That’s the collaboration of lawyers and IRS officials costing us over a third of the year’s budget deficit for 2010. Corruption in government at the behest of the rich and powerful and their attorneys.
And Americans, in all their ignorance, stupidity, and apathy, are going to re-elect the same people to represent them in every level of government from city, county, state, and federal. That’s because their politicians are such wonderful people. Such upright, Christian, honest, caring, generous, family-values people.
Albuquerque Journal’s New Mexico section on Feb. 5 led with the headline, “House OKs Harsher Corruption Penalties”. Why? Whom did you elect that needs that kind of warning? Why do they have to be threatened to conduct themselves with integrity?
You love them, don’t you? From a now-heroic (because of illness) Ben Lujan who stole state property to donate to his church to a drug-addled Jerome Block, Jr. They’re such wonderful people, but we have to threaten them with increasingly severe penalties so they won’t steal.
Re-elect no one! Or keep getting the government you deserve.
Herbert Myers

Thanks to APNM for offering reward
I would like to be the first to thank Animal Protection of New Mexico for their support and generous reward offered in connection to the recent rash of dog killings in our local area.
APNM is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the horrific killings near Lemitar and Polvadera.
The amount of the reward underscores the importance of this matter. Not only are these acts felony offenses, the cruelty and the disregard for human bystanders that are a part of these crimes must make all of us take notice.
I was shocked when I saw the crime scenes. My first thought was how could someone shoot so indiscriminately and so close to family residences and children’s play areas. The person must be found before a child, parent or grandparent is tragically and innocently shot while in the line of fire.
My second thought was how very cruel to make such innocent animals suffer so much. These pets were mostly all in their own yards and some very, very close to their home. I fear to think how many more pets were shot and ran away, suffering terribly without the blessing of a quick death.
The link between animal abuse, domestic violence and child abuse has long been established. We have prisons full of animal abusers. Creating suffering and torturing animals is not a harmless venting of emotion, “letting off steam”, or “fun”. It’s an indication of serious emotional issues that only escalates in its ferocity.
Thank you APNM for showing your concern and support for the people of Socorro County.
Once again, the toll free phone number to APNM to report instances of animal cruelty is 877-548-6263.
Marguerite Sweeney