Letters to the Editor (03/28/2012)


Blame ourselves for loss of store
After several years of trying to ride out one economic blow after the other, the one and only full-service grocery store in Magdalena, Trails End Market, is closing and the community is in shock!
Some (not enough) will sorely miss this little store that carried almost everything, donated repeatedly to local functions and causes, hired students, delivered to shut-ins, special ordered items if asked at no extra charge, etc. So questions are being asked. How did this happen? What are we going to do? It must be the owners’ fault — it certainly can’t be ours…
Well, it is our fault! We, the community, have failed ourselves. In fact, some members of our own chamber of commerce have said how much they enjoy going out of town and spending their day (and money) shopping elsewhere. A common justification given is “things are cheaper” and that may be true — sometimes, but not always.
I figured up what I would have to do to actually “save” money by shopping out of town. By my estimation, to make the 70-mile round trip from my house on the west end of Magdalena to Socorro would cost me about $29, given the price of gas and the cost of my time for what would be a two-hour trip. I wonder how much more I would have to buy “cheaper” to save myself the $29 the trip alone cost me? A lot more than my milk, bread, hamburger and grapes would cost at Trails End Market, I bet.
Now let’s look at the damage we have inflicted on ourselves by not shopping at home: Less taxes for village government to function, becoming a “bedroom” community of Socorro, fewer people moving into the area, less property taxes to fund our school district, homes go up for sale (already happening). The lack of a local store isn’t very appealing for new buyers moving into the area, thus property values fall, causing other businesses to close, local infrastructure weakening. I think you get the picture.
Maybe another store will come in with owners who will be willing to work other jobs and sell off personal property so that they can pour their income into a store that the community has failed to support. Maybe, not likely.
Thank you Michael and Collette for sticking with us as long as you did. I can’t think of very many people who would have made the sacrifices you did for as many years as you have for Magdalena.
So, what are we doing to fix the problem? Within the last month, Rep. Don Tripp’s representative attended a meeting of the chamber and remarked how totally lacking in a plan of attack the community has — even now. What is it going to take to wake us up? There is no magic fairy waiting to wave a wand and make it better. A landmark will be gone and a new store may come in, but the problem is still here and the result will be the same. There is only one reason we are in this mess, and the only finger-pointing we have the right to do is in the mirror.
M.L. Brunson

Just say ‘no’ to trustees’ wants
On Saturday, April 14, at 1 p.m., registration will begin for Socorro Electric Cooperative’s annual meeting, to be held at the Macey Center in Socorro.
During that meeting, if it goes anything like past annual meetings, the “trust me trustees” will again try to manipulate, have their way, stall, block and do whatever they can to inject their new proposals.
In 2010, the members voted to limit their pay to $10,000 per trustee, $15,000 for the board president, voted to limit the number of board members to five and voted for transparency. Now, two years later, they intend to ask for a raise, want seven board members and, the secret part, donate funds to whomever they please.
I suppose in their view suing the members merits a raise, trying to slip seven board members into five districts, thereby controlling the votes in Socorro, merits a raise, and “donating” to whomever they please also merits a raise.
I wonder how foolish “their people” feel now, unless of course “their people” are recipients of these donations.
To everyone that I have talked to recently and who can’t believe how our local trustees act, show up and vote “no” to all of the above. Let’s limit their compensation to $8,000 and $10,000 period, and demand five districts with five trustees. And no donations to anyone. It’s our money!
If they need a high-priced attorney, let them finance it. If they can’t live with $8,000 and $10,000, they can resign, leave, and do the members a favor. We demand restitution from all previous attorneys and trustees, including all present attorneys and trustees.
Finally, where do the local bankers, insurance agents and business owners stand? Because as a voting block of members, we can move our money elsewhere.
James Padilla
San Antonio
Only humans have the ability to reason
As most intelligent individuals will argue, we are not created equal.
Since we slithered out of the primordial ooze that was created by the bombardment of meteorites eons ago, we humans have been in search of the reasons for our existence and purpose.
Simply, if you were to dissect a frog, a fish, a monkey, or even a porpoise, you would be amazed to see the similarities. What separates us humans from amoebas is our ability to reason.
As for our inert desire to search for the reasons for our existence, our purpose in this life, we must look toward the heavens, for there is one planet with seven orbs that only the true will continue.
Karl Hennies