The Blotter (04/11/2012)


Socorro County Sheriff’s Department
Mar. 11
• About 12 a.m., an officer met with a complainant/victim on I-25. The victim stated the he does not know what happened to his vehicle license plate. The victim does not know if it was mailed to him at one of his homes but he wanted the incident on report in case he needs to re-apply for another plate.

Mar. 12
• An officer met with a complainant in Polvadera. The complainant stated that a vehicle  had been taken from a location in Polvadera Heights. The vehicle had damage to the front end possibly involved in a crash. The officer checked the vehicle on February, 20121 at the request of the victim but the victim never met with the officer at that time. The damage was noticed at that time. Neighbors stated that a truck with a trailer drove up and placed the vehicle on the trailer and drove off. No one could give positive info on the vehicle, trailer or the suspect who took the  vehicle.
About 9 a.m., an officer met a complainant/victim at a location on old Highway 60, Bernardo. The victim stated that he went to speak with the male suspect about some chickens that had not been fed. The victim stated that the suspect became very irate and got in his face. The victim stated that there were words exchanged between them and the suspect’s girlfriend got between them before the argument became physical. Officer net with the suspect who stated that it was the victim who started the argument and not him. The officer learned that the suspect did apologize to persons in the park office but not the victim. The victim only wanted the incident on report.
• About 10:30 a.m., an officer was dispatched to the CDWI Compliance Office. The officer learned that the male suspect had a warrant for his arrest. The officer confirmed the warrant and the suspect was placed under arrest and transported to the detention center.
• About 9:45 p.m., an officer pulled a vehicle over on Highway 304/San Lorenzo for not displaying a license plate or lights. The officer met with the suspect and learned that ha had a valid interlock license but the motorcycle did not have an interlock and therefore the suspect was in violation. The officer placed the suspect under arrest and transported him to the detention center.

Mar. 14
• About 4:40 p.m., a vehicle was southbound on I-25. The vehicle was pulling a homemade trailer. The right wheel of the trailer broke off the roadway. The trailer was towed from the area. No enforcement action was taken.

Mar. 15
• About 1:40 p.m., an officer received a warrant on a male suspect. The suspect was incarcerated at the detention center at the time. The officer met with the suspect at the detention center and served him with the warrant.

Socorro Police Department
Feb. 21
• About 9:30 p.m., A male complainant states that his ex-girlfriend was at his house on 5th Street without permission. The complainant states the his ex keeps going to his house and he has to force her to leave. The officer looked for the suspect but was unable to locate her at the time of report.

Feb. 22
• About 1 p.m., an officer located a female suspect on an outstanding warrant. The suspect was arrested and booked.
• About 2 p.m., a complainant witnessed a female suspect placing item in a bag at a local store. The suspect was detained and taken to the officer. The complainant located several items in the bag that totaled $63.93. The suspect was cited into court.

Feb. 23
• About 6:45 p.m., a suspect vehicle plate was checked into NCIC. The plate showed expired. The suspect was stopped and showed the vehicle title. The officer compared Vin numbers and  the plate and vehicle were not registered to the vehicle. The plate was removed and the suspect was released from the scene. No charges filed.

Feb. 24
• About 6:30 p.m., a victim advised a suspect entered her home on California through a window. The officer contacted the suspect outside. The suspect was detained. The officer was shown the window and noted  the window was dismantled. The victim advised the suspect to leave several times but the suspect refused to leave until the officer arrived. The suspect was detained on call. The DA was contacted and a report filed pending approval. The suspect was released.
• About 7 p.m., a victim reported a suspect stole his X Box and a game from a residence on Lincoln. The total of the property was $310.00.

Feb. 25
• About 3:22 p.m., a complainant reported a suspect took an alcoholic beverage from a local store without paying. The suspect was located and cited. The alcoholic beverage was recovered by the complainant. The total amount of the beverage was $14.99.

Feb. 26
• A victim states an unknown individual broke a window to her business taking several items from the store on Manzanares. The total amount of the merchandise taken was $900.00. There are no suspects at this time.
• About 12:02 p.m., a victim reported a car dolly was stolen from a location on California Street. The total loss was $3200.00.
• About 9:16 p.m., a female victim reported a male suspect only known by his first name has been making harassing phone calls for approximately one (1) month. The officer contacted the suspect via phone but was not able to communicate with the suspect.

Feb. 27
• A male complainant reported unknown suspect(s) threw rocks at his vehicle damaging it. The officer attempted to locate the suspect(s) without success.
• About 7:30 p.m., a victim  reported her wallet lost or stolen. The total amount lost or stolen was $135.00.

Feb. 28
• About 1:51 p.m., a male victim advised an unknown suspect damaged his home by kicking holes in the walls and taking a toilet seat and light switch damaging the window. The victim listed a possible suspect. No contact with the suspect. Total loss $40.00.
• About 2:09 p.m., a male victim advised an unknown suspect kicked open the door to his residence while the suspect was in the home on Collage Ave. The suspect knocked over a TV damaging it. The victim was unable to provide a possible suspect.
• About 4 p.m.,  a female complainant and witness viewed a video tape that showed a female suspect giving merchandise to an unknown subject without paying. The complainant provided a total for the  merchandise taken $62.50. The officer later contacted the suspect and advised the suspect of her rights. The suspect agreed to speak the officer and was cited into court.

Mar. 1
• About 9 a.m., a female victim advised that a female suspect called her making verbal threats of violent towards the victim . The victim advised the threats are due to the victim firing the suspects sister. No contact with the suspect.
• About 10 a.m., a female complainant advised a suspect has made numerous calls to Municipal Court making rude comments. The officer attempted to speak with the suspect by phone but the suspect continued to make rude comments to the officer. The suspect has also made several calls to the court, police department and the district attorney’s office.
• About 11:40 p.m., a male suspect was contacted on an outstanding warrant. The suspect was arrested.
• About 12 p.m., a female victim reported a male suspect made fraudulent charges to her accounts. The officer was not able to locate the suspect. The victim lost approximately $200.00.
• About 4:45 p.m., a male victim advised an unknown suspect took a hot water heater from the hallway of apartments. The victim listed possible suspect. No witnesses to say the suspect took the water heater. The total loss $305.00.
• About 7 p.m., a victim advised locating a jacket in his residence that was not previously there. The victim moved the jacket locating two (2) syringes. The victim notified police. Items taken as evidence. Victim further listed unknown suspect entered home and took a refrigerator, clothes, sheets and Avon products. The victim was unable to list a suspect. Total loss to victim $1400.00.
• About 5:30 p.m., a male suspect was contacted on an outstanding warrant and was arrested.
• About 10:45 p.m., a female victim reported that a male suspect was making harassing phone calls. The officer attempted to contact the suspect. No contact with suspect made. Complainant advised the suspect purchased alcohol for minors. The complainant witnessed the incident take place. The officer located the juveniles with alcohol. The juvenile advised the suspect gave the  alcohol to hold. The suspect was contacted at the store and advised of rights. Suspect advised purchasing alcohol. The juveniles must have picked up the alcohol after the suspect left the alcohol by the car. The suspect was arrested. The officer located paraphernalia of narcotics on the suspect person. The suspect was taken to the police department and later booked.  An officer assisted on a call.