Sowards says he’s ‘the real alternative’ in race


At first glance, Greg Sowards and Heather Wilson have some things in common. They both describe themselves as loving God, country and family, and both have a history of military service. Soward, however, wants his potential constituency to know he is the “real conservative” in the Republican U.S. senatorial primary race. In an interview with El Defensor Chieftain on May 4, Sowards said, “I’m an everyday man, a business man, a man of faith. I’ve been married 37 years, have six married children and 19 grandchildren. The people of New Mexico can trust those things.”

To buttress his candidacy, he’s received the support of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, who is also closely affiliated with the Tea Party Movement. He looks to conservative think-tanks, such as the Heritage Foundation, to inform his economic understanding, quoting in this interview, a 2009 study by the foundation that asserted 49.5 percent of Americans do not pay taxes.

Sowards has no previous political experience, something he sees as strength. “If political experience was that wonderful, then we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in — a nation that’s a trillion dollars in debt. I’m a successful businessman, a successful inventor with five U.S. patents, an owner of six child care centers. This experience makes me more desirable than any Washington insider.”

Core Issues

On the second amendment, Sowards, a “life member” of the National Rifle Association, states on his website, “I will never support legislation that prevents law-abiding citizens from owning guns.” When asked to elaborate, he replied, “The right to defend yourself, your family, is a right to life.”

In regard to reproductive rights, Sowards supports defunding Planned Parenthood, and describes himself as “pro-life.”

“As a leader of the conservative revolution in New Mexico, I realize that this single issue is perhaps the most divisive subject in the Republican party. We must stand united in our opposition to abortion,” he said.

When asked whether or not he supported any exception in the case of the life of the mother, incest or rape, Soward stated “…it’s an important debate that I would love to see happen throughout the country.”

In a discussion of what he termed, “traditional families,” he went on the record with the following, saying, “Marriage is something exclusively between a man and a woman,” and that he “absolutely supports” the Defense of Marriage Act as a means of “protecting the American family.” His campaign material further elaborates on this topic, stating, “The American family is in the cross-hairs of societal change.”

He is also opposed to any tax legislation that “penalizes marriage,” as well as opposing any “government entitlements that promote irresponsible lifestyle choices.”

He was also vocal about his opposition to President Obama’s health care plan. “I don’t believe health care should be addressed at the federal level. It is a personal issue, a family issue, a community issue, a state issue, and that is the order in which it should be addressed. I am totally against a mandate forcing people to buy insurance. I will work in the U.S. senate to repeal Obamacare once and for all.”

In addressing unemployment, particularly in an economically challenged state like New Mexico, Sowards suggested, “self-employment” as a solution, as well as offering incentives to businesses.

“Help a businessman be successful and he will give back to the community a hundred times over,” he said.

Sowards believes the U. S. government should “do whatever is necessary to secure our borders,” but would not respond to a question asking if he supported closing the border, as some Tea Party members have suggested. He stated his full support of Gov. Susana Martinez’s policies concerning driver’s licenses. “I completely agree with what our governor is trying to do. I’m a big fan of Susana.”

Core principals

Soward said his platform could be distilled down to five basic questions he would ask as senator, when looking at any legislation:

1. Is this legislation worth putting our children and grandchildren into debt?

2. What effect does this have on the traditional American family?

3. Does it take away rights from law-abiding citizens and give them to criminals?

4. Does it strengthen and uphold the U.S. constitution?

5. Does it protect the sovereignty of America?

Soward wants the voters to know one thing above all. “I look to local government to solve problems. Heather Wilson is one knee-jerk reaction after another. Heather Wilson stands for big government.”


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