Letters to the Editor (06/02/2012)


Animal problem out of control
I read with fascination, which quickly turned to anger, that the City Council has been approached in regards to amending the animal ordinances. Specifically, the law pertaining to the leash law and adding a law to make pet owners pick up their pets poo. No mention is made of the city creating a law (that is clear, concise, with teeth) that would make it illegal to have a pet that is not spayed or neutered unless the owner has a breeding permit.
From May 1-29 the Socorro Animal Shelter took in 156 animals. Seventy-six of those animals were killed. Oh, excuse me, I, mean euthanized. That number is not including those animals currently in the shelter that will not be adopted and eventually euthanized or the cats taken into custody on Fitch Street last Tuesday. The Fitch Street number is said to be near 30 — that is over 100 animals euthanized!
Interesting priority list. Poo? Really?
I wonder how much it costs tax payers to have a veterinarian euthanize 100 animals? And this is for less than one month!
Council members, as you discuss this issue, please keep in mind the number of animals that are dying at the shelter. A shelter that is under your care and control. A law controlling the animal population would of course also lower the animals roaming the streets and pooing. A suggestion: start at the real problem, not with the result of the problem. Or, here’s an idea — do it all at once!
Juanita Gordon
Shelter Volunteer

City needs to ‘get involved’
After we read your report of the cat hoarding on Fitch Street, we feel there are many errors that need to be corrected.
While the story is sympathetic to Mrs. Baca’s plight (a former employee of the El Defensor Chieftain we might add), the sympathy is misplaced. The unfortunate animals are the ones who deserve the sympathy. Many offers of help with sterilization or medication for the cats were rebuffed by Mrs. Baca.
The hoarding goes back many years — not just the few since the unfortunate passing of her husband. Most of her neighbors have been affected by this problem. The resulting destruction of property is really unbelievable: furniture, cars, landscape destruction and not being able to even enjoy the yard due to the smell of cat excrement and the stench.
Many neighbors have complained to various agencies for years. Complaints have been made to APAS, Animal Control, the police department, the mayor, the city council and even Santa Fe. Responses have varied from “it’s just cats” to “we don’t want to get involved.” Occasionally Officer Frank Marquez was sent out with three traps to try and catch the feral and sick animals. When we caught 20 sick cats in our backyard in a matter of days the magnitude of the problem became obvious. Our vet bills to keep our animals healthy are astronomical.
Only after the stench of rotting cat corpses and the excrement of the living became unbearable was the sheriff contacted. In two weeks they organized a task force and removed the dead and the diseased animals, something the city authorities have failed to do in over eight years.
We would like to thank the Sheriff’s Department and particularly Deputy Ed Sweeney for their prompt response. The amount of work the sheriff’s department and the city workers did was unbelievable.
So where are we now? Hundreds of cats dead. A house ruined and left to deteriorate. A biohazard in the neighborhood and authorities that still don’t want to get involved.
Animal abuse and hoarding is rampant in this city and not being addressed. We feel it is time for the city to “get involved” and help these unfortunate animals and people.
Betty Scott and Richard Scott
Have mercy on gay marriage
Regarding Rev. Doug May’s letter to the editor (El Defensor Chieftain, May 12, 2012), what on earth ever happened to the words “love,” “compassion” and “equality” that the Bible conveys in every form of its writing? How about the word “mercy?” How do people become so much more knowing and even more critical of other human beings living out their lives the way they feel and see fit?
Reverends, pastors and priests are always preaching that we were all created in the image and likeness of God. Well, who’s to say what image God really personifies? Do these people who voice such “end of the world because people are gay” rants really know God? Have they met him? I would venture to say that any gay or lesbian person is just as close to their own idea of who God is and what he may believe and want for all of us.
It’s arrogant and simply silly for Rev. May to speak like only his beliefs matter. It’s pretty obvious that the word “tolerance” doesn’t exist in his Bible either.
What Rev. May failed to add to his letter of damnation and hellfire is that reverends, pastors and priests commit suicide at the same rate (or more) than gay and lesbian Americans. Are we to believe that the reason clergy commit suicide each year is because they are sick, depraved homosexuals? People commit suicide for millions of different reasons and the vast majority of suicides have absolutely nothing to do with their sexual orientation. Should we then surmise that all heterosexuals that commit suicide kill themselves because they are just so sick of being in love with another straight man or woman?
The bottom line is this is so much bigger than you and I will ever know. The only way we’ll know is if we die, and none of us are ready to find out anytime soon.
Gary T. Jaramillo