A little House with a big heart, changing lives


The House in Socorro is offering something no one else is, says Sr. Chaplain Michelle Herron.

The purpose of The House is to put a permanent fix in people’s lives, and to remind them they aren’t alone, she said. It provides tools in order for people to move forward in difficult situations.

Lindsey Padilla/El Defensor Chieftain: The House located on 105 Neel Avenue offers Bible based and other classes for people who are struggling or are in need of guidance in life.

Herron said every class offered at The House is Bible based. These classes show how God can change people’s lives, she said.

The House offers classes dealing with addiction, marriage, finance, parenting, anti-bullying, youth and adult Bible classes, or if people just need to talk, she said. They also create food bags of non-perishable items for the homeless.

“Our hearts have been to Socorro,” Herron said. “We have seen the needs of this town. We needed to do something about it; God put his plan before us.”

The House is a place where people aren’t judged or pressured, rather it’s like a home and people become comfortable, she says. They give out free Bibles and don’t charge for their services or classes.

The House was established in March 2012, and serves people of all ages. It was run down, and was even at one time a drug house, Herron said. She and her husband, Sr. Chaplain Jerry Herron, are renting The House. The building needed to go through some major changes, she said, such as painting, cleaning and the counters needed to be fixed. The windows needed to be switched out since they were broken, and the yard also needed to be cleaned. The House relies on volunteers for food, cleaning, family class and Bible study for children, and connects with people who need to fulfill community service hours.

The House does a lot of outreach, Herron said, and has someone there all day. People who want to participate in the classes can just go and attend, or call and schedule appointments for personal meetings.

For the first addiction classes, no one showed up, she said, but recently, there have been many as 21 people in each of the classes, and there is always room for more.

She says The House was God’s calling to help people to change their lives.

“It is an everyday relationship between a person and God, that he will get you through anything,” she said.

But Herron and her husband aren’t there to push religion on anyone, but rather to meet people’s needs.

They always ask guests if they want to hear a Bible scripture, but if the person doesn’t believe in God it doesn’t mean they won’t serve their needs, Herron said.

The House accepts all donations, from food to clothes for the yard sales held from 8 a.m. to noon on Fridays.

The basement of The House is used for a youth group for children ages 5 years old and up, and is offered on Friday and Saturday nights.

Future plans of The House include serving hot meals from a commercial kitchen, said Herron.

“If someone is struggling, we need to meet their physical needs,” she said. “We need to show them who God is and be there for them.”

Besides Herron and her husband, who are chaplains and members of the Albuquerque Community Chaplains, other chaplains are available to help out at The House.

“For those who have heard about The House but have no clue what it is, come and see what we are all about,” Herron said.

To attend a class at The House or volunteer, contact Herron at 418-1209 or her husband, Jerry Herron at 517-9184.