Letters to the editor (10/13/12)


Co-op questions

It would be nice to do a follow up article on the Socorro Co-op regarding voting regulations and vote counting methods i.e. what determines an eligible voter for a district election, can a person vote if their account is in arrears, and why is the co-op not using paper ballots for eligible district voters? It shouldn’t take that long to tally votes and there wouldn’t be any discrepancies over who should and should not be allowed to vote. A representative for each candidate could oversee the votes tallied.
The city and county have always tried to do their best to reduce light pollution in the area. Hopefully co-op elections are not going to cause an influx in light pollution and power usage because of elections.

Gayle Rhodes

Environmental laws need work

The Clean Water Act was signed on Oct. 18, 40 years ago. Our environmental lot has changed for the better because of it. There are still efforts to cripple it and the other environmental laws. We worked hard back then to pass them, however I suppose many don’t remember why we fought so hard.
Half a century ago I had the pleasure (?) of living in Ohio, home to the Cuyahoga River, which famously caught on fire. Yes, it really did! The Cuyahoga’s coating of oily waste burned on national television, which helped to inspire the environmental movement and convince legislators to pass environmental laws. Incidentally, the Cuyahoga flows into Lake Erie, the life of which was dying at the time from pollution. Both are now much better because of the Clean Water Act. Both still have many problems.
Now I live in the basin of one of the world’s great rivers which suffers mightily, as well. I am still astonished to see the bone dry bed of the Rio Grande when upstream uses take all the river can give. The water issues of the West are legendary and far from being solved. For example the current efforts of private individuals to grab what may be all the water there is from the aquifer under the Plains of San Agustin.
We share as well as we do because there are strong laws to protect the shared resources. If you hear people speak ill of the Clean Water Act, remind them of the flaming Cuyahoga.

John A. Wilson

Alpaca event successful

Puerta del Sol Alpacas wishes to extend our gratitude to all our guests and thank them for coming out to meet our alpacas this past weekend. We would also like to thank Karen Bailey-Bowman and the El Defensor Chieftain for their feature article about our alpaca operation here in Socorro, N.M. Big thanks to the Socorro Chamber of Commerce and the M Mountain Fly In for their help in getting the word out to the community for National Alpaca Farm Days.
We had a wonderful turn out and our congratulations to Barbara Skodon who won the drawing for a beautiful 100 percent Baby Alpaca Scarf.
It was a great experience as we all pitched in and greeted everyone as they arrived. David, Kathy, and Larry spent most of the time in the paddocks introducing our girls to the visitors, while Ixchel, Iriana and Ithan offered peppermints to our guests and alpaca treats for the alpacas. Gwen demonstrated and taught those that wanted to make their own felted soap, Jan spun over 500 yards of Outlaw’s fleece while answering the many questions about this luxurious fiber, and Joe managed our barn store — selling mainly? You guessed it — felted soap. A special thanks to Larry Van Landingham who makes sure that everything runs smoothly and keeps us all balanced. Larry also grilled hotdogs for all our volunteers and guests.
If you were unable to attend our event and would like to meet our alpacas, please call 575-835-2835 for an appointment. You may also visit our website at: www.PuertaDelSolAlpacas.com

Kathy Richardson
Puerta del Sol Alpacas