The Blotter (10/31/2012)


Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

July 30
• A deputy arrested a Las Cruces resident on a District Court order.

Aug. 5
• New Mexico State Police advised a deputy of an erratic driver southbound on Interstate 25. The deputy pulled over the vehicle, which was being driven by a Las Cruces man listed in the police report as a witness. The suspect, a Santa Teresa resident, had been driving when the call came from state police. Both men admitted to switching drivers. The deputy detected the odor of alcohol on the suspect’s breath and person, and the suspect failed field sobriety tests. The suspect was placed under arrest and transported for a breath test, which he refused. He was jailed on the charge of aggravated DWI.

Aug. 7
• A deputy met with a Polvadera man, who said someone entered his 1998 Ford pickup and stole a wallet containing his medical card, Social Security card, driver’s license and other credit cards. There were no suspects at the time the report was filed.

Aug. 17
• A Magdalena man was arrested and charged with aggravated DWI, child abuse, aggravated fleeing of an officer, a stop sign violation and no headlights at about 11:30 p.m. A deputy attempted to pull the man over for a traffic violation. Although the deputy’s lights were flashing and sirens wailing, the Magdalena man attempted to flee. He finally stopped, when the deputy made contact with the suspect and smelled alcohol on the man’s breath. The suspect failed field sobriety tests and was arrested, then transported to the Magdalena Marshal’s Office for a breath test. The suspect said he attempted to outrun the law because he had minors in the vehicle. He was then transported to the county jail.

Sept. 1
• A resident of the 1 block of Romero Drive, Veguita, reported that cattle knocked down her fence and entered her property. The responding deputy noted that cattle with green ear tags were on her land.

Sept. 5
• An Albuquerque animal rescue organization reported a San Antonio woman for euthanizing a dog she had been fostering through the organization. The woman said the dog was aggressive and had problems, and she had it euthanized out of fear it would be adopted by an unsuspecting family. The animal rescue believed there was no problems with the dog, aggressiveness or otherwise.

Oct. 1
• A Magdalena woman told a deputy that she had agreed to meet with a Socorro man ­— but in a public place — after he had been calling her asking to meet with her. At the meeting, the Socorro man accused the victim of spreading rumors about him and his current girlfriend, a Socorro woman. According to the victim, the Socorro man told her he had to stop his girlfriend from entering the victim’s place of business and “laying her out.” The victim said she is concerned about the behavior of both the Socorro man and his girlfriend.

Oct. 2
• A deputy responded to the 40 block of Tamarack, Veguita, in regard to dogs killing or injuring livestock. The reporting party said he heard dogs barking near his home, which is not unusual. But in the morning when he went to feed his animals, he found two sheep and two goats had been killed by dogs and three other goats had been injured. The man didn’t know where the dogs came from or who they belong to.

Oct. 3
• A deputy responded to the 1 block of Mimosa Park in Polvadera in reference to a dog being attacked by other dogs. The reporting party said two black dogs attacked his dog on his property and he had to take the dog to the veterinarian for medical treatment. The deputy met with the owner of the dogs that attacked and learned they had not been vaccinated. The dogs were placed in quarantine and their owner cited into court. The deputy learned this was not the first time those dogs had attacked the reporting party’s dog.

Oct. 4
• A resident of the 1700 block of Gallegos in Socorro reported dogs attacked her dog. The deputy learned that the suspect’s dogs had escaped their penned area and indeed attacked the victim’s dog. The deputy noticed cuts on the victim’s dog’s body. The suspect placed his dog back in the fenced area. The victim said her dog was not injured badly and would be fine.

Oct. 5
• Deputies responded to an auto crash in the area of Lopezville and Sean Street in Socorro. A vehicle heading west on Sean Street at a high rate of speed failed to stop at the intersection of Sean and Lopezville, then struck a large cactus plant and the porch of Home and Country Realty sometime around 6 a.m. The driver fled on foot. Home and Country Realty sustained major structural damage. The driver was located and deputies learned he had a bench warrant. Enforcement action was taken.
• A suspect was arrested on a Socorro County District Court order and escorted to the Socorro County Detention Center.

Oct. 6
• A deputy responded to a crash at about 7:30 a.m. Two vehicles were southbound on Interstate 25 when the suspect’s vehicle struck the victim’s vehicle from behind and continued southbound, failing to stop at the crash site. The suspect was pulled over by New Mexico State Police and the victim identified the driver and vehicle. The suspect admitted to striking the victim’s vehicle and failing to stop. The suspect was ticketed.
• A deputy pulled a vehicle over for a traffic violation. The driver said he did not have a driver’s license. The deputy learned the driver was driving on a license suspended or revoked with an arrest clause, so the deputy arrested him.
• A deputy responded to the 2300 block of Fatima Street in reference to a domestic dispute and met with Socorro Police Department officers, who were on scene. The suspect had gotten into an argument with the victim, who said she had run away from him but he caught up to her and grabbed her by the arms, pinning her against a truck in their neighbor’s yard. The suspect said he grabbed the woman’s arms because she was swinging her keys at him. A witness confirmed the victim’s statements. The deputy told the suspect not to have contact with the victim. The victim contacted the deputy the next day and advised the suspect was following her on his motor bike trying to get her to pull over and yelling at her to stop. She said he followed her again later that night in his company vehicle trying to get her to pull over. She refused and went home. A criminal complaint was forwarded to Magistrate Court for summons.

Oct. 7
• A deputy met with Veguita residents regarding a property dispute. A fence that had been placed by one of the residents was at issue. The deputy advised it was a civil issue and must be handled in civil court.
• A deputy pulled over a suspect who was driving erratically and found the suspect had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The deputy arrested the suspect and transported him to the detention center.

Oct. 9
• A man reported he had gone to a property on the 90 block of Bosquecito Road, Bosquecito, to check on it for the owner, who lives in Sandia Park. The man said he found someone had entered the barn and stolen five saddles. The suspects entered through the top of the barn and broke the door knob to the room housing the saddles. There were no suspects at the time of the report, but the deputy found footprints and tire tracks, which were photographed.

Oct. 10
• A deputy arrested a suspect at about 8:45 a.m. at a location on the 100 block of Aspen on a commitment order for possible drug paraphernalia. The suspect was transported to the detention center.
• A deputy arrested a woman at Seventh Judicial Court according to the judge’s order and jailed her at the detention center.