Obama wins in Socorro County, and the nation


Socorro County celebrated a relatively smooth election day Tuesday according to County Clerk Rebecca Vega. During a time that many counties and states were experiencing long lines at the polling stations, Socorro County’s polls were done by 7 p.m.

Results took a while to be posted because, Vega said, new computer methods required a different uploading procedure than before.

“The secretary of state changed the program,” Vega said.

Early voting was heavy, too, for Socorro County, Vega said. From two sites where county residents could cast early votes, 2,621 votes came in — about 200 less than the 2008 general election.

“That’s a lot for Socorro,” Vega said. There are 11,400 registered voters in the county and 7,141 of them voted — 58 percent.

Socorro County chose Barak Obama for president over Mitt Romney by 56.2 over 38.07 percent of the vote; statewide Obama won with 52 percent of the vote over 42 percent for Romney. Former Gov. Gary Johnson, running on the Libertarian Party ticket, got 3 percent of New Mexico’s vote. Obama retained his presidential position with 332 Electoral College votes to 206 for Romney.

Martin Heinrich got 52.4 percent of Socorro County’s vote as U.S. senator while Heather Wilson received 42.95 percent. Independent Party candidate Jon Ross Barrie received 319 votes, and write-in Robert Anderson got eight Socorro County votes. Statewide, Heinrich took the office with 50 percent of the vote.

District 2 U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce keeps his seat with 3,610 Socorro County votes to Evelyn Madrid Erhard’s 3,322. Statewide, Pearce won with 59 percent to Erhard’s 40 percent.

In the state judge positions, Democrat Barbara Vigil won over Republican Paul Kennedy for the justice of the Supreme Court position, and Democrat Monica Zamora won the Court of Appeals judge position over Republican J. Miles Hanisee.

In the contested Senate position, District 30, Clemente Sanchez (D) won over Vickie Perea (R) in Socorro County, but Perea won the vote in Valencia County and thus holds the seat; an uncontested Howie Morales took the District 28 slot.

State Rep. District 49 Don Tripp (R) won over write-in Del Washington. State Rep. Ken Martinez took the District 69 slot unopposed.

Retaining their positions unopposed in other divisions are Clint Wellborn (R) as 7th Judicial District attorney and Vince Bergman (R) as Public Education Commission District 8 commissioner.

Socorro County Commission, District 2, was won by Martha Salas (R) with 634 votes to Stanley Herrera’s (D) 612 votes; Daniel Monette (R) retained his District 4 seat unopposed; and in District 5 Juan Jose Gutierrez (R) won with 931 votes to Diego Early Montoya’s (D) 610 votes.

Tina Lujan (D) gets the county treasurer slot with 3,572 votes to Shirleen Greenwood’s (R) 3,243 votes.

Rebecca Vega (D) ran unopposed for county clerk and received 5,310 votes in favor of her position.

The Socorro County bond question, for jail improvement, passed.

Statewide, all four constitutional amendments and all three bond questions passed. The people of Socorro County would have voted down amendments 3 and 4. Amendment 3 removes the authority to charter and regulate corporations from the Public Regulation Commission and provides authority to charter corporations to the secretary of state, and Amendment 4 is to remove the regulation of insurance companies and others engaged in risk assumption from the Public Regulation Commission and place it under a superintendent of insurance.

This year’s election was more hectic than usual, Vega said, for a number of reasons. Voters can no longer vote on a straight party ticket by filling in one bubble, they have to go through the ballot. Also, with three write-ins, election officials had to verify each one by hand.

All election results are unofficial as of press time.

2012 General Election results
(Socorro County results only)

(“D” indicates Democrat, “R” indicates Republican and “I” indicates incumbent)

State Senate District 28
Howie C. Morales (D-I) 4,362

State Senate District 30
Clemente Sanchez (D) 490
Vickie S. Perea (R) 246
(Perea won in Valencia County and took the seat.)

State Representative District 49
Dell Washington (D-write-in) 839
Don Tripp (R-I) 5,069

State Representative District 69
W. Ken Martinez (D-I) 417

7th Judicial District Attorney
Clint Wellborn (R-I) 4,956

County Commission District 2
Stanley Herrera (D) 612
Martha Salas (R) 634

County Commission District 4
Daniel P. Monette (R-I)

County Commission District 5
Diego Early Montoya (D) 610
Juan Jose Gutierrez (R-I) 931

Socorro County Clerk
Rebecca Vega (D-I) 5,310

Socorro County Treasurer
Tina Lujan (D-I) 3,572
Shirleen Greenwood (R) 3,243

Socorro Bond Question
For 3,335
Against 2,470