The Blotter (11/14/2012)


Socorro County Sheriff’s Office
Sept. 25
• A deputy met with a Socorro woman who said she and two others were bird hunting in the area of the Socorro County Gun Range. The party encountered a Socorro man and asked to hunt with him, but he refused and said he was waiting for others to join him. The woman said the other party arrived, which included another Socorro man, and the party started firing their weapons in her party’s direction. The two Socorro men denied the allegations.

Oct. 10
• A woman complained she left her purse in the patio area of the Bodega restaurant, but when she went back to get it someone had taken her driver’s license, two credit cards and $30 cash. There were no suspects at the time of the report.

Oct. 12
• A representative of the University of New Mexico’s biology department reported a Pflugerville, Texas, man had an agreement with UNM regarding a wild horse study. The UNM representative reported that on Feb. 15, 2008, the suspect took possession of UNM equipment for use in the study. The suspect later sold the equipment, claiming it was all his, not UNM’s. The deputy was able to recover the equipment and put it in storage for safekeeping until UNM picks it up.

Oct. 14
• A Los Lunas man complained unknown suspects had entered his property near La Joya through a gate on the ditch bank road. They then opened the valves and allowed water onto his fields. The man showed the deputy footprints that were not his and said he had been accused in the past of watering his fields illegally. The man said he wanted a report showing that others opened the valves, not him.

Oct. 22
• A Bosque resident complained someone entered his residence through the back door and took two rifles, a guitar and a pair of gold and pearl cuff links. There were no suspects at the time of the report.
• A deputy cited a woman in the District Court parking lot for driving on a suspended/revoked license.

Oct. 24
• A deputy met with the Children, Youth and Families Department and learned a Magdalena woman reported she had been battered by another woman at the same residence. The victim said the suspect argued with her and called her names, then struck the victim with her fists and scratched her. The victim was concerned about her children and contacted CYFD. The deputy tried to locate the suspect but had not found her at the time the report was filed.
• A deputy was dispatched to the 700 block of state Highway 116, Bosque, in reference to a man entering people’s yards and pounding on their doors. The deputy found the man, who said he needed medical attention. The deputy transported the man to the hospital and advised the man’s family of his whereabouts. Arrangements were made for the man’s family to pick him up at the hospital. The man was cited for public nuisance.
• A deputy was dispatched to 7th Judicial District Court in reference to a judge’s order to incarcerate a suspect. The deputy arrested the man and escorted him to the jail.

Oct. 25
• A deputy met with a Polvadera man about his generator. Neighbors were complaining that the generator was too loud and they had a restraining order against the man stating that he was not to use the generator unless a wall was built around it to keep the noise to a minimum. The deputy verified the man had built an adobe wall around the generator. The deputy also measured the sound levels with a digital sound level meter and found the noise level was within the proper range.

Oct. 26
• A deputy attempting to serve a notice of physical custody subpoena on a suspect had numerous addresses for her. The deputy located her at a residence on San Lorenzo Road in Veguita and served her the subpoena. The woman said she didn’t live at the San Lorenzo Road address but was only visiting, so the deputy asked for her current address and she refused to give one.
• A deputy noticed a vehicle pull into the parking lot at a restaurant on California Street. The vehicle was parked in the normal traffic pathway and was impeding traffic. The deputy met with the driver and detected the odor of alcohol on her breath. She failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for aggravated DWI, as well as cited for improper parking, expired registration and no insurance.

Oct. 27
• A deputy arrested a suspect on a warrant in the Opera House parking lot.
• A deputy and a witness were on patrol in the area of Quebreras Road when the deputy noticed a modified off-road vehicle, which didn’t have a license plate, spin its tires. The deputy attempted to pull the vehicle over but it wouldn’t stop. When it finally did stop, the deputy arrested the driver, a Santa Fe man, and had him transported to the sheriff’s department for processing. The suspect was jailed at the Socorro County Detention Center.

Socorro Police Department
Oct. 26
• An officer stopped a woman for a traffic violation and noticed a strong odor of alcohol emitting from the vehicle. The suspect admitted to drinking and failed the field sobriety test. She was arrested and refused a breath test, then she was incarcerated.
• A woman reported her vehicle was damaged when someone swept debris on it. She said it was parked next to a building where an Albuquerque construction company was working. The officer met with the construction site supervisor, who provided the company’s name for the police report.
• A Magdalena resident complained that while he was shopping, another Magdalena resident went into his vehicle in the Super Mart parking lot and took his identification and bank card. The suspect was arrested later in the day and found in possession of the victim’s items. The victim retrieved the items from the suspect’s property at the jail.
• A resident of the 900 block of Texas Avenue reported someone entered his home and stole a 72-inch television, as well as threw items around the bedroom. The victim was unable to provide a possible suspect. The officer was shown an open rear door as the possible point of entry.
• A hospital employee complained an unknown suspect was calling the hospital nurse station and tying up the hospital phone lines. The employee said the suspect was looking for a woman who was not working. The suspect was asked to stop calling until the woman was contacted. The employee was not able to provide a valid contact number for the suspect at the time of the report.
• A woman complained the suspect, another woman, evicted her from her home and the suspect owed the victim money from the security deposit. The suspect was contacted and said she gave the victim her security deposit with the exception of $100. The suspect said she would give the $100 back when the daughter needed it.
• An officer was dispatched to a possible breaking and entering on the 500 block of Calle Bonita. A male suspect was contacted at the location, and a National Crime Information Center check revealed there was a valid warrant on the man. The suspect was arrested and booked into county jail.
• A man contacted during a traffic stop on Blue Canyon Road at about 11:02 p.m. admitted to driving the vehicle and allowing a 17-year-old girl to drink at his residence. The suspect showed signs of drinking and was detained for field sobriety tests. When the suspect’s vehicle was searched, the officer found prescription pills belonging to a family member. The suspect completed the field sobriety test and was released, but charges are pending.

Oct. 27
• A man was pulled over for a traffic violation about 2:23 a.m. on Manzanares Avenue. The man showed signs of intoxication and was given a field sobriety test, then arrested. The suspect agreed to the breath test, and results were .20/.21. The suspect was booked into the detention center. A second male suspect at the scene became very loud and boisterous, swearing at officers. He was arrested and booked into jail also.
• A man reported the suspect, a woman he lives with, was upset over his coming home from a party. He said the suspect hit him in the face with a remote control and scratched him, causing visible injury that was documented by the officer. The suspect said the victim picked her up at the party and returned home. The suspect said she was on the phone with a friend when the victim slapped the phone out of her hand, causing her to hit herself, then began choking her. No visible signs of choking were apparent on the suspect; she was arrested and booked into jail.
• A resident of the 1100 block of Santa Fe Lane complained someone put liquid on her vehicle. The officer checked the vehicle and found splatter marks on it.
• An employee of Denny’s complained a man ordered food and ate it without paying for the meal. The employee provided a description of the suspect, who was found in possession of food from the restaurant. The suspect admitted to eating the food and was arrested.
• A resident of the 1200 block of North Sixth Street said someone attempted to enter his home by force. The officer was shown pry marks on the rear door of the home. The resident said nothing was missing. A second victim, who resides next door, said his back door appeared to be damaged also when he got home and checked his house. He said nothing was missing, and no suspects were listed.
• A woman stopped for a traffic violation on Grant Street appeared intoxicated. She was given a field sobriety test and performed poorly, so the officer arrested her. She gave two breath samples with results of .13 and .12 blood alcohol level. She was booked into county jail.