Magdalena board meeting brief


The Village of Magdalena Board of Trustees discussed the village’s emergency shelter and the tabletop emergency services exercise in Socorro on Tuesday, as well as approved a new hangar at the village airport and new road signs for the school zone, during its regular meeting Nov. 19.

Mayor Sandy Julian said the village is still looking for volunteers to clean and paint the old senior center, which is being converted into a disaster relief shelter. She said a stove and sink have been donated, but the village is still looking for a counter top to put in the shelter.

Trustee Diane Allen said Tuesday’s tabletop exercise in Socorro deals with a fire scenario in Hop Canyon. She said fire danger is one reason the village is trying to get the shelter ready; people evacuated during a forest fire would need somewhere to go.

The tabletop will be held in the Socorro County Annex building at 9 a.m. Tuesday. It will be a discussion-based exercise to allow participating organizations to identify and discuss their role in supporting emergency operations center/shelter activations, according to a Nov. 15 letter from Socorro County Fire & Emergency Services.Airport

Wayne Ryan said the village contract looks good regarding his airport hangar. He said he already has a presize Quonset hut for the purpose, but expressed his willingness to build a building if the prefabricated one did not appeal to the board.

Rita Broaddus, village clerk and treasurer, said Ryan’s lease will be $200 per year for his 25-by-50-foot hut.

Ryan noted there is a waiting list in Socorro for pilots who want to put up hangars. He said a lot of pilots don’t like to take off and land on a dirt strip, but he doesn’t mind.

Trustee Barbara Baca asked what kind of plane Ryan has, and if he would volunteer it to help the village in an emergency. Ryan said his plan has two seats, for a pilot and a passenger, but he would be happy to help the community in any way he can. He added he has used the plane to help the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department with search and rescue in Arizona.

The board approved the hangar unanimously, minus Trustee Tommy Torres, who was absent from the meeting.

School zone

The board approved stop signs, crosswalk signs and speed limit signs to be installed near the school.

The board first discussed having only stop signs and crosswalk signs. Baca protested that she had been left out of the stop sign discussion, and she had understood the village planned to put speed limit signs rather than stop signs in the area. She said the last she knew, the village was planning for speed limit signs to slow traffic down because when the winter snow and ice come, the buses will slide when they try to come to a complete stop.

Broaddus said the board has to pass an ordinance to change the speed limit, which will take 60 days. She said the other signs can be put up in the meantime for the safety of the students.

Julian said the village can get all the signs, and asked if that would make everyone happy. She said then they will put up all but the speed limit signs right away, then after the ordinance is passed the speed limit signs can be installed.

After approving the signs, the board read department reports in silence. Most of the department reports were not available to the Chieftain at the time of the meeting.

Allen explained her flower box comment from the last meeting was a joke.

Executive session

The board then retired to executive session. Broaddus said during a telephone interview Wednesday the board discussed delinquent utility accounts during executive session. When trustees emerged from executive session, they instructed the village attorney to proceed with collection activity on delinquent utility accounts.