Knife, club involved in domestic dispute


A Socorro man faces seven charges following a domestic dispute that blocked off Grant Street for a while Monday morning.

Socorro Police Department Detective Sgt. Richard Lopez said it was a domestic situation where the boyfriend allegedly got mad at his girlfriend and a knife was involved, then later a club.

Phillip Scates is charged with aggravated battery on a household member, two counts of aggravated assault on a household member, aggravated assault, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and tampering with evidence.

Officers were called to a residence on the 600 block of Grant Avenue in reference to a man possibly armed with a gun, according to the criminal complaint. Scates’ girlfriend was in the Grant Avenue home with her friend and some others. Scates’ girlfriend said she had gathered their infant child and left the home on the 600 block of Bagley Avenue after a fight during which Scates stabbed her in the leg.

According to the criminal complaint, the girlfriend told police Scates was angry with her because she was not ready to leave with him to go to Albuquerque. He allegedly began throwing things around the room at their home and calling her worthless. He allegedly had a small knife in his hand and stabbed her in the leg while she sat on the bed.

Scates’ mother, who was in the home at the time, said she was leaving and walked out of the house when his girlfriend said she had been stabbed, according to the girlfriend’s statement in the criminal complaint.

The criminal complaint states the girlfriend told police she did not know where the knife was, and she didn’t know if Scates had any firearms. On scene on Grant Street, police found a jacket on the ground Scates had allegedly taken off when they arrived; a Baggie of marijuana was allegedly found in the jacket, according to the criminal complaint.

The resident of the Grant Street home reported Scates had a wooden stick in his hands when he came to her house, according to the complaint. She said Scates demanded they open the door and give him his child. She said she tried to calm the situation by telling Scates she would give him the child if he calmed down; meanwhile, she had called 911. She said Scates made several threats, including that he would shoot all of them, he would “stick” anyone who got in his way and he would ram the house with his truck. She said she saw him break the window of his own Ford Ranger with the stick.

Scates’ mother arrived at the Grant Street scene and said she never saw her son stab his girlfriend, according to the criminal complaint, and that the girl probably stabbed herself.

Scates was transported to the police department while police went to secure his Bagley Avenue residence, according to the criminal complaint. Both of Scates’ parents were there when they arrived, but police told them to leave and secured the home pending a search warrant.

At the police department, according to the criminal complaint, Scates said if police were looking for a gun, he no longer had it — that he had gotten rid of it.

He said he did have a knife but he either threw it on the ground at the Grant Street residence or it was in his pickup. He later said he remembered giving the knife to the woman who lives at the Grant Street residence so he would not get in trouble for having it.

He denied stabbing his girlfriend, suggesting the knife might have stuck her while she was trying to kick him. He said she tried to kick him as he was holding the baby, but said they were not arguing at the time. He said he had the knife in his hand because he was cutting strings off his shirt.

When the search warrant was completed, police searched the Bagley home and found clothing and other items thrown around the bedroom, according to the criminal complaint, as well as blood on the bed.

Police also found several articles of alleged drug paraphernalia, including a methamphetamine pipe, marijuana bong and other items, so officers obtained a second warrant to remove those items. The knife was never located, according to the criminal complaint.

Lopez explained the charges against Scates — aggravated battery on a household member for stabbing his girlfriend with the knife, a third-degree felony; aggravated assault for threatening the Grant Street woman with the stick; two counts of aggravated assault on a household member for assaulting his girlfriend with a knife on Bagley, then with a stick on Grant, fourth-degree felonies; tampering with evidence because he hid the knife or threw it somewhere; possession of marijuana for the bag allegedly found in the jacket; and possession of drug paraphernalia for the items allegedly found in the Bagley Avenue home.