Letters to the Editor (12/05/2012)


Safe Harbor needs help to provide help
Sabbatical, furlough, breather, relaxation, respite, rest, intermission and feast, are all words to describe how a holiday should be.
Unfortunately, many do not experience these definitions during this time of year. To some, the holiday season is filled with desperation, fear, sadness and hopelessness.
We at PSI Safe Harbor do our best to help people obtain a little hope in their lives by providing them with necessities and, when available, simple pleasures that make living just a little bit easier. We do this through support of our community, and the open hearts of people like you.
We are happy to provide a quality meal, warm clothing and financial assistance when we can. This time of year seems to be a very difficult time for many people, and we are no exception. Summer work is slowing down, and we see more and more people coming through our doors needing help with such things as utility bills, firewood, clothing and food. These items can only be provided if we have the resources on hand, and right now we are low on these resources.
If you, or someone you know, can contribute to the homeless and people in need in our community, please contact Duane Baker or Deb Rado at PSI Safe Harbor, 835-2895.
Donations can be brought in to the shelter between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  Monday, Wednesday or Friday, at 519 Highway 85 (across from the Pump-N-Save gas station), or mailed to: PSI Safe Harbor, P.O. Box 1433, Socorro, NM 87801.
Duane Baker

Co-op trustees fail representation
There are few events that deliver a kick to the gut like the betrayal of an implicit trust. Whether it comes from a straying spouse or a Ponzi schemer, the pain and emptiness that follow treachery are indescribable and demoralizing. Anyone who has experienced it would wish it on no one else. Then there are the Socorro Electric Co-op’s so-called trustees.
Trustees are, by definition, persons we’ve given authority and responsibility over important facets of our lives.
The elected “trustees” in control of the board place themselves prominently at the top of the beneficiary food chain. It’s been clear for many years this is the case, but their recent tactics at elections and meetings reveal betrayal of their fiduciary responsibility to the members in an overt and scornful manner as bad as any imaginable.
The monthly meeting of the board, 11/28, this year, reached a low unprecedented by previous schemers.
Board Vice President Dave Wade insists that members follow the rules, when it meets his needs, but bends and breaks the SEC bylaws for whatever purposes he and his “Gang of Six” trustees find essential.
The Gang has a deputy sheriff on duty at each meeting and they threaten to evict anyone Wade and the ever-voluble Don Wolberg don’t approve. They don’t approve of SEC members. SEC members pay for the deputy’s attendance and intimidation role. The trustees’ attorneys are always present and we pay for that.
In the latest issue of the “Enchantment” newsletter mailed to all co-op members, Keven Groenewold, executive vice president of the New Mexico Rural Cooperative Association (614 Don Gaspar Ave., Santa Fe, NM, 87505; phone: (505) 982-4671; www.enchantment.coop), wrote an article titled, “You Are Your Rural Electric Cooperative”. Besides telling us we are the owners, Groenewold states that trustees have a “…duty to follow through on the wishes of those who elected them.”
Since we, the members of the SEC, are not getting that representation from our trustees, I encourage all members to write or call Mr. Groenewold. Tell him how we are the exception.
I grew up on a dairy. I know about manure forks. When I went off to college I figured I was through with that kind of work. Nearly 50 years later, the smell is just as offensive as ever. Help.
Herbert Myers