The Blotter (12/12/2012)


Socorro Police Department
Nov. 15
• A resident of the 1200 block of El Camino Real said while she was away for a few days, her home was broken into. The suspects stole her 55-inch Pillips TV valued at $900 and her Xbox valued at $500. There were no suspects at the time of the report.
• A resident of the 200 block of Mesquite reported a neighbor’s dog attacked her dog, causing injury. She located the neighbor, who said he would pay for medical bills for the dog. The officer contacted the man and ticketed him.

Nov. 16
• An officer was called to El Camino Real about 12:37 p.m. for a domestic dispute. The suspect and victim left before the officer’s arrival. The officer was advised they were at another place, and when the officer went there, he saw the suspect at the driver’s side window of a car yelling at the victim. The officer arrested the suspect and jailed him at the Socorro County Detention Center.
• A woman reported that after dropping her family member off at basketball practice, the girl accompanied the male suspect to a classroom. While in the classroom, the suspect touched the girl’s breast and made comments. Before returning to the gym, the girl contacted the woman who reported the incident. The officer met with the suspect and mirandized him. The suspect agreed to speak with the officer and said the victim asked to go to his classroom. While in the classroom, the suspect said the victim exposed her breasts to him, and he told her that was not OK. Both returned to the gym area, then the victim left the area.

Nov. 17
• Officers were dispatched to the area of Chaparral Drive about 3:41 a.m. for a vehicle in the drainage ditch. The officer found the suspect, a Rio Rancho woman, in the vehicle. For her safety, the officer helped her out of the vehicle and called an ambulance to the scene. The officer noticed the woman exhibit signs of intoxication. The woman refused transport by ambulance to the hospital. She was transported to the Socorro Police Department; was given and failed sobriety tests; and was arrested. She provided two breath samples with results of .15 and .14 blood alcohol level. She was jailed.
• A Lemitar man reported about 6:50 a.m. he lost his wallet two days before. He needed to file a report because his identification was in his wallet.
• A Socorro woman reported a man was harassing another Socorro woman after the couple broke up. The victim said she’s breaking up with the man but he continues to call and text her. He contacted her by phone and was later parked near her home. When the suspect saw her, he contacted her in person. The victim pushed him to get away and he took her phone, breaking it, and pushed her. The victim said her friends showed up and the suspect left the area. The officer was unable to locate the suspect at the time of the report.
• A resident of the 700 block of Hope Farm Road reported information to the police.
• A Walmart employee reported about 2:30 p.m. three young Socorro men scanned several items for purchase and used the same discount coupon multiple times to bring down the original costs of the items. The suspects were ticketed and released.
• A Socorro woman reported someone entered her unlocked vehicle while it was parked on the 600 block of North California Street and removed items valued at $79. The officer met with the manager of the business there to get a video of the incident. The officer was unable to view the video at the time of the report.
• An El Paso man reported a Las Cruces man arguing with a Los Lunas man about 9 p.m. at a bar on the 1100 block of North California. The officer met with the Las Cruces man and had him exit the bar. The suspect became uncooperative and would not calm down. He was arrested and jailed at SCDC.
• A resident of the 1200 block of El Camino Real reported a Socorro man, who lives on the 700 block of Lincoln, took her vehicle without permission. The officer found the suspect driving the vehicle, and the suspect failed to stop for the officer when the police car’s emergency lights were activated. The suspect was stopped and detained while the victim provided a theft declaration to another officer. The suspect was arrested and read his rights. The suspect said he borrowed the vehicle from the woman on a previous occasion. When searching the suspect, the officer found drug paraphernalia with drug residue. The items were taken as evidence pending drug results. The suspect was arrested and booked into SCDC.

Nov. 19
• While on a traffic stop on Mount Carmel Avenue about 1 a.m., the officer noticed the passenger, a resident of the 600 block of Alta Vista, who the officer knew to have an outstanding warrant. The officer performed a pat-down search of the suspect, who pushed away from the officer and attempted to flee. The suspect was caught after a short pursuit and arrested.
• A Magdalena woman was arrested on a warrant. She had injuries and was to be transported to Albuquerque. The officer was advised to release custody of the suspect and have the warrant reissued.
• An officer ran a Socorro man through dispatch and discovered he had two outstanding warrants. The suspect was told to stand by the patrol vehicle, but he left, running. The officer caught the suspect and arrested him.
• A woman said she was inside her uncle’s house on the 200 block of Faulkner when she heard a loud noise and saw a window break. She said she looked outside and saw her ex-boyfriend running from the house. The suspect was not located as of the time of the report.
• A woman said she was turning in an application to Armijo’s Restaurant when her ex-boyfriend, a resident of the 300 block of Fifth Street, asked for her son. The boy was not with her so the suspect became angry and choked her. The suspect was not located.
• A resident of the 600 block of Bagley reported about 1:15 p.m. that when he returned home from town he found his door open and his medication gone. Sixty tablets of docet and 15 tablets of hydromorphone were missing.
• A Socorro man at the Socorro County Detention Center was served with warrants.
• A Socorro man was stopped for warrants about 6 p.m. and placed under arrest. He also had a pipe and other paraphernalia with him. He was jailed.
• A Socorro woman was stopped for a traffic violation on Chaparral Drive. When her information was run through dispatch, the officer discovered she had two warrants. She was arrested and jailed at the detention center.

Nov. 20
• An officer was called to Magistrate Court about 9:30 a.m. to serve an active warrant on a suspect from the Laguna area. The suspect was served with the warrant.
• A woman on Spring Street reported someone broke into her home through a window and took her television. Nothing else was missing.
• A Socorro woman reported she received a call from the previous owner of her vehicle, who told her that a man broke into the vehicle. The woman contacted the suspect to see why he was in her vehicle, but the suspect gave no information. The woman wanted the incident documented by police.
• A 15-year-old girl reported a relative touched her in a sexual manner. She did not provide details in the case. Investigation is pending.
• An officer was dispatched to the Adult Probation Office with an arrest order. The suspect, a Socorro woman, was arrested and jailed at the detention center.
• An employee of Family Dollar reported a man from Eagle Nest stole merchandise from the store. The employee attempted to stop the suspect, but the suspect took off running. The employee was unable to identify what the suspect took, and the officer was unable to locate the suspect.
• A man reported he lost his wallet at Walmart. He thought he may have left it in the shopping basket, but the security video was not available for viewing by the time of the report. The wallet contained the man’s ID card, green card and $40 cash.

Socorro County Sheriff’s Office
Oct. 24
• A deputy met with Socorro Electric Cooperative regarding an issue that was ongoing since Oct. 16. The deputy learned that the suspect had placed copper jumpers on the electric meter at his home on the 1200 block of Albany in Socorro. The jumpers were removed and turned over to the co-op. The co-op charged the suspect for the usage, a fine which was imposed.
• A deputy met with SEC regarding an issue that was ongoing since Oct. 23. The deputy learned that the suspect had placed copper jumpers on the power pole at his home on the 1400 block of Kimball in Socorro. The jumpers were removed and turned over to the co-op. The co-op charged the suspect for the usage, a fine which was imposed.

Oct. 26
• A deputy met with two Socorro men, a victim and witness. The victim said he learned that a resident of the 2100 block of state Road 1, Socorro, had taken a winch from his garage. The deputy learned the suspect and witness had worked for the victim; the two men later returned to the garage on the 1100 block of Cassady Lane, loaded the winch onto a truck and left. The witness said the suspect told him the victim had given him the winch, but that was false. The deputy had no contact with the suspect as of the time of the report.

Oct. 30
• A Socorro man said someone obtained his credit card number and made a purchase online. The man canceled his credit card. The deputy attempted to contact the fraud department of the company where the purchase was made but met with negative results. The case is active pending contact with the fraud department.

Nov. 7
• A deputy was dispatched to the 70 block of Polvadera Road, Polvadera, about 2:30 p.m. regarding cruelty to animals. On arrival, the deputy observed a dog tied to a tree with a horse halter. The dog’s head was bloody from wounds on its ears. The deputy took the dog to the veterinarian, but he was unable to determine if the wounds on the dog’s ears were caused by a dog fight or a human attempting to trim the ears.

Nov. 9
• A deputy met with a crime victim and her parent. The victim said a man and his family had come to her mother’s home and removed items belonging to the mother and her deceased brother. The victim went to the suspect’s home to retrieve the items, which included a Ford truck, and was battered by family members. The victim said she would contact the Navajo court system and follow through with them on the charges.

Nov. 15
• A deputy met with employees of the Repo Depot about 8:40 a.m. and was given all the paperwork involved in a repossession at the Wagon Wheel Trailer Park. The mobile home in question was repossessed by Repo Depot.

Nov. 16
• A deputy met with a San Antonio woman about a larceny. The woman said someone had taken her Razor battery-powered mini-cycle. The mini-cycle is blue and looks like a small dirt bike. The woman named a possible suspect, whom the deputy then interviewed. The person denied taking the mini-cycle, and no suspects were developed as of the time of the report.
• A deputy met with a Socorro woman about harassment and assault. The woman said she received a text message from a past boyfriend asking whom she was seeing now. The ex-boyfriend told her that a Socorro man had seen a vehicle at her home. The woman texted the Socorro man and asked why he was keeping tabs on her. She received threatening texts from the Socorro man after that, and she believes the suspect would act on his threats. The deputy attempted to contact the suspect but did not as of the time of the report.

Nov. 19
• An Albuquerque man driving south on Interstate 25 fell asleep at the wheel and the vehicle left the road. It rolled over but was on its wheels when the deputy arrived on the scene. The driver was trapped inside. Emergency medical services personnel arrived and transported the driver to the hospital by ambulance. The vehicle was heavily damaged. No enforcement action was taken.

Nov. 21
• A Los Lunas man reported someone shot his bull sometime between 6 a.m. Nov. 14 and 8 a.m. Nov. 21. The bull was in a field the man leases by Calle de la Escuela near La Joya, and it did have gunshot wounds to the chest area. There were no suspects as of the time of the report.

Nov. 22
• A deputy responded to a crash on West Frontage Road in Lemitar about 3 p.m. Two vehicles were parked at the location, and both were unattended at the time of the crash. One vehicle, a yellow crane, rolled back and struck the second vehicle, causing heavy damage to the right side. No enforcement action was taken.