The Blotter (1/19/2013)


New Mexico State Police District 11
Dec. 25
• Officers responded to the Fort Craig rest area on I-25 about 12:03 p.m. regarding criminal damage to property.
• An officer responded to a hit-and-run accident about 2:29 p.m. on I-25 near Socorro.
• An officer responded to a report of breaking and entering about 2:51 p.m. on state Highway 181 by Truth or Consequences.
• Officers responded to a report of domestic violence in Alamo about 4:18 p.m., and another in Socorro about 8:17 p.m.
• An officer assisted a motorist about 9:40 p.m. on I-25 near Socorro.

Dec. 26
• Officers performed a civil standby about 1:11 p.m. at Shady Nook Trailer Park.
• An officer took a report of criminal sexual contact about 3:18 p.m. at the NMSP office.
• An officer assisted a motorist about 7:23 p.m. on I-25 in Sierra County.
• Officers assisted medical personnel on Pieo Court in Veguita about 11:46 p.m.

Dec. 27
• An officer responded to a location on I-25 near Socorro to assist a motorist about 9:47 a.m., but was unable to locate the motorist.
• An officer arrested someone on California Street about 10 p.m.

Dec. 28
• An officer responded to the Rock Shop in Magdalena about 11:01 a.m. regarding a request to talk to an officer.

Dec. 29
• Officers responded to an accident without injuries about 8:25 a.m. on I-25 near Socorro.
• Officers assisted a motorist about 12:47 p.m. on I-25.
• An officer responded to Highway 116 north of Bernardo about 1:18 p.m. regarding a request to talk to an officer, but was unable to locate the person.
• Officers responded to a report of suspicious circumstances by Escondida about 3:34 p.m., and citations were written.
• Officers responded to a report of domestic violence about 5:02 p.m. on I-25 near Socorro, and an arrest was made.
• An officer assisted a motorist about 5:54 p.m. on I-25 near Socorro.
• Officers arrested someone on U.S. 60 by Socorro about 5:55 p.m.

Socorro Police Department
Dec. 12
• An officer pulled over a Socorro man about 3:19 a.m. A warrants check showed a valid warrant for the man so he was told he would be arrested. The man attempted to run from the officer, but the officer caught him and arrested him. During the search of the suspect officers found narcotics and paraphernalia. He was processed and booked into county jail. A second officer assisted in the case.

Dec. 17
• A Socorro woman was found on the 500 block of Calle Bonita and arrested on a bench warrant. She was booked into county jail.
• An officer was dispatched to a motel about 10:58 a.m. in reference to a woman who said she had been involved in a domestic disturbance. She complained of pain and was transported to the hospital. At the hospital, she told the officer a Socorro man had locked her in a house for two days without food or water. She had bruising on her neck and her ribs may have been cracked. The Socorro man was arrested and booked into jail.
• A Walmart employee reported two counterfeit $100 bills were passed at the store. The officer viewed the surveillance video but was not able to identify the suspect.
• A Socorro man was not able to provide insurance or registration during a traffic stop on Otero Avenue. The officer had the vehicle towed from the location.
• An officer found a Socorro man and a Magdalena man highly intoxicated and in full public view about 1:10 p.m. by Cooney’s Liquors. The officer arrested the men for their safety and the safety of the public.
• An employee of the Water & Ice Store reported about 2 p.m. a generator was stolen from the store. The generator had been secured with a lock and the lock was damaged. The generator’s estimated value is $1,500.
• An officer responded to a domestic disturbance about 8:05 p.m. on the 1200 block of El Camino Real. The man and woman both said they were involved in an argument. The man had signs of being battered. The woman was arrested and booked into jail.
• A Socorro woman reported receiving several disturbing text messages about 10:10 p.m. The officer called the number given and spoke to a man who would not give the officer any information.

Dec. 18
• A San Acacia resident reported someone broke her windows at a property on the 800 block of Spring Street in Socorro. She did not see anyone break the windows, and the damage estimate was unknown.
• A Socorro man said he bought wood from another Socorro man, but only gave him half the money because the suspect only brought half the wood. The suspect was to bring the rest of the wood and he would be paid the remainder of the money, but the suspect came and took the wood that the Socorro man already paid for. The suspect was not located.
• A Socorro resident reported her residence was broken into and a $1,200 50-inch television belonging to another woman was stolen. The resident gave the name of a person of interest. No contact was made with the person of interest or the owner of the television.
• A Socorro man reported about 3 p.m. his windshield was damaged when the vehicle was parked in the 600 block of Bagley.
• A Socorro woman reported another Socorro woman was harassing her. The officer was not able to locate the suspect.
• A Socorro woman reported a Socorro man was harassing her, asking for sexual favors. The officer met with the suspect, who denied the allegations. The case is pending further investigation.
• A Socorro woman reported about 7:09 p.m. a Socorro man battered her that day and the day before. She did have marks on her person said to be from the battery. The officer met with the man, who denied the allegations and said he was still on an ankle monitor at the time the woman said the incident happened the previous day. The case is pending results from the ankle monitor.

Dec. 19
• Officers conducted a traffic stop about 7 a.m. on a Socorro man to initiate a search warrant. Officers detained the man and took him home, where the search was conducted. Officers found methamphetamine and other narcotics in the home. A juvenile and the juvenile’s mother were also in the home. The juvenile was placed in state custody.
• An Albuquerque man, while in custody at the Socorro County Detention Center, was served with an outstanding warrant out of Bernalillo County.
• A Socorro man was contacted about 10:50 p.m. for arguing with a woman. The man showed signs of intoxication and admitted to driving to the location on Northeast Frontage Road. He was given a field sobriety test at the police department, then arrested. He agreed to a breath test, yielding results of .14 and .15. He was processed and booked into county jail.

Socorro County Sheriff’s Department
Dec. 1
• About 7 a.m. a deputy observed a vehicle driving south on East Frontage Road. When it drove partially off the pavement onto the shoulder, the deputy stopped the vehicle. The deputy detected an odor of alcohol about the driver and administered field sobriety tests. The deputy then arrested the driver, a Socorro man, for driving under the influence.

Dec. 3
• A deputy was dispatched to take a report regarding larceny. A Socorro man reported he had gone four-wheeling in the Quebradas area Nov. 18 and his Jeep broke down. On Nov. 25 he returned with his pickup to get the Jeep and his pickup broke down. On Dec. 2 he returned to get both vehicles and found both the Jeep and pickup had been broken into and numerous items had been stolen from both vehicles, including tires, shocks, radiators, radios, speakers, a radar detector and a winch remote. Investigation continues.

Dec. 11
• The Socorro County Detention Center received a suspicious telephone call about 9:10 a.m. from an unknown man who requested information about an inmate awaiting a preliminary hearing on a homicide charge. The caller requested the inmate’s date of birth and last four numbers of the inmate’s Social Security number, as well as an address to which a money order could be sent. The SCDC correctional officer advised the caller SCDC could not give out that information, then requested the name of the caller. The caller did not respond. No suspects have been identified as of the time of the report.
• A deputy was directed by 7th Judicial District Court to transport a man to Los Lunas and place him in the custody of the New Mexico Department of Corrections.
• A deputy was advised by SCDC of a possible violation of conditions of release involving a Magdalena man. When the deputy arrived at the man’s residence, he advised the man he was in violation of his conditions of release. The man was handcuffed and then resisted being placed in the deputy’s vehicle. Eventually he was placed in the vehicle, then transported to SCDC, processed and incarcerated without incident.

Dec. 13
• A deputy investigated a burglary/larceny on the 1700 block of Chaparral in Socorro. The resident said he and his family left the residence on Dec. 13 about 1 p.m. and returned at about 2:55 p.m. to find someone had forced open a door to the home. The resident’s Asus computer was found outside the residence door. A $100 bill that was left in an envelope on the dresser and two bottles of hydrocodone pills were missing from the residence. No suspects have been identified and investigation continues.

Dec. 16
• A deputy met with a Socorro man on Dec. 29 in Socorro. The man reported that Dec. 16 he was parked at the Coronado Mall in Albuquerque, and when he completed his shopping, he found damage to the right front of his vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle left the area without notifying the victim.

Dec. 18
• A Veguita man reported that since October 2012, the mother of his two daughters has prevented him from seeing them. Recently he was told by his daughters’ school that they had not been going to school. On Dec. 18, deputies were notified the Veguita man was following the mother of his daughters into Valencia County. He was stopped by a Valencia County Sheriff’s deputy, who told him that since no formal custody agreement exists, the man would have to petition the court for a formal visitation agreement. A Socorro County deputy confirmed that information was accurate and he should petition the court for a formal child custody/visitation agreement.
• A deputy was dispatched to Tarryall Farm Road, San Antonio, following a report from Century Link that about 400 feet of telephone line had been removed from telephone poles on Tarryall Farm Road. No suspects had been identified as of the time of the report.

Dec. 19
• A deputy was contacted by a Veguita woman regarding the larceny of items from a home she had contracted to sell to a Veguita man. The woman said that in July 2010 she contracted with the man to sell him the residence on Esquibel Avenue in Veguita. The agreement stated the man could live in the residence until August 2012 without monthly payments. Beginning in August 2012, the man was to begin making mortgage payments of $290 per month. When the man failed to make the payments, he was evicted. When the woman regained control of the property, she discovered 28 solar panels, two wood burning stoves and a trailer with a water tank all missing, as well as other damage to the property. The investigation is closed.

Dec. 20
• A deputy was dispatched to state Route 1 near Luis Lopez about the theft of about 500 feet of telephone line. The deputy met with a Century Link employee, who said he found the wire missing after he was dispatched to a residence in Luiz Lopez after Century Link received a complaint about a loss of service. The deputy interviewed nearby residents, who reported seeing nothing unusual. An inspection of the area around the telephone poles from which the wire had been cut revealed nothing of evidentiary value.
• A deputy met with a San Antonio man at the sheriff’s office. The man reported that on Dec. 20, someone hit his fence with a vehicle, knocking it down. He also reported that sometime between Dec. 12 and 13, someone broke into his 1997 Ford F-150 pickup and stole a red miter saw from the front seat. The saw was valued at $250. No suspects were identified as of the time of the report and investigation continues.
• A deputy was dispatched to Interstate 25 mile post 150 northbound about 3:42 p.m. to investigate an accident. As a Socorro man entered northbound lanes on I-25, his vehicle struck that of a Yuma, Ariz., man who was also northbound. Damage to both vehicles appeared minor and no injuries were reported.

Dec. 21
• A deputy was dispatched to the Fort Craig rest area on I-25 to investigate criminal damage to property and graffiti. The rest area maintenance supervisor said when she arrived that morning, she saw graffiti written in green paint on several areas of the rest area, including two trash cans, a handicap sign, a no pets allowed sign and on the wall of the men’s restroom. There did not appear to be any additional damage to the buildings or facilities. No suspects had been identified as of the time of the report.

Dec. 26
• A deputy was directed to pick up an Albuquerque woman from the Bernalillo County Detention Center and transport her to the Socorro County Detention Center following her arrest on a Socorro County Magistrate Court bench warrant. She was picked up, transported and booked into SCDC without incident.
• A deputy was directed to pick up an Alamo man from the Bernalillo County Detention Center and transport him to the Socorro County Detention Center following his arrest on a Socorro County Magistrate Court bench warrant. He was picked up, transported and booked into SCDC without incident.
• A deputy was directed to pick up a Socorro man from the Bernalillo County Detention Center and transport him to the Socorro County Detention Center following his arrest on a 7th Judicial District Court bench warrant. He was picked up, transported and booked into SCDC without incident.

Dec. 28
• A deputy conducted a traffic stop on U.S. 60 at mile post 122. During the initial contact, the deputy noticed the driver’s slow speech, red eyes and impaired coordination. Due to injuries, the man was unable to complete the standardized field sobriety test, so alternate tests were conducted. He was unable to complete the alternate tests satisfactorily so he was arrested for DWI and a warrant for failure to appear. Blood samples were taken.

Dec. 29
• A deputy was dispatched about 8:15 a.m. to a rollover accident on I-25 northbound near mile post 151. The victim, a Lakewood, Colo., woman, said she was not injured. The investigation concluded the driver lost control of the vehicle when the right rear tire blew out, then the vehicle swerved to the left across the highway and rolled over in the median, coming to rest on its roof.
• A deputy was dispatched to a fight in progress about 5:02 p.m. on I-25 near mile post 152. When the deputy arrived, he was told the occupants of a vehicle had stopped to change the diaper of an infant in their car. When the diaper had been changed, a Rio Rancho woman told the other occupants she was going to drive. Her boyfriend blocked her from entering the driver’s seat due to her being intoxicated. In response, the woman began to hit her boyfriend with her fists. During this fight, an unknown person stopped on the highway, fired a gun and told them to stop fighting. When the gun was fired, the woman was able to get in the driver’s seat of the car. The other occupants of the vehicle convinced the woman to let them take the infant out of the vehicle so the infant would not be endangered by her actions. When the deputy arrived, the woman was in the vehicle with the engine running and the doors locked. She eventually got out of the vehicle and was administered a standardized sobriety test, which she failed. After a breath test the Rio Rancho woman was booked into the Socorro County Detention Center.
• About 5:50 p.m., a deputy conducted a stop on a Polvadera man who was unable to provide a valid New Mexico driver’s license. He provided a valid Colorado driver’s license, but due to a New Mexico arrest for DWI he was precluded from driving in this state without an ignition interlock. In addition, the man had a bench warrant from Socorro County Magistrate Court for failure to appear with a $25,000 bond. He was arrested and booked into jail without incident.

Dec. 30
• A deputy was dispatched to Luis Lopez about 5 p.m. to investigate a child custody dispute. Upon arrival, the deputy was advised by the child’s mother that the child’s father was threatening to contact law enforcement if she did not return their minor children to him. The deputy determined there was a child custody agreement in place. The mother said the father had given her permission to bring the children home Dec. 31, even though the agreement stated she was to bring them home on Sunday, which was Dec. 30. The mother said the agreement allowed for mutually agreed upon changes and she claimed they had mutually agreed upon this change. The deputy contacted the father, who said he had mistakenly told the mother she could keep the children until 7 p.m. Dec. 31, believing that was a Sunday and not Monday. After speaking with both parents, the deputy attempted to contact both again without success. No further action was taken.