The Blotter (1/23/2013)


Socorro Police Department
Dec. 19
• A Walmart employee reported two Socorro women were putting items in their purses. The employee and the officer witnessed one suspect exit the store; she pushed past the employee as she ran from the store. The officer pursued her, calling for her to stop. Both women were arrested. During the arrest, the officer found drug paraphernalia. The stolen property was recovered and returned to the store. The women were taken to the police department for processing, and one was served with three outstanding warrants. They were processed and booked into county jail.
• A Socorro man complained an unknown suspect damaged the body and tires of his vehicle. The man estimated damage at $2,100.

Dec. 20
• A Socorro man reported the suspect, a Socorro woman, came to his house and began throwing his TV and food on the floor, as well as pushed him. When the man called the police, the woman left the residence and was later found walking. She was intoxicated and police arrested her.
• An Aztec man said he had a five-gallon gas can with gas in the bed of his truck. He checked into a motel and in the morning the gas can was missing. Officers viewed surveillance videos from surrounding businesses but were unable to see any suspects.
• An officer was dispatched to a domestic about 10:21 a.m. On arrival, the officer saw the suspect, a Socorro man, attempting to strike a Socorro woman. The officer detained the man. A witness reported seeing the suspect strike the woman, but the witness left before information could be obtained. The officer met with the woman and took her statement. She showed signs of battery, as did the suspect. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail.
• A Socorro man reported finding a male subject in the vehicle outside his house. The subject left the scene and the Socorro man followed him. The subject then pulled out a small knife as he was leaving the scene and he was not found. The officer was later provided with the name of a possible suspect.
• A Socorro man contacted at the scene of an argument on Tierra Bonita was told to go home. The man ran from the scene. When the officer contacted the man, he became loud and was arrested. The man was under the influence of alcohol.
• A Socorro man reported that while visiting the suspect, another Socorro man, the suspect pushed the man to the ground after the man became upset with the suspect for purchasing beer with money the man gave him for food and cigarettes. The officer met with the suspect, who said the victim came to his house several times and on one occasion fell. The suspect said he told the victim to leave his home after the victim began yelling. The suspect denied pushing the victim.

Dec. 21
• A Lemitar woman crashed into a pole about 1:40 a.m. on Highway 85 and left the scene. She later returned with a family member. She was intoxicated. She was arrested and booked into jail.
• The city animal shelter reported an unknown suspect entered the locked facility and took a pit bull dog. The animal shelter employee said the dog was taken previously and returned by a woman. The officer was provided that woman’s name and address, went to the address and found the stolen dog behind the residence. The officer was unable to contact the possible suspect. The dog was returned to the shelter.
• A Socorro man said an unknown suspect had previously taken the receiver hitch from his truck, but he had not filed a report. The man said while at a local flea market, he found his receiver hitch at a vendor station. The vendor was contacted by the officer and informed the hitch was stolen. The vendor said he bought the hitch from a male suspect weeks ago, about the time the theft occurred. The receiver hitch was returned to the Socorro man.
• A Socorro woman reported that after she was evicted from a rental property, the landlord took her property. She is missing an iPod, 47 Suboxone pills and canned goods. The officer contacted the landlord, who said when the woman was evicted she told the landlord anything left could be thrown away. The landlord said the apartment was emptied, canned goods were given away and all other property was left on the back porch.
• A Socorro man reported an unknown suspect entered his home by damaging a window. The suspect stole a TV, cordless headset, computer monitor and 21 Xbox games while the Socorro man was away. The victim provided a description of the property, along with the serial number to the headset. When the officer checked the area he found footprints near the widow that led to the alley. The officer met with several neighbors. One neighbor said two men were in the alley the day before, and once confronted one man asked if anyone wanted to buy wood. The man was described as tall with wavy hair. On Dec. 27, the victim provided police an updated list of stolen items totaling $4,851.
• A Socorro woman reported about 7:16 p.m. someone damaged her window with a rock. She provided a possible suspect who was seen in a car passing in front of the home when the incident occurred, but she did not witness the incident take place. The officer was unable to locate the suspect for questioning.
• A Magdalena man reported at 8 p.m. after returning home from a party, the suspect, a Socorro woman, became jealous, grabbing the man and striking him. The man showed signs of battery to his face. The officer documented the scene. The officer found the Socorro woman walking in the area. The officer noticed the suspect had blood on her nose, hands and clothes. The suspect did not provide a statement. She was arrested and booked into jail.
• A Socorro woman was contacted for a traffic violation about 9:10 p.m. by Spring and Grant streets. The officer noticed signs of intoxication. The woman admitted to having one drink. She was given a field sobriety test and arrested. She was advised of implied consent warning and refused breath testing. She was processed and booked into county jail.

Dec. 22
• A Socorro man reported the suspect, another Socorro man, broke the window to his apartment. The officer met with the suspect, who denied it. The man with the broken window did not see the suspect do it. Damage is estimated at $100.

Dec. 23
• A Socorro man was stopped for a traffic violation about 2:29 a.m. The man appeared intoxicated. He was given a field sobriety test and performed poorly. He was arrested and refused chemical testing, then was booked into county jail.
• An officer responded to a domestic call and threat with a firearm about 3:12 a.m. The officer located the suspect, a Punxsutawney, Pa., man, in the area who appeared to have a handgun in his waistband. The officer attempted to meet with the suspect, who fled on foot. The officer found the suspect hiding and found the firearm near the suspect. The suspect claimed he was protecting a woman who was sexually assaulted and beat up by several people, and he was going to get revenge. The officer met with the woman, who said the suspect was drunk and nothing had happened to her. The suspect was arrested and booked into county jail.
• A Socorro woman reported her house burglarized and several items stolen. The officer found damage to the back door where entry was forced. Missing are a $50 Dewalt drill, $50 saw, $100 home stereo and four car stereos valued at $100 each.

Dec. 24
• An officer found a Socorro woman about 3:10 p.m. and arrested her on three bench warrants. She was booked into county jail.