The Blotter (2/6/2013)


Socorro County Sheriff’s Department
Oct. 27, 2012
• A deputy on patrol about 3 p.m. heard a Bureau of Land Management ranger make a radio call advising New Mexico State Police dispatch he was in pursuit of an off-road vehicle on Quebradas Road east of Escondida. The deputy met with the ranger, who said he was able to apprehend the three individuals he had been chasing. The deputy helped transport, process and jail one suspect, and the BLM ranger transported and processed the other two.

December 2012
• A deputy met with a San Antonio man at the Socorro County Sheriff’s Office. The man reported that on Dec. 20 some unknown person knocked down his fence with a vehicle. The man also reported that sometime between Dec. 12 and 13, someone broke into his 1997 Ford F-150 pickup and stole a red miter saw from the front seat. The saw is valued at $250. No suspects have been identified at this time and investigation continues.
• A deputy was dispatched to Lemitar on Dec. 18 to take a report of telephone harassment. A Lemitar man reported that sometime between 3 a.m. and 9 a.m. Dec. 18, he received four text messages harassing him for moving out of a Socorro woman’s residence and no longer working as her caregiver through Positive Outcomes. The Socorro woman was interviewed, and she said she would stop contacting the Lemitar man. The Lemitar man was also advised to not contact the Socorro woman. The investigation is closed and the matter is resolved.
• At 4 a.m. Dec. 30, the manager of the Lemitar Truck Stop reported an unknown man has stolen four pair of sunglasses. The unknown man, along with one other man, are suspected in other thefts from the truck stop.

Jan. 1
• A deputy was dispatched to Veguita about 1:20 a.m. on a report of a person located near Highway 304 and La Familia. The caller said she found a man lying on the side of the road who appeared intoxicated and injured, and was possibly the victim of assault. The woman said the man was lying in the back seat of her vehicle. The deputy located the man in the Veguita woman’s vehicle with his arms across his chest and attempted to communicate with him, but the man was unresponsive. The deputy attempted to move the man’s arms to see if he was injured, but the man became combative and pulled his arms back from the deputy. When EMTs attempted to treat the man and prepare him for transport, he became combative with them. The deputy agreed to follow the ambulance to the University of New Mexico Hospital. The man refused to cooperate with the deputy and investigation continues.

Jan. 3
• A deputy was directed by 7th Judicial District Court to transport a man from the Valencia County Detention Center to 7th Judicial District Court for a court hearing, then back to the VCDC afterward. The transport occurred without incident.
• A deputy was directed to pick up a man who had been arrested in Valencia County on a 7th Judicial District Court warrant. The deputy transported the man from Valencia County to the Socorro County Detention Center and booked him in without incident.

Jan. 4
• A deputy was dispatched about 12 p.m. to San Antonio to investigate a report of battery on a household member. The deputy met with a woman who said she and her husband had a verbal argument that escalated to a physical confrontation when she told her husband she was calling the police. The woman said when she pulled out her cell phone, her husband grabbed the phone from her and threw it on the floor, then grabbed her by her upper arms and threw her onto their bed. He then left the home. The deputy found the man at the New Mexico Tech campus and arrested him.

Jan. 6
• A deputy on patrol saw a silver pickup driving the wrong way on a one-way street about 9:30 p.m. near San Miguel and California Street. The deputy stopped the driver, a Socorro woman, and found she had a warrant out of Los Lunas. She was arrested and jailed.

Jan. 7
• A deputy assisting at the DWI Compliance Office discovered a Socorro man had two arrest warrants. The deputy arrested the man and jailed him at the Socorro County Detention Center.
Jan. 8
• A deputy was dispatched to Cassady Lane in Socorro to take a report of dogs attacking and chasing horses. A Fort Wingate man reported the dogs chased his horses into a barbed wire fence, where they got tangled. The horses were able to free themselves but were injured as a result of the incident.

Jan. 9
• The Albuquerque Police Department requested a deputy find and arrest a suspect, a registered sex offender, at his reported address on the 300 block of Diaz Road in Veguita. APD recently issued an arrest warrant on the man for battery and assault on a peace officer. When the deputy attempted to find the man at his reported address, the deputy determined the man had not provided an accurate address on his registration form.

Jan. 13
• A deputy was dispatched to state Highway 304 in Veguita to investigate a report of criminal damage to property. The deputy met with a woman who said her son was out of control and damaging her home. The deputy met with the son, who admitted he was out of control and had turned over the kitchen table, broken glasses in the house and kicked a hole in the bedroom door. The son said he was angry because the neighbors were doing and selling drugs and giving him dirty looks. He said he knew getting angry and losing control was not good. He agreed to pay to repair the damage he did. The mother said she does not want to press charges and asked the deputy not to charge her son with criminal damage to property.