The Blotter 3/6/2013


Socorro Police Department
Jan. 13
• A Socorro woman reported her steps and power cord, 220 wire valued at $162, were stolen from her mobile home.

Jan. 18
• A Datil man was arrested on a warrant. The officer also saw the suspect place a bag on the seat of the vehicle. The officer obtained consent to search the vehicle and found a bag of marijuana. When the man was being booked into the Socorro County Detention Center, SCDC staff found a syringe in the man’s anus. The syringe was taken as evidence.

Jan. 24
• An officer was dispatched to an argument over property about 8:20 a.m. The officer separated the arguing women, but a short time later was dispatched back to the scene to find the women fighting. The officer separated them again and ticketed both.
• An officer was dispatched to a domestic dispute about 1:30 p.m. The officer separated the man and woman, and advised the man not to return to the residence. The man returned to the home and the woman called police, so the man was arrested.
• An officer contacted a Magdalena woman in District Court. The National Crime Information Center check showed the woman had a valid warrant. She was arrested and booked into jail.
• A Socorro man reported an unknown suspect entered his property by unscrewing the fence and took two propane tanks valued at $500. The man said a neighbor may be involved in the theft. The officer was unable to find the neighbor for a statement.
• A store employee refused to sell alcohol to a Socorro man, who began yelling at the store employees. An officer told the man not to return to the store, and the man started yelling at the officer in the parking lot. The man was arrested and booked into jail.
• An officer responded to a burglary report about 10:50 p.m. near Reservoir and West Place. The victim said as she walked outside she saw someone run from her vehicle. The officer found a Socorro woman hiding; she tried to run, but she was caught and arrested.

Jan. 25
• A Socorro man got out of his vehicle while an officer conducted a field sobriety test about 1:58 a.m. The man was told several times to get back in the vehicle and he refused, so he was ticketed.
• A Socorro woman reported about 3 a.m. her iPhone 4, valued at $400, was taken from her vehicle. There were no suspects as of the time of the report.
• A Socorro man said a Las Cruces man was not to be on his property, and he asked the Las Cruces man to pick up a mess he had made and leave. The Las Cruces man got upset and threatened the Socorro man. The suspect was escorted off the property.
• A Socorro man reported someone unknown entered his unlocked vehicle and the storage shed in his yard, taking loose change from the vehicle and a specialized mountain bike from the shed. The bicycle is valued at $200, with a $5 grocery basket on the rear fender.
• A Socorro woman said she received a delinquent notice for a bill owed to CenturyLink from 2010. The woman said the address listed was not where she lived. The officer met with a Socorro Electric Cooperative employee, who gave the name of the woman living at the listed address in 2010. The victim said she was friends with the woman in the past but had since parted ways. The officer was unable to contact the suspect for questioning.
• A Socorro woman selling puppies on a website reported a female suspect responded about buying a puppy. The suspect sent a money order for $1,470 when the puppies cost $400 each. The suspect told the woman to deposit money owed for the puppy and send the rest to another address in Maryland. The Socorro woman did not follow through with the sale, and turned the paperwork over to police.
• A Socorro woman reported about 2:49 p.m. she had argued with a Socorro man over not wanting to go home. The man got mad and punched windows on their vehicle, breaking them. Charges were filed on the man.
• A Socorro Electric Cooperative employee reported another employee found jumpers at a Socorro man’s home, allowing him to use electricity illegally. The employee removed the jumpers, but the officer was unable to locate the suspect at the time of the report.
• A Check & Go employee reported she received a phone call from a woman she thought was the owner of Check & Go. The caller asked the employee to get $6,300 out of a business account and send it to Michigan to pay their property taxes. Another Check & Go employee said the same thing happened to her Jan. 22; she also thought it was the owner calling. There were no suspects as of the time of the report.
• A Magdalena man was contacted about 8:30 p.m. for having a valid warrant. NCIC confirmed the warrant and the man was arrested and booked into jail.
• A Socorro man was contacted about 9:30 p.m. for not being wanted at his residence. An NCIC check showed two valid warrants, so the man was arrested and booked into jail.

Jan. 26
• A Magdalena man causing a scene at the hospital about 4:35 p.m. was arrested and booked into jail.
• A Socorro man reported about 6 p.m. several subjects jumped him and beat him up. An officer found one of the subjects and learned the Socorro man approached them wanting to fight. The Socorro man was named the aggressor and the parties were told to stay away from each other.
• About 8:30 p.m. a Socorro man reported his dog lost or stolen. He said he let the dog out in the yard about 6 p.m. and later couldn’t find the dog.
• An officer found a Socorro man about 10:40 p.m. at Circle K and arrested him on a bench warrant.

Jan. 27
• A Socorro woman reported another Socorro woman’s dog attacked her dog. The victim said she stabbed the suspect’s dog to get the dog to release her dog. The suspect admitted her dog got out of her residence and ran to the street. The suspect was ticketed.
• A gas station employee reported a man and woman he couldn’t identify stole merchandise from the store. The incident was recorded on video but the officer was not able to identify the suspects.
• An officer found a Socorro man about 11 p.m. and arrested him on a bench warrant.

Jan. 28
• A Socorro man was arrested about 8:20 a.m. on an Adult Probation Office arrest order and booked into jail.
• An officer arrested a Polvadera woman on a bench warrant about 9:20 a.m.
• A Bernalillo man reported another Bernalillo man stole his identity and received a traffic citation, which resulted in an arrest warrant for the first man.
• A Socorro woman reported her backpack stolen from inside a grocery store. She said her narcotic medication was also taken. She appeared highly intoxicated. The officer met with a store employee, who said the victim did not have a backpack when she entered the store.

Jan. 29
• An Albuquerque man reported about 4:47 a.m. that an unknown suspect threw a rock from the frontage road through his windshield and that of a Los Lunas man at about mile marker 151 on Interstate 25. The officer was not able to find anything on the frontage road. Damage to each vehicle is estimated at $400.