The Blotter 3/21/2013


Socorro County Sheriff’s Department
Jan. 31
• A Bernardo resident reported that sometime between 11:30 p.m. and 12 a.m., he heard a noise outside his home. When he went outside he saw two men behind his trailer. They ran to the southwest portion of the property and met up with four more men. One of them pointed what the victim thought was a shotgun at him. He said there was also a man on the roof of the mobile home pointing two semi-automatic guns at him. The men left the property in a Suburban. No property was believed to be taken. There are no suspects.

Feb. 9
• A deputy stopped a driver for swerving about 9 p.m. and noticed the odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The deputy had the driver perform field sobriety tests and determined him unable to drive, then took him into custody for DWI.

Feb. 10
• A Veguita man reported his brother hit their sister. The deputy found the suspect at the house next door, and the suspect said he did not hit her. The sister said the suspect came after her with an instrument case and then dropped it; the suspect then hit her with the pillow. The suspect was arrested, and his brother was arrested for a warrant.

Feb. 11
• A deputy arrested a Socorro man at the county misdemeanor compliance office for a valid warrant.
• A deputy served a Socorro man a bench warrant while the man was incarcerated at the Socorro County Detention Center.

Feb. 14
• Socorro Electric Cooperative employees reported a Polvadera man illegally obtaining electricity. One employee said he went to the home and saw the man had used nails to bypass the meter.
Feb. 20
• A deputy was dispatched to Veguita about 8 a.m. for a vicious dog. The victim’s dog had been attacked by two other dogs, which were no longer at the residence. A neighbor was ticketed for vicious dog and vaccinations required.

Feb. 21
• A Veguita woman reported her ex-boyfriend called her several times, calling her a whore and asking where she was. She said she heard a motor in her yard, and when she looked out, she saw her ex-boyfriend ramming her car with his pickup several times. When she went outside to tell him to stop, he drove off. She said he then called her again and said he was on his way to her house with a gun to kill her. When the deputy spoke with the woman’s ex-boyfriend on the phone, he refused to come and meet with the deputy.
• About 2:57 p.m., a deputy was involved in a traffic crash due to snow and high wind.

Feb. 24
• A Veguita man reported his girlfriend had been beaten up by another woman who was going to stay for a few days. The deputy noticed bruising on the girlfriend’s left eye and marks on her left cheek. The suspect said she did not mean to hit the woman. The deputy then told the suspect to retrieve her belongings because she was no longer allowed to stay at the property. The deputy transported the suspect away and advised her not to return. She did return, so she was arrested.

Feb. 25
• A Socorro man reported a suspicious person about 8:30 a.m. He said a man in his late 50s or early 60s with white hair and glasses was in front of his home taking pictures of his teenage daughter. He said when he confronted the white-haired suspect, the suspect left. The deputy tried contacting the suspect, a Lemitar man, but was unable to as of the time of the report.
• A deputy witnessed a vehicle turn on Garfield, a one-way street, headed the wrong way. The driver was ticketed.
Feb. 27
• A Veguita woman reported her horse keeps getting out and going to the next property where a horse is in heat. When she went to get her horse that day, a male juvenile threatened to shoot the horse if it came to the property again and bumped his chest against the woman’s. When the deputy spoke to the boy, he said he did not say or do what the woman reported. The boy was told to call law enforcement the next time the horse came to the yard.
• A deputy got a call of a possible body in the Rio Grande and was told to meet the reporting party at Veguita Trading Post. The deputy then followed the reporting party to where they had seen it. The deputy then contacted state police to request the criminal division come to the scene. The responding state police officer said if it was a human body he would take over the scene. The object was confirmed to be a human body by the Veguita Volunteer Fire Department chief and the scene was turned over to state police.
• A deputy was dispatched to Veguita on the report of a person chasing people with an ax. The woman who reported it said the suspect was inside a mobile home and would not come out. The deputy then met with the people who were chased, who said they were chopping wood when the suspect came after them with a black rod-type weapon. The people, along with two juveniles, then left the property and went to a home on Helena. Once there, they said the suspect came and chased them around the car with an ax. The suspect was arrested on an Adult Probation Office order.

Feb. 28
• A deputy traveling on Interstate 25 noticed a black Lincoln leave the roadway several times and conducted a traffic stop. The driver had a suspended license if no interlock was on the vehicle, which it wasn’t. The driver was arrested for having no interlock on the vehicle.

March 1
• A deputy traveling on I-25 stopped a driver for failure to maintain lane and found the driver had a suspended or revoked license. The driver was arrested.
• A Bosque landlord reported he came to a property to collect rent because the renters were behind and found they were no longer living there, but there were piles of trash throughout the property and several ceramic tiles were broken. The deputy spoke to the suspect on the phone, who said she had contacted the landlord to remove the trash because her truck had broken down. She said the landlord came a few times to pick up the trash, then never came back; that was the reason for the trash piles. She also said the pellet stove broke and was never fixed, so they bought electric heaters and would pay the electric bill as soon as possible.

March 2
• A deputy was called to Veguita for animal neglect and met with the suspect. The deputy saw seven dogs in the yard, three of which appeared skinny. The deputy said he will return in 30 days to check on the dogs.
• A deputy traveling on Sixth Street about 5:27 p.m. saw a vehicle with a damaged windshield. When the deputy stopped the driver, he found the man’s license was suspended or revoked. The man was arrested and taken to jail.
• A deputy was dispatched to Lemitar about 10:14 p.m. regarding a vehicle left in the road. The vehicle was traveling north when it left the road and started sliding, then collided with a steel post, which caused it to spin out. The vehicle came to rest partially in the road. The driver then left the scene with his children. No injuries were reported. The driver was arrested for DWI.

March 3
• A deputy was called by a city police officer regarding harassment. A Socorro woman reported a Lemitar woman threw something at her car and hit it on top. The deputy was unable to meet with the Lemitar woman as of the time of the report.
• A deputy met with two Socorro men about 7:18 p.m. about an accident. The suspect failed to yield to oncoming traffic, hitting the victim, who was traveling north on California Street. The victim’s car then hit a fire hydrant. The suspect’s vehicle was driven away and the other vehicle removed by its owner, and the suspect was ticketed.

March 6
• A deputy assisting the DWI compliance office found a Socorro man with a valid warrant and arrested him.
• A deputy stopped a Ruidoso man for speeding on Highway 380 about 9 p.m. and found the man had a suspended or revoked license. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

March 7
• A deputy was dispatched to a hit-and-run accident at Tumbleweed Equipment & Auction Co. The owner, an Edgewood man, noticed damage to his vehicle the day of his auction. He said there were many cars in and out all day, and he was unsure who hit his vehicle. There was damage to the driver’s side quarter panel.

March 8
• A deputy was dispatched about 3:39 p.m. for an erratic driver in a U-Haul, which had struck another vehicle, causing it to go on the shoulder. The victim failed to say she was off the road and in the fence that separates I-25 and Frontage Road. The deputy saw the damage with yellow paint transfer. The victim said the offending vehicle was a yellow U-Haul, but the deputy believed it was a Penske truck. The truck was never located.
•  A deputy was involved in a traffic crash about 6 p.m. on I-25.

March 9
• A deputy met with a woman at the state police office about 9:30 a.m. She complained a Socorro man sold her tires that were no good and when she went to his home to talk to him, he exited the home with a bow and slammed her driver’s side door on her leg. The deputy met with the suspect at his home, and he told the deputy he was not feeling well. He said the woman would not leave and that she sprayed water on him. He said he exited his home with a bow, trying to give it back to her because she said the tires were no good.
• A deputy traveling on I-25 locked a speeding vehicle on radar. The deputy engaged emergency lights but the driver would not pull over, and still would not pull over when the deputy engaged the siren. The driver finally stopped at the Exxon in Socorro and was ticketed for speeding and obstructing/evading an officer.

March 11
• A man came to the Socorro County Sheriff’s Department about 11 a.m. and filed a report on a person who was paid for services that were never completed.
• A deputy was dispatched to Center Street about 2:09 p.m. for a Socorro man believed to have a valid warrant. The warrant was confirmed through the National Crime Information Center and the man was arrested.

March 12
• A deputy transported two inmates to the Los Lunas state correctional facility.
• An Albuquerque man was involved in a traffic crash due to a flat tire about 9:27 p.m. The vehicle was towed and the man checked out by an EMT. No enforcement action was taken.
• A deputy performing court security arrested an Albuquerque man about 10 a.m. on a judge’s order.
• A deputy performing court security arrested a Dumas, Texas, man on a warrant about 3:02 p.m.

March 16
• A deputy met with a San Ysidro woman about a domestic dispute. She said a Socorro man showed up with another girl so she was going to leave. She was going to put her children in her vehicle and pushed the man away, then he hit her in the cheek, knocking her against the vehicle. Then the grandfather came out and held the man so the woman could leave.