Double header at Laguna brings out emotions


The Lady Warriors left Socorro on a distraught note as Hope Moses informed her teammates that she will not finish out the season.

Moses played shortstop and she was the secondary pitcher for the Lady Warriors. Moses will be missed as she cannot be replaced as a pitcher, and also as a teammate and friend.

It was windy in Laguna, and the field was solid as stone. The Lady Warriors had trouble getting their bats working. They managed to connect with the ball, but not good enough to get on base in the first couple of innings. Laguna scored four runs early in the game as they led 4-0 by the end of the second inning.

In the fourth inning, the Laguna pitcher walked Jaedin Gutierrez. But it would be Faith Padilla’s crank over second base that brought Gutierrez in, which put the Lady Warriors on the scoreboard 4-1 Laguna.

In the top of the fifth inning a hard first base line drive for Maria Alderete resulted in the day’s only infield home run on Laguna errors. It would be more Laguna errors that converted Natamara Paz’s single into a triple as the Laguna shortstop overthrew first base. Back at the top of the lineup, an RBI by Maria Alderete brought in Paz at the top of the sixth inning for a score of 7-3 Laguna. In the last inning, Laguna scored five more runs that sealed their victory, 13-3.

Freshman Esmeralda Rodriguez had two solid catches in center field that stopped base hits from turning into additional runs. Savannah Padilla struck out 2, but in the end “it was errors that cost the girls the game,” said coach Belinda Sandoval.

Alderete had a triple and an infield home run, Natamara Paz had a triple and base on balls, Faith Padilla had a single and a double, and Ashley Pyke had a double and a triple.

Jaedin Gutierrez made her debut as starting pitcher in the second game. Gutierrez stepped in to help as secondary pitcher as best as she could. “I know Gutierrez can be an awesome pitcher with continued practice on the mound, and her teammates will back her up defensively,” coach Sandoval said.

At Laguna’s first bat, a hit to center fielder Sarah Urias took a bad bounce as the ball hit her above her brow.

She continued to attack the ball not knowing she was bleeding. Urias’ teammates quickly came to her aid and helped her off the field.

“Sarah’s hit really shook up the girls, and I was so proud of how the girls took care of her,” Sandoval said.

From that point on the game was out of reach as Laguna scored seven runs in the first inning and 10 runs in the second inning. “Losing Hope, and then seeing Sarah get hit with the ball was a little too much for the girls, but they did their best to finish the game,” assistant coach Shelby Carter said. Carter finished commanding the team with the help of fan Anthony Lukesh as base coach, while Sandoval assisted Urias at the hospital.

The day did have some positive results as Mariah Zamora had a big hit to center field that brought in Maria Alderete, Aracely Alderete a solid triple over second base. Maria Alderete had some firm catches in center field as well as a double, and Ashley Pyke garnered a double and base on balls. Sandoval said that she was trying out the girls in different positions to “continue to develop the team.” They will have a chance to even the score as they host Laguna on Saturday. Game time is 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.