Early morning search warrants lead to felony drug charges


Two Socorro men are facing felony drug charges after police came calling at their homes first thing in the morning March 2 with search warrants.

Carlos Alvarado is charged with two second-degree felony counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, and is scheduled for arraignment in 7th Judicial District Court on Friday.

Troy Chavez is charged with two counts of child abuse for allegedly having two children in the house with drugs, a second-degree felony; trafficking controlled substances, also a second-degree felony; and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Chavez’s case has not been bound over to District Court at this time, and he has a Magistrate Court preliminary examination scheduled in May.

Police blotters report the Socorro Police Department served a search warrant on Alvarado’s residence about 6 a.m. March 2. They allegedly found two different kinds of drugs packaged for sale, along with cash and a cellphone.

The criminal complaint filed in Magistrate Court states police found 14 foil bindles of methamphetamine and three crack rocks wrapped in foil. A bindle is a small envelope, which could be paper, cardboard or foil, folded together in such a way to hold powdered drugs without leaking them out.

Police approached Alvarado’s front door announcing their presence and their search warrant, according to the criminal complaint. After a short time with no answer from inside the residence, police breached the front door and found Alvarado in a bedroom. They detained him in the living room in order to safely search the residence.

A detective read Alvarado his rights and provided him a copy of the search warrant, asking him where the drugs were. Alvarado, according to the complaint, answered: “What dope?” He was placed in a police car and the detective brought a K-9 to search through the home. The dog alerted to a dresser by Alvarado’s bed.

The detective removed the clothing in the drawer and found two unlabeled pill bottles, according to the complaint. Inside the bottles were foil covered objects police believed to be drugs; the substances later allegedly tested positive for meth and cocaine. The detective also allegedly found $80 loose cash in the drawer by the bottles.

At the police department, police found $187 in Alvarado’s wallet, as well as his ID and miscellaneous cards, all placed in evidence. The complaint states Alvarado’s cellphone was also confiscated, and police found a list of several missed calls from known drug users. The phone also allegedly contained a message from a woman asking Alvarado to wake up because she needed $100 worth.

Chavez was visited about 6:15 a.m. March 2, according to the criminal complaint filed in his case, which also states detectives and narcotics officers had allegedly made controlled buys at his residence over the previous few months. Police approached the residence announcing their presence, then breached the door when there was no response.

The complaint states Chavez was placed in custody, and his two children were also found in the home. Another family member came to get them.

Chavez told police he had drugs on a table in the laundry room, according to the criminal complaint. A detective allegedly found a bag containing methamphetamine and a digital scale in the laundry room, as well as several pieces cut from plastic bags and two boxes of sandwich bags, one of which was empty. The drugs were allegedly in plain view and well within reach of the children.

The complaint states police searched the home and, in addition to the things in the laundry room, found a .22-caliber rifle, a bullet-proof vest, a box of ammunition and a second scale in Chavez’s bedroom. Chavez was booked into the Socorro County Detention Center.


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