Letters to the Editor 5/2/2013


SEC bylaws should be carefully considered
The trio of board, management and attorney are making it hard for members to attend the Socorro Electric Cooperative Annual Members’ Meeting (May 15, voting 1-3 p.m.; business meeting at 3 p.m.), refusing to put the properly passed District 5 proposed bylaw amendments on the ballot, insulting the members by placing the defeated trustee proposals back on the ballot this year, confusing the items up for vote, and shortening the turn around time for vote-by-mail ballots, two weeks. The members must oppose them by being smart.
First, attend the meeting. We need an in-house quorum to remain at the meeting. If we get one and pass the members’ proposals from the floor at the 2012 Annual Meeting, vote-by-mail will count as part of the quorum and this issue will be laid to rest.
Second, note that the May “Enchantment” contains the “ Proposed Bylaw Amendments of Socorro Cooperative, Inc.”
The three  amendments that deserve a YES vote are:
Resolution No. 3 (Article III. Section 3. District meetings.) – calls for annual district meetings instead of the current every four year district meetings
Resolution No. 5 (Article III. Section 6. Quorum at all Meetings. – ‘Mail-in ballots will count as part of the quorum.” Be very careful with this one as the trustees have tucked in another Article III. Section 6. Listed in Enchantment as Resolution No. 4.
Resolution No. 6 (Article III. Section 7. Voting at all Meetings.) which calls for each district trustee to appoint an election official.
All other resolutions get a no.
It isn’t clear if the proposed amendments will be listed on the ballot with the same numbers as in the Enchantment. That will be clarified as soon as we receive a ballot.
Some members received their “Request for Mail In Ballot” the first week of April (city of Socorro); bill payers by electronic transfer the 15th; and Tierra Grande, Magdalena, Datil, Quemado between the 22th and 26th. District 4 had some in San Antonio receive them on about the 22nd, outlying areas had not received by yesterday.
As requested ballots will be distributed starting May 1st, members must be ready to make non-receipt an issue. The phone number to call to request a ballot is 1-800-834-8683 Extension 6534 (Ernie Marquez); email: emarquez@electionpeople.com.
These contact phone and email should also handle no show ballots. Call the SEC office to report no shows and record date and time of report to both Ernie Marquez and SEC.
Keep checking here for updates and mark your calendars for May 15, 2013.
Charlene Wagner

Meeting location still sore point
Every story of corrupt local law, officials, town bosses, or gangsters you’ve ever been exposed to — whether book, movie, TV or history — you are enduring here in Socorro. All stemming from the management and Board of Trustees of the Socorro Electric Co-op. You could cast the characters with remembered villains from all those movies.
These are the people who have decided to conduct our annual meeting on a Wednesday afternoon beginning at 1 p.m. at Finley Gym. Their fondest hope is that most of our members won’t show up and they’ll carry off the day’s voting with a small quorum of their cronies, beholden supporters and family. They remember clearly what happened last year when the meeting was at the Macey Center and voters turned out in large numbers to defeat their thieving proposals.
It was wonderful. Voters electing to vote for the good of the co-op and speaking up for the improvement of their vital utility. That’s what we have to do again — this year. Even if it is inconvenient. Mark the day:  May 15, Wednesday, from 1 to 3 p.m. for voting; business session from 3 p.m. It’ll be worth it to stymie their deceptions again.
Their various proposed amendments include an item to allow two “at-large” trustees to be elected. That’s their maneuver to bring back some of their former cronies and give them leverage to continue to railroad the co-op for their own private gain. For co-op Members that’s called “going down a rat-hole”.
These conspirators are lower than a child molester. Let’s continue to break their grip and hire some sound management to rebuild our crumbling Socorro Electric Cooperative.
Herbert Myers