Letters to the Editor (7/11/2013)


Co-op trustee opponents out this weekend with petition
It is against the law, both legally and morally, to deny anyone the right to vote. Yet this is happening today in the service district of the Socorro Electric Cooperative. Although the Board of Trustees, the SEC management and lawyers are dragging in all sorts of side issues, the basic issue remains: District 5 members passed 31 resolutions at their district meeting in October 2012 which according to the SEC bylaws should have been voted upon at the 2013 Annual Meeting.
Board, management and lawyers, disliking some of the resolutions, refused to place them on the ballot. SEC member/owners were denied their right to vote on these resolutions.
Denial No. 1: When the resolutions came to the floor of the Annual Meeting for discussion under new business, the SEC lawyers declared that the previously declared quorum of members was not a quorum and tried to adjourn the meeting without allowing discussion or vote on the Resolutions.
Denial No. 2: The members used parliamentary law to move for a Reconvening of the Annual Meeting to the following month. At that June 8 meeting, the members voted to pass the District IV resolutions.  Now instead of their becoming part of the SEC bylaws, the lawyers ruled that they had to be voted on again at the 2014 Annual Meeting.
Denial No. 3: It is worth noting at this point that the members passed an on the ballot resolution at the 2013 Annual Meeting to have the mail in ballots count toward a quorum thus validating a quorum at both of the 2013 Annual Meetings and rendering the continuing discussion on quorum to be ridiculous.
It should be noted that both annual Meetings were videotaped and are available for viewing at www.informedcynic.com.  SEC Board meetings are also available for viewing.
Because of these events, member/owners decided  a special meeting of the members in order to vote on the District 5 Resolutions is necessary. President Aguilar would not call for such a meeting nor would two other trustees join with Trustee Wagner to call the meeting.  Denials 4 and 5.
The third course dictated by the bylaws was a petition of the members where 10 percent of the membership would sign the petition which would force the board, management and lawyers to call a meeting for a vote on the resolutions. Today we have almost reached the 10 percent mark.
On Saturday, July 13, members will be on the Socorro plaza from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  and at the Magdalena Bring Your Own Water  party at the High Country Lodge and throughout the village from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to gather signatures.
Other copies of the petition are available at businesses throughout the area. This Socorro Electric Cooperative belongs to the member/owners and your signature will help send that message.
Charlene Wagner
Business owner grateful for community support
After the success of our silent auction last week I feel I must give a heartfelt thanks to everyone. Not just the people that came in to bid on many of the items, to whom we are eternally grateful, but also a very special thanks to the local art community that went hog wild in donating art pieces, giving their time, and even making cash contributions.
To my clients I must say this was a great success because of the participation from near and far. Several of you came in from out of town and I cannot thank you enough.
To those who could not attend, but sent their assistance by mail, I also wish to thank you. It is with the greatest humility that I now realize just how fortunate Marilyn and I truly are.
Not only is our family alive and recovering, but, we are privileged to have the amazing friends and clients we get to enjoy every day. We hope everyone appreciates the miraculous things and amazing people that surround you every day.
Todd Kay
Socorro Picture Framing