Letters to the Editor (8/8/2013)


Safe Harbor needs help
As Socorroans wrap up a busy summer, we tend to forget our needy neighbors and right now, we are fast running out of funds to feed, bathe, and clothe those who need our help.
Please make a contribution NOW as we are serving record numbers of needy and we are about to face the decision … what will we cut in services?
Don’t let that happen; you folks have been just too good, and your track record is super!
Many thanks..
Bill Bottorf
Treasurer PSI/Safe Harbor

Reader misses May’s point
In objecting to the Rev. May’s column, Mr. Myers misses the point (EDC 7/25/13.) It would indeed be presumptuous to impose one’s life choices on others, but unquestionably some choices oppose both nature and God’s directives and open the way to a Pandora’s box of deviance.
Regarding marriage, Jesus says, “Haven’t you read that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female…?”  (Matthew 19:4) The Scripture is not “archaic” but timeless, whereas our attitude is that of a 4-year-old who has barely learned to tie his shoelaces and stamps his foot in protest against helpful advice.
We may know a little more today about the circulatory system but still know next to nothing about the brain. Yet we manage somehow to be as puffed up about our “knowledge” as those who only a while back seriously discussed phlogiston.
Time will not necessarily tell what comes of the acceptance of same-sex unions (Christianity does not reject people but immoral acts) because we seem unable to perceive consequences and either attribute them to the wrong causes or manage to justify our actions.
Why do you suppose voices of warning are tolerated about the economy or climate change and not about same-sex unions and other moral issues? It would appear that those of Mr. Myers’ persuasion will allow “thinking” only on pre-approved subjects. Approved by whom?
Olga Bezpalko
Why not us?
Socorro County needs the people at the Taxation and Revenue Division in Santa Fe to conduct not one, but many Tax Sales of Delinquent Property in this county. I think we’ve had one sale in the past 11 years and that sale included less than 50 parcels. Fifty? There are probably well in excess of 4,000 properties in the county that are severely tax delinquent.
What favors have the officials in Luna County bestowed upon the Tax and Revenue officials in Santa Fe? What makes Luna County different? On June 18 and June 19, Tax and Rev conducted sales in Luna County covering 490 parcels. Hold on!! Tax and Rev has scheduled three more sales in Luna County for Aug. 27, 28 and 29 covering 667 parcels. Wow!!! Five sales in just over two months covering over 1,150 parcels. The hotel industry in Socorro would benefit from that type of exposure.
Yes, the treasurer’s office (Socorro County) had internal problems in the late 1990’s; money sent to pay property taxes was sometimes diverted elsewhere. (If the newcomers at the Chieftain don’t believe this, simply take the time to read those issues of your own newspaper.) Yes, a parcel listed as delinquent on the treasurer’s records might not have been delinquent on the financial books of the property owner.
Times have changed. Former treasurer Genevie Baca restored law, order and credibility to that office during her 8 years in office, and the current treasurer continues in that mold. Isn’t 10 years of restoration to the professionalism within the Treasurer’s office sufficient for Santa Fe?
Each Fall, Socorro County wipes from the record the 11th year of taxes for all properties in excess of 10 years of delinquency. Each year we are now writing off in excess of $50,000 in taxes that were due to the County. How long will this wasteful write-off continue? How long must we wait for the Tax and Rev personnel to conduct multiple tax sales in Socorro County?
Why not us???
Tom Kimball