Letters to the editor (09/26/13)


Gun cartoon misrepresentation of shootings truth

In the Sept. 19 edition of El Defensor Chieftain, an editorial cartoon was printed that is an attempt to perpetuate a series of lies put out by the, mainly, left-wing media. This cartoon depicted a masked shooter firing an AR-15/M-16 style rifle. On the grossly exaggerated extended magazine, were the names of several locations where mass shootings have occurred, implying that all of these shootings were carried out with this type of firearm. However, only two of the five incidents involved this type of firearm. Of the other three, two were carried out with handguns, while the U.S. Navy Yard shooting was carried out with a pump-action shotgun, much like skeet shooters, bird hunters and police officers use.
The left-leaning media put out the misinformation that an AR-15 was used and then failed to correct their error in a timely manner when called on it. They also named a completely innocent person as an accomplice. As of Sept. 19 these media outlets had only made lower case retractions of their misinformation. What they had not done was apologize to this man.
In the lower frame of the cartoon was a drawing of a congressman taking a nap with the caption “Not Lifting a Finger,” implying that congress should pass more gun-control laws. There are too many of these laws on the books already, and they have had absolutely NO effect on this type of behavior. The problem is that they are not being enforced. In nearly every case, there were laws on the books that would have denied these deranged individuals access to any firearms. In most cases, any new law would simply replicate a law already in effect.
There has been a loud outcry about military style firearms. Nearly every single firearm in the world has its origins in a military application since the invention of gunpowder. Muzzle-loaders came first. Lever-actions were invented for the Civil War. Bolt actions, like many people’s favorite deer rifle, came along in time for World War I, the semi-auto in World War II. This argument is not capable of holding water. The fact is that, during the American Revolution, the average firearm owner had a better gun than the average soldier. When the Constitution was written this was still a fact.
To recap, this cartoon was drawn in an attempt to eventually repeal the Second Amendment. If they are successful, the first is next, followed by the entire United States Constitution. If this happens, the people that made it happen will be in complete and absolute control of every aspect of our lives. Do you want Michael Bloomberg telling you how you must live?
For far too long, no one has stood up and called these people to account. It has been truly said that all that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.

Roland B. Broach

City welcomed plein air painters

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 12-14, an intrepid group of artists from the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico painted in and around Socorro. Despite the weather, they produced some beautiful works of art which are on display at Vertu Fine Art Gallery, 113 Abeyta, through Oct. 20.
Everyone enjoyed their visit to Socorro, and they have sent thank-you emails saying things like “This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in New Mexico,” and “Socorro is New Mexico’s best kept secret.”
It would be impossible to have held this event without the support of the City of Socorro, the Socorro Heritage and Visitor Center, and the Socorro Chamber of Commerce.  Thanks to all of you for promoting events in Socorro that keep visitors coming back to our community.

Karyn DeBont
PAPNM Member