Blotter (10/03/13)


Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

April 19
• A deputy was dispatched to mile post 122 on U.S. Highway 60 regarding a report of someone hitting an elk and trying to put it in the back of their pickup. When the deputy arrived, the elk was laying on the ground about 50 feet behind the pickup belonging to a Magdalena woman. The pickup was damaged in the front and the driver was not in the area.

May 29
• About 7:40 p.m. a deputy stopped a Capitan man for speeding on U.S. Highway 380. Upon contact, the deputy detected the odor of alcohol. The man admitted to drinking two beers before driving. He failed a standardized field sobriety test and was arrested.

June 15
• A deputy stopped an Albuquerque man for speeding on U.S. Highway 60. The deputy noticed the man had bloodshot eyes and detected the odor of alcohol. The man failed a field sobriety test and refused to give a breath sample. He was arrested for aggravated DWI and jailed.

June 24
• A Socorro woman reported she had an order of protection against a Socorro man, but he has repeatedly driven by her residence since May. Due to this, the woman moved to a new location but the man learned where she lives and began to drive past her new residence, as well as walk down her street — one time laughing at her. The deputy filed a criminal complaint for violation of the order of protection.

June 27
• The owner of Veguita Trading Post reported fuel stolen from the business on June 14. He said the cashier recognized one of the people in the vehicle, a white GMC SUV, as a Veguita man, a regular customer, who signaled to her to turn on the gas pump, which she did. He came into the store saying he wanted to use the restroom, then left the store and got in the vehicle, which drove away. The cashier tried to stop the GMC, but both occupants laughed at her as they drove off. Three days later, the Veguita man called the owner claiming he would make payments. When the owner asked when he would pay, the Veguita man said, “I don’t care, call the police,” then hung up. A criminal complaint was filed.

July 8
• The owner of All Around Auto on Neal Street in Socorro reported someone had broken several windows on the business sometime over July 4 weekend. The deputy found several small pellets that were too large for a BB or pellet gun. They appeared to be of a size for a sling shot.

July 11
• A deputy met with a livestock inspector on Leave Road in San Antonio. The inspector reported a horse at a San Antonio woman’s residence that belonged to a San Antonio man and all documents appeared to be in order. The man retrieved the horse. The inspector and the deputy then met with the woman, who said the paperwork provided was false, so the horse was returned to her. The deputy and inspector then met with the person who notarized the paperwork, who said she did not remember the paperwork but remembers both parties present at the time of signing. The deputy, inspector and San Antonio man then removed the horse from the woman’s property. The woman attempted to stop them. She also said they were trespassing and that she was calling the Socorro County Sheriff’s Department. The horse was removed without further incident.

July 12
• A deputy was following a Truth or Consequences man south on Interstate 25 about 6:11 p.m. And saw the man swerve several times. The deputy pulled the man over, and the man performed poorly on a field sobriety test. He admitted to drinking and was arrested.

July 15
• A deputy assisting the misdemeanor compliance office arrested a Socorro woman on a warrant about 10:50 a.m.
• A deputy assisting the misdemeanor compliance office arrested a Socorro woman on a warrant about 5:10 p.m.

July 17
• A deputy conducted a traffic stop upon noticing a vehicle leave its lane. The driver, a Mentmore man, was driving with a suspended driver’s license. The man was arrested.

July 18
• A deputy was dispatched to Veguita to investigate the theft of copper wire and conduit from a fuel pumping station. An employee of Magellan Midstream reported someone entered the station sometime between July 12 and 18, opened the electrical junctions and removed copper wire from some of the conduit. Investigation revealed the Socorro Electrical Cooperative lock on the facility may have been cut off and replaced by another lock. Conduit had been pulled from the ground, apparently by a four-wheeler, but no other footwear or tire impressions were located.

July 19
• A deputy served a bench warrant on a man who was jailed at the Socorro County Detention Center at the request of the 7th Judicial District Attorney’s office.

July 20
• A deputy was dispatched to Veguita about 10:30 a.m. to take a report from a woman that she was being harassed by her neighbor, a Veguita man. The woman said it is a longstanding situation and has previously had an order of protection against the man. She provided video of the man leaning over her fence shaking his fist at her. She said she would renew the order of protection. The deputy advised the man not to bother the woman, to which the man agreed.

July 22
• A deputy was dispatched to a vehicle on I-25 reportedly swerving all over. The deputy pulled the vehicle over and noticed a freshly spilled bottle of alcohol on the road. The driver, a Los Lunas woman, smelled like alcohol and had bloodshot, watery eyes. She failed a field sobriety test and was arrested. She refused a breath test and was booked into jail.
• A deputy assisting the misdemeanor compliance office arrested three Socorro men on valid warrants between about 4-4:30 p.m.
• About 4:30 p.m., a deputy was dispatched to the New Mexico State Police office to meet with a battered Polvadera woman. The woman said her husband came home and started yelling at her, then put her in a headlock and threw her on the bed. The deputy photographed bruising on the woman’s arms and back of her neck.
• A man reported the plate missing off his trailer. He last saw it when he was hauling wood. He just needed a police report to obtain another plate.

July 23
• A deputy met with a Veguita man about 12:30 p.m. to take a report on a battery. The man said he told the suspect, another Veguita man, he would have to start the irrigation water at 9:30 a.m. Instead of 8 a.m. The suspect was unhappy about the delay. The man said there was ample water so he allowed someone else to start watering. The suspect became angry and met with the man, then swung a bat at the man’s head and pushed him. The deputy then went to meet with the suspect, who stayed in his shed for a while before coming out. The suspect said he was angry and had a bat, but never swung it at the other man. The deputy found the bat in the shed and filed a criminal complaint.
• A deputy stopped a Socorro man by Chaparral Drive and Foster for having no license plate. When the deputy asked for driver’s license, registration and insurance, the man said he was borrowing the car and did not have a license. The deputy contacted dispatch and discovered the man had a suspended or revoked license, and that the license plate in the rear window was stolen. The man was arrested and the vehicle towed. During the tow inventory, drugs were found in the trunk of the vehicle. The vehicle was sealed and a search warrant obtained.

July 24
• A deputy served a Socorro man a bench warrant while the man was in jail.

July 25
• A deputy took a Socorro man into custody as directed by a District Court judge.

July 28
• A deputy assisting the misdemeanor compliance office with house checks arrested a Socorro woman on a bench warrant.

July 29
• A deputy was dispatched to a non-injury vehicle accident on the interstate. The driver, a Boulder, Colo., man, said he was driving northbound when he felt something pop in the rear of the vehicle. He was able to maintain control and get the vehicle to the side of the road. The deputy saw the left rear tire folded under the vehicle as if the rear suspension or axle had broken. No enforcement action was taken.

July 30
• A deputy met with a Veguita woman regarding a dog attack. The woman said three dogs attacked the neighbor’s horse and took the horse to the ground. Another person chased the dogs away. The woman said the dogs belong to the suspect, a Veguita man who lives on Grover. The deputy met with the suspect and asked if he was aware of the attack, and he said he was. The deputy asked to take photos of the dogs and the suspect declined. The deputy asked for proof of vaccination and the suspect said he had it for one of the dogs. The suspect was cited.

Aug. 1
• A deputy initiated an investigation regarding threats made over the telephone by a Lemitar man directed toward a Socorro man. The Lemitar man had been identified as the owner of dogs that had chased the Socorro man and his wife while they were riding their bikes on Highway 408 in Lemitar. Shortly after a news article including information about the chasing incident was printed, the Lemitar man called and threatened to kill the Socorro man.
• A deputy assisting the misdemeanor compliance office with house checks arrested a Socorro man on a bench warrant.

Aug. 2
• A Bosque woman reported her friend had called and told her a Socorro woman approached him at the grocery store and told him the Bosque woman should watch her back. After telling him that, the Socorro woman left the store.
• A Socorro man reported he had found a license plate laying in the road near Hamilton Museum. The deputy returned the plat to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Aug. 3
• A deputy received a phone call from another deputy who was assisting the misdemeanor compliance office with a fundraiser. The call was about a person who might have a valid warrant. The deputy called contacted the suspect, a Socorro man, and found he had a valid bench warrant, then arrested him.
• A deputy performing saturation patrols on Interstate 25 noticed a vehicle traveling 83 miles per hour in a 75 mph zone. The deputy pulled the vehicle over and asked for the driver’s license, registration and insurance. The driver, an Albuquerque woman, provided her license but nothing else. When the deputy ran a check on the license, he found it was suspended or revoked with an arrest clause. The woman was arrested.

Aug. 5
• A deputy was dispatched to Chaparral Drive to take a burglary report. The resident said she noticed the lock missing from her door and when she went inside, she noticed cabinets open and a few things missing. Nothing of high dollar value seemed to be missing.
• A deputy met with a Lemitar woman at the sheriff’s office. She said she had a fire in the bedroom. After it was put out, she noticed her medication and personal paperwork was burnt up. She said neither the fire department nor police were called. Hers was the only statement.
• A deputy assisting the compliance office confirmed a Polvadera man had an arrest warrant. The man was arrested and jailed at the Socorro County Detention Center.

Aug. 6
• A deputy was dispatched to a crash on state Road 525 about 10:22 p.m. On arrival, the deputy met with a White Sands Missile Range security guard. The driver of the vehicle, a Socorro man, said he looked away from the roadway and when he looked back saw two cows in the road, which he hit. He said no people were hurt so he left the scene. He was cited for leaving the scene of an accident and arrested for driving on a license suspended or revoked with the arrest clause.

Aug. 7
• A Bosque woman’s vehicle was struck by a Socorro man’s vehicle about 10:09 a.m. at Church and McCutcheon streets in Socorro. The Socorro man then left the scene, but was found later and cited for careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.
• A deputy met with a Lemitar woman who said she’d given a neighbor permission to cut down one tree so he could access his property with farm equipment. She said another man then cut down one tree, plus cut into two more before she could stop him. She believes the other two trees will die. The neighbor was present during the interview and very apologetic over the incident. No enforcement action was taken.

Aug. 8
• A Veguita man reported his stepson was rude and disrespectful toward his mother. The Veguita man told him to stop it, and the stepson told him, “Let’s go outside.” The stepson tried to hit the Veguita man, who grabbed the stepson’s arm. The stepson left the property.
• A deputy met with a juvenile who crashed a vehicle on forest Road 354. The juvenile said he hit a rough patch on the road and lost control of the vehicle, rolling it into a bar ditch. One person had minor injuries. The driver was cited.

Aug. 9
• While on patrol in Veguita about 11:45 p.m., a deputy saw a vehicle coming the opposite way drift into the deputy’s lane. The deputy conducted a traffic stop and detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage. The driver, a Belen man, had bloodshot eyes and had difficulty getting his driver’s license from his wallet. The driver failed a field sobriety test and was arrested.

Aug. 10
• A deputy assisting the misdemeanor compliance office with house checks found a Socorro man with a valid warrant. The man was arrested.
• About 4:23 p.m. a deputy responded to Veguita to assist New Mexico State Police with a multi-vehicle accident and a man assaulting people with a knife. The deputy and an NMSP officer pursued the man with the knife, finding him in a row of trees about 1/2 mile north of Wheeler Road. The deputy apprehended the suspect, a Socorro man, and found two knives on him — a hunting knife and a kitchen butcher knife.

Aug. 11
• A deputy called a Las Cruces woman regarding a child exchange issue. The woman said she was supposed to get her children back that day at 6 p.m., according to a court order, but her ex-husband texted her to say they would be there at 11:30 a.m. And if she wanted them she should meet him then. The deputy then called the ex-husband, who said he was tired of the woman calling the cops on him and harassing him, then hung up. The woman arrived at the meeting point about 1:37 p.m. and showed the paperwork to the deputy. They waited there in case the ex-husband showed up again. He returned at 3:30 p.m. and the children are with their mother.

Aug. 12
• A deputy was dispatched to La Joya about 9 p.m. regarding domestic violence. A man said the suspect was being disrespectful to his own mother. When the first man intervened, the suspect began to argue and bump chests with him. The suspect then struck him in the left eye. The mother said she thought both men were behaving aggressively toward each other, and did not want her son charged with anything. The son had already left the residence with no plans to return. No enforcement action was taken.

Aug. 14
• A deputy was dispatched to Interstate 25 on the report of a stolen trailer. A Socorro man said he had been asked by an Alamo man to help with a trailer that had lost its axle Aug. 13. The Socorro man helped tow the Alamo man’s trailer to the San Acacia exit, but Aug. 14 it was missing from there.
• Following a domestic violence report from Polvadera about 11:35 p.m., a deputy found a Polvadera man walking north on Frontage Road. When the deputy tried to talk to the man, the man repeatedly said he was not going to be taken in without a fight, clenching his fists and yelling. The man then struck the patrol vehicle’s driver’s side rearview mirror, breaking it. The man then threw a rock at the vehicle, striking the hood and breaking the front windshield. He then ran from the deputy and was eventually apprehended and jailed.

Aug. 15
• A deputy was dispatched to Veguita on the report of a Los Lunas woman, who initially said she was the victim of domestic violence and she was hiding from her boyfriend, a Veguita man who was driving around trying to find her. The deputy found the woman at a neighbor’s home, and she said the man had tried to strangle her. She said she was able to get away from him and hid until the deputy found her at her friend’s home. A criminal complaint was filed.

Aug. 19
• A deputy assisting the misdemeanor compliance office found a woman had an arrest warrant. She was arrested about 1:53 p.m. And jailed without incident.

Aug. 20
• A deputy assisting the misdemeanor compliance office with house checks discovered a Socorro man with a valid warrant. He was taken to jail.
• A deputy conducted a traffic stop for an expired registration. The driver, a Belen man, had a valid warrant so he was arrested.

Aug. 22
• A deputy met with an Albuquerque woman at the New Mexico State Police office. She had a temporary order of protection stating she was to have custody of her child. The deputy then met with a Socorro man and served the order. The man said he had an order from Bernalillo stating he had custody of the child because the woman had tested positive for drugs in the past. The deputy then spoke to a Children, Youth and Families Department employee who said CYFD had an ongoing investigation on this family. The child was given to the woman.
• A deputy met with a Hillsboro woman on I-25. She said she had hit a coyote and it was imbedded in the grill. The coyote was removed from the grill. The deputy took pictures but no enforcement action was taken.

Aug. 24
• A deputy was dispatched to Lemitar about 4:05 p.m. on the report of a daughter trying to break into her father’s storage shed. The daughter said her father had kicked her out and she was trying to get her belongings, but her father did not want her to. The father said he did not kick her out, but that she owed him money and he was not going to give his daughter her belongings until the money was paid. As the deputy was speaking with the father, the woman’s mother opened the storage unit and let her retrieve her belongings. All parties made rude comments to each other. All the belongings were loaded into a pickup truck.
• A deputy was dispatched to the Socorro Police Department to take a battery report. A Socorro woman reported a county worker had pulled her hair and grabbed her by the arms at the Owl Bar in San Antonio. She did not want to press charges, just file a report.
• A deputy was at a civil standby in Lemitar when the deputy heard brakes squeal and saw a dust cloud. It was a one-vehicle rollover with several people trying to roll the vehicle back on its wheels. The driver, a Polvadera man, appeared to be OK and was removed from the vehicle. He was asked to sit at the side of the road. EMS arrived and checked the driver, and he refused transport. Two open alcohol containers were on the ground next to the vehicle. The deputy asked the driver if he had been drinking, and he said he had. Another deputy asked if the driver had any injuries that would prevent him from performing a field sobriety test. The driver said he did not but he was not going to take the test; he just wanted to go to jail. He was then arrested and refused to take a breath test also.