Letters to the editor (11/28/13)


People make a difference for special day

Thank you to everyone who participated in Make a Difference Day on Oct. 26. Make a Difference Day is the largest day of community service. Volunteers from New Mexico Tech’s Golden Key Club (president Olu Ogunro) painted the fence at Socorro Senior Village. Pastor David McDaniel, along with his two sons and volunteers, painted railings, benches and parking lot spaces at the Socorro County Senior Citizen Center.
Our local chapter of Boy Scouts of America collected over 500 pounds of food and $92 for Socorro Storehouse. Byron Waxler collected trash on Lopezville Road. Twenty-two volunteers in all participated and contributed over 88 hours of service to our community. Thank you also to Terry Tadano, Peter Romero and Della Vega for helping to organize the event. It is inspiring to see so many people reaching out and helping to make things a little bit better for others. You all are the best.

Val Moore

Public lands bill bad for people of New Mexico

Sen. Heinrich’s push to open our public lands in New Mexico should be stopped in its tracks. It is bad for the people of the state, our wildlife population and the rising animal tourism industry.
The senator’s bill will be good for out-of-state hunters who want to come here to slaughter with high tech expensive weapons our wonderful wild animals. I recall the recent kill by the out-of-state hunter-killer team that spent three years stalking a grand old elk just to have another trophy to put on their wall. How disgusting.
Bringing in more out-of-state hunters as if New Mexico were wild safari Africa will also add to the pressure to stop the reintroduction of the wolf, which is already greatly endangered. What has Heinrich done to help the wolf reintroduction — I don’t see anything.
We do not live in primitive times when hunting was necessary for human life. We need to preserve and enhance wildness and animal diversity, not eliminate it.
If Sen. Heinrich really wanted to help us open public lands he could work to ban military training on our national forests.  We can’t even get use of our already public forests now due to the expanding military operations, which he supports strongly.  Heinrich could help by working to return the magnificent White Sands area to public use. White Sands alone could likely produce more economic benefits to us with animal and outdoor tourism than all the war research done there.
The visceral slaughter of our precious wildlife that Heinrich is promoting must stop as it promotes more violence in our society and your troubled youth and is not wildlife management by any means.  It is just one step, and I know as a combat veteran, from hunting animals to hunting humans. We don’t need that anymore either. This is a bad bill, people who are from New Mexico know how to access the lands when we need, without more bad legislation like this.
Bob Anderson

Insurance and assurance in today’s world

Bizarro World… led by a cigarette smoking insurance broker assuring health insurance for all, instead of a cigar smoking commander in chief, ensuring a sovereign state and liberty for its people.
BW … where laws are made by self-assured tax collectors before they are sure what is in them.
BW … where people despise Big Insurance and Big Drug yet assent a law which ensures that they will be captive customers.
BW … where health insurance pays for pills assuring erections and ensuring abortions.
BW … where men apparently have no assurance that they cannot give birth, and are forced to purchase maternity coverage.
BW … where a child of age 14 can be insured to drive a car and remain health care insured with Mommy and Daddy as a child until age 26.
BW … where Big Government pyramid schemes ensure comfort and riches to those at the top.
BW … where Big Government ensures that banks sell mortgages to people who surely cannot repay them.
BW … where Big Government insures reverse mortgages, ensuring that seniors die bankrupt.
BW … where people surely distrust the tax collectors, yet yield to them more power.
BW … where people willingly plant themselves with wireless bugs and expect assurance of privacy.
BW … where citizens cherishing freedom are supplanted with people wanting assurance of free stuff.
BW … where people seek insurance from Big Government instead of assurance from God
Warning:  Life in Bizarro World assuredly leads to degeneracy, poverty, idiocy, obesity, corruption, extortion, sleeplessness, loss of liberty, blindness, difficulty breathing, psoriasis, bleeding of the scalp and happy bureaucrats.  If you suffer from any of these symptoms, contact Merrytown Health by logging on to Healthcare.gov.

Paul Fuierer
Some co-op board members behaved badly during election

Conduct at the recent Socorro Electric Co-op district elections brings cause for disgust from the membership. Behavior of the sitting trustees was abominable and their attempts to hijack the elections were both obvious and repugnant. Former trustees participated in the underhandedness and that speaks volumes about their past actions.
The members voted clearly for the candidates of their choice, yet incumbents and former trustees attempted to void the selections by playing all the dirty cards they could muster. Declaring a lack of quorum when there were clearly members in attendance who weren’t counted was particularly nauseating. Present and past trustees were observed ushering members out and requesting them to cut off their wristbands to reduce the official count. Board president Luis Aguilar skulked beyond the doors of the meeting instead of making his presence known and providing the leadership he was elected to contribute, let alone be counted.
Congratulations are in order to Melissa Amaro for being the overwhelming choice of the District III voters. We can all be sure the board will be vastly improved by her presence and objectivity. If the present trustees continue in character she will not be offered a heartfelt welcome.
Let us hope Melissa’s tenure will include selection of a board attorney who values the members. The previous mercenaries have been … did I say disgust earlier? Yes, disgusting.

Herbert Myers