County computer system crashed


Socorro County’s computer network crashed Nov. 24, leaving the sheriff’s department and jail without phone service for a few days.

During her department report during the Socorro County Commission’s regular meeting Nov. 26, county Manager Delilah Walsh said the crash caused all of the county’s switches to reset and one of the tertiary switches couldn’t handle the data traffic.

Walsh said staff’s main concern was payroll because direct deposit had to be filed out by 2 p.m. Nov. 25. Since they couldn’t meet the deadline due to the Tyler system crash, the county issued all the staff paper checks.

By Nov. 26, everything was back up and running except the detention center and the sheriff’s office, Walsh said. The jail lost its Internet connection as well as phone service.

Calls to the jail were routed to detention center administrator Evangel Maldonado’s cellphone, and sheriff’s department calls went to Jennifer Amaro’s cellphone. Walsh’s office also helped field calls for the jail and sheriff’s office during the day; between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. sheriff’s department calls were routed to the New Mexico State Police District 11 office as usual.

“So it’s been crazy,” Walsh said. “I got nothing done over the last two days.”

During a telephone interview Wednesday, Walsh said everything was back up by just before 3 p.m. Nov. 27. She said staff thought at first the winter storm that weekend caused the crash, but later found it was caused by a bad cable.

“All it did was mess up all our switches,” Walsh said. “We didn’t lose any data, but we couldn’t operate.”

In other county business, the commission:

• Contributed $300 to the Alamo Senior Center to purchase supplies for Christmas crafts projects.

• Awarded a construction contract to TFC Construction to do landscaping, including making a barbecue pit, at the Alamo Senior Center.

• Approved a contract with Dennis Engineering for just over $13,000, plus up to $7,000 in expenses, to design improvements to Enterprise and Grefco roads as part of the new detention center project.

• Approved the name of the road leading to the new Veguita Health Center as Salomon Griego Drive. District II Commissioner Martha Salas motioned to name the road after her grandfather, who had owned the land where the health center is being built. Griego had donated the land to the Boys Ranch, which later gave it to the county to build the health center.

• Approved an agreement with 3M Cogent Inc. to do fingerprints for the company. Walsh explained the sheriff’s department or jail used to be able to fingerprint people at no charge, such as when they need background checks for a new job, but state law no longer allows private, non-arrested citizens to use state equipment to get fingerprints done. People have to go online through 3M Cogent and pay a fee, then go to the sheriff’s office to have it done. Walsh explained the state wants everything electronic, and 3M Cogent is the state’s contractor.

• Accepted a grant of just over $11,000 for the sheriff’s office to pay deputies overtime for saturation patrols and DWI checkpoints.

• Acknowledged budget versus actual finances for October. Walsh noted inmate transport at the sheriff’s department is expensive for the county and they have to move some money from the general fund to cover transport costs.

• Acknowledged the October finance report and journal entries. Walsh noted they found another leak in the courthouse roof.

• Certified the fiscal year 2012-13 capital asset inventory report. Walsh noted it was the same report the commission received from the manager’s office in July, but the county received an audit write-up because the resolution wasn’t attached to the report when it was submitted to the state.

• Approved general fund budget adjustments.

• Approved fire fund budget adjustments.

• Approved miscellaneous budget adjustments.

• Approved vendor checks totaling $192,478.04 issued Nov. 18-20.

• Approved payroll for Nov. 13.


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