Letters to the Editor 01/16/14


Aguilar should not promote own agenda in electric bills
Dear Mr. Aguilar (SEC board member):
Today I found a letter from you stuffed inside the same envelope as my latest electric bill. As I read it, I began to recognize it as propaganda. I realized that your letter had nothing to do with the official business of the SEC – which I expect to find with my bill from time to time. Instead, it was a two page editorial pushing your own agenda by stating your personal, subjective, and biased interpretation of ongoing issues between member/owners and the SEC.
You also accused member/owners of wasting your time. Sorry folks, but it is certainly the other way around. Once again, your letter is another attempt to skew information and, most probably, proof of another misuse of funds (those used to print and mail your editorial to 10,000 member/owners).
I mistakenly assumed you and others on the Board, knew that editorials belong on the editorial page of newspapers, magazines, and the like, since they are statements of opinion. (Note to self: Do not make assumptions, especially about board members who have repeatedly demonstrated their ignorance and inability to know right from wrong.)
For your information, Mr. Aguilar, we have a newspaper right here in town that would probably publish your words without issue.  I’m pretty sure they would also do it for free.  Speaking for myself, I am sick of paying for SEC games over and over again. So say your farewells, Mr. Aguilar, give us a wave or a thumbs up or the finger, but more importantly, tell the SEC Board that, at the very least, I’d like my money back.

Kate James

Cutting military service people poor idea
While watching a recent news program about homeless veterans, I was reminded of the very real problems that face many of our returning vets; the fact that, due to the downsizing of the military for political purpose, our troops must endure back to back tours in combat areas. These the troops are among the best and brightest in history, and are being subjected to the stresses of war for longer periods of time without the downtime necessary to de-stress. This results in their getting our of the military or going back into combat and increasing their stress levels to the breaking point.
These people are being treated this way because the politicians would rather spend tax money on social programs than do their duty as stated in the Preamble to the United States Constitution — provide for the national defence. These social programs are designed for only one purpose — to buy votes.
There is an ancient saying that “It is better to have it, and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” If we have a strong military, we are much more likely to never need it than if we have a weak one. Weakness has, throughout history, been an invitation for someone strong to take over.
For over a century, this nation, has weakened our military to a mere cadre after every war. This has been a trait of every Democratic administration since Woodrow Wilson. And every single time this has happened we have wound up in another war, one we were woefully unprepared for. In the past, we have had the luxury of time and space to recover and rearm. This luxury has vanished. Technology has made it disappear.
Technology can help our military people overcome some of this problem, but it is still a person with a weapon who must stand between this nation and its enemies. Even with the most up-to-date gear, it is still people who make it happen. If we have too few people, the ones we do have will be forced to spend more and more time in combat.
If we were to simply increase the manning levels a few percent — especially in the co  mbat troops — we could give them the rest they need. Until this happens, we are going to have the homeless vets, the high levels of PTSD, the elevated suicide rates among vets, and many other problems. If our current crop of politicians do not address these problems, problems they caused, they are going to increase to the point that this nation will fall, just like Roman Empire did when they focused on “Bread and Circuses.”

Roland B. Broach

Former mayor takes exception to Bhasker’s statement
My name is Tony Jaramillo.  I was Mayor of Socorro from 1978 to 1986 and I take exception to the defamatory allegations of Mayor Ravi Bhasker in your latest newspaper edition, and I’m especially disappointed that no one from your office was professional enough to call and ask me about his erroneous defamatory accusations against myself and the many other great elected official during my administration.  I don’t understand why Mayor Bhasker would lash out at previous administrations, other than he must be absolutely desperate to keep his hands on city hall for another four years for reasons he must only know about.
I appointed Ravi Bhasker to the city council when he first arrived in Socorro as a favor to Dr. Eugene Coulson, who was Mayor prior to my administration because he said that Bhasker needed a jump start for his medical practice, and to show that Socorro was always ready to help newcomers become a part of our city.  I can only believe now that he is somehow holding that favor against me 24 years later.  I, and other past mayors always felt like we represented the citizens of Socorro and its goodwill and trust toward anyone that needed help. It is hard for me now to believe that Mayor Bhasker believes in those same feelings by his statements and actions as of late. The mayor says in your article that he is afraid that candidate Michael Olguin Jr. will take Socorro back to the kind of very prosperous days during my administration, and I don’t understand that kind of thinking because during my administration and the administration before, we accomplished more in and for Socorro than at any other time in Socorro’s history.  And far more in those few years than in the last 24, to be sure.
We all served by donating our time with very little pay (if any) and good intentions for all.  The city charter states that the offices held by elected officials shall be executed without pay and on a volunteer basis.  The Mayor now makes $18,000 per year and councilors just a little below that amount for an average of 4 hours of work per month.  Perhaps the idea of serving the people in Socorro has been lost in the race for more compensation in those elected city positions.  The allegations by Bhasker in his news release are patently untrue, and it is below the dignity of the mayor’s office to begin diminishing the service of past elected officials who did so very much for the city that we love.  My hope is that Ravi Bhasker is not so desperate that he will do or say anything to stay in office, and that his idea of holding office, is holding it forever.

Tony J. Jaramillo

Jaramillo family appreciates all the food help
We would like to thank everybody that helped make our 44th annual Christmas food drive a success.
I would like to thank merchants and individuals, San Miguel Parish and students from Parkview Elementary School for making this a very joyful Christmas drive.
We were able to help 272 parents, a total of 696 household members.
I want to thank everyone that helped carry out bags for the elderly people. This year we were able to send food to the jail, Good Sam and Socorro General Hospital.
Thanks tot he city of Socorro for letting me use Finley Gym and the city of socorro employees.
Wishing everyone and their families a very happy new year and may God bless everyone and keep you safe.

The Toby and Ermie Jaramillo family and grandchildren