The Blotter 01/16/14


Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

Oct. 25
A man reported the theft of numerous items from a mobile home he owns on Alice Rd. Two suspects have been identified.

Oct. 31
A Luis Lopez woman reported at 7:30 a.m. that she accidently backed into her friend’s vehicle parked at her residence damaging the rear passenger door.

Nov. 4
A La Joya man reported that be believed two of his cows had been shot and injured. The officer found seven .22 caliber casings near the front gate of the property in which the cows grazed. One calf and one cow each had a bullet wound. Suspect not identified.

Nov. 7
An officer observed at 10:29 p.m. a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on Spring St. The vehicle attempted to pass a semi on the right and ran off the road. The driver, who had bloodshot eyes and emitted an odor of an alcoholic beverage, failed a field sobriety test. He was arrested for DWI and taken to jail.

Nov. 8
An officer was contacted at 6 p.m. by a Luis Lopez man who said he was considering purchasing a Marlin 17 HMR from a friend when he learned the rifle resembled one stolen from a friend in Magdalena.The rifle was returned to the office of Magdalena Marshal Larry Cearley, who is investigating the theft.

Nov. 15
An officer pulled over a car for failing to yield at a stop sign at the corner of California and Francisco de Avonda, and striking another vehicle. The driver was issued a citation.

Nov. 16
An officer investigated a report of aggravated assault on a household member involving a firearm. The victim said the suspect pointed the gun and pulled the trigger but no shot was fired. The victim asked that no charges should be filed. After consulting with an ADA regarding the allegations and due to the victim’s state reluctance to pursue prosecution no further action was taken.

Nov. 17
While investigating a stolen vehicle report at 1 a.m. an officer heard a radio transmission from the Socorro PD stopping a vehicle similar to the one he was investigating. After the driver was arrested the deputy contacted the owner, who gave permission to search the vehicle. During the search methamphetamine was discovered and the owner of the vehicle was charged with possession of a controlled substance and arrested.

Nov. 18
A San Anotonio man reported that he left his vehicle at a car dealership in Albuquerque for several weeks and when he went to pick it up the license plate was missing.
An officer was dispatched at 5:30 a.m. to mile marker 26 on Highway 107 to investigate a rollover accident. The driver was not at the scene but officer did locate a cell phone and registration. The officer learned that the driver hit an elk the night before and had been picked up by hunters and taken to a friend’s home in Socorro.
An officer southbound on Interstate 25 noticed at 4:51 p.m. a Cadillac parked on the shoulder at mile marker 171. A check showed the car had been stolen in Albuquerque. The owner was notified and the car towed from the road.

Nov. 19
A woman visiting from Albuquerque was arrested for stealing medication from a residence on N. Sixth Street.

Nov. 20
A man reported that an someone had broken a window to his residence on Bagley St. and over the course of the previous three days stole two blankets, several DVDs, a DVD player and his cell phone.

Dec. 3
An officer was dispatched to take a report of Battery on a Household Member on Kimble St., where the victim reported he refused to let his ex-boyfriend retrieve his clothes from the residence because he believed he would steal personal items other items. The victim said the other man threw a clock at him, striking him in the face, and also broke a window. The suspect was not located, but when the officer attempted to follow up, the victim stated he no longer wanted to cooperate with the investigation. Case closed.

Dec. 8
An officer was flagged down at 2 p.m. by a female who stated her husband had punched her and thrown her from the car and then attempted to run her over. She was transferred to Socorro General. The husband was located at 4:50 p.m. and explained that he and his wife were arguing as they drove down Interstate 25. He stated that because of her erratic driving he had gotten into the back seat and attempted to jump from the vehicle but she would not slow down enough to do it safely. When wife exited at Escondida he said he grabbed the keys from then ignition and jumped from the car. The argument continued on the side of the road and he threw the keys into the brush. When interviewed at the hospital the wife admitted to driving but stated he was grabbing the steering wheel and the keys, and subsequently forcing her out of the car. Investigation continued.

Dec. 13
An officer responded at 5:38 a.m. to a traffic accident on Highway 380. The driver said he was going across the bridge and hit a patch of ice and hit the guardrail. His truck was then struck by a truck following him and he ran into an embankment.

Dec. 15
A motorist reported at 8 a.m. that his car received damage to its front end when he hit an oryx in the roadway on Highway 380. No injuries.

Dec. 14
A man reported at 4 p.m. that his camper trailer had been stolen from his property in Polvadera. A theft declaration was signed and entered into NCIC.

Dec. 16
An officer was called to take a report on a crash by a woman on Chaparral Dr. The car was damaged on the front end and the driver said she went to a few stores in Socorro and was not sure where it had happened.

An Abeytas woman reported that the night before a semi-truck turning into the Black and White Dairy had struck a fixture of mailboxes, destroying them. The officer met with the dairy manager, who stated he was building a new base for the mailboxes and was sending the bill to the trucking company in Hereford, Tex.

Dec. 17
AN officer responded at 7 a.m. to a report of a vehicle going off the roadway and running into a barbed wire fence on Highway 169 at mile marker 9. The driver said the brake and gas pedals became unresponsive and he could not reduce speed. The vehicle was towed to a repair shop.