The Blotter


Socorro County
Sheriff’s Department

Nov. 6
A woman on Fatima Rd. reported that she believed her vehicle had been keyed. The officer confirmed her belief and photographed the approximately three inch long scratch on the right rear door of her vehicle. The woman said she did not know who would want to damage her vehicle.
A driver was heading south on Highway 52 near the VLA at 5:10 p.m. when the steering wheel became stiff, causing the vehicle to enter a slide resulting in the vehicle rolling over. The vehicle was towed to Magdalena.

Nov. 7
An officer was notified that a tracking device had located a stolen Chevrolet pickup on Randolph Rd. in Veguita. The stolen pickup was actually found behind a separate residence on Granillo Rd. The owners of that property said they were unaware that vehicle parked there as it was not visible from their house. The pickup was towed and returned to the owner.

Nov. 8
An officer was dispatched to a business parking lot in Magdalena where an Alamo woman reported that her friend was intoxicated and had smashed the windows to her car with a brick. The officer located the man and he was arrested on an outstanding warrant and charged with Criminal Damage to Property.

Nov. 18
While assisting the Socorro County Misdemeanor Compliance Office, an officer was informed that drug paraphernalia was located in the residence of the suspect. An official at the Adult Probation Office was contacted and an arrest order was issued. The suspect was arrested and booked into the Socorro County Detention Center.

Nov. 11
A La Luz woman reported at 7 p.m. that she struck a coyote as she was driving southbound on Interstate 25 at mile marker 175. She reported that her vehicle was drivable.

Nov. 13
An officer was dispatched at 8 p.m. to the 1400 block of Kimball on a report of a verbal disagreement. The victim said that following a verbal disagreement with his girlfriend, she left his residence with his keys and title to his vehicle. She was located and claimed she had returned the keys but did not have the title. An NCIC check confirmed the girlfriend had an outstanding arrest warrant and she was arrested and taken to jail.

Nov. 22
An officer was dispatched to an accident at mile marker 144 on Interstate 25 where one vehicle had been rear-ended by another. The victim driver stated he saw a vehicle coming up behind him at a high rate of speed and could not move out of the way. The suspect driver said he was reaching for seeds on the floorboard and rear-ended another vehicle but did not know which one. He was given, and failed, a field sobriety test and refused any testing. He was arrested for DWI and taken to jail.

Nov. 27
In Polvadera a woman reported that her ex-boyfriend had damaged her vehicle when they broke up. She said she had left her car at his residence because it was not running when they broke up and when she went to pick it up he was observed in the vehicle breaking the windows.

Dec. 1
A woman on Oregano Road in Veguita reported at 7 p.m. that while she was out someone entered her home and stole a 3D Blu Ray player, a surround sound device, 100 DVDs, a becklace and a bracelet. The burglar had used an iron bar on the back door. Although there were footprints along the fence line, the next door neighbor said he had seen nothing.

Dec. 7
A Los Lunas man was issued a traffic citation for failing to yield to oncoming traffic at the intersection of Highway 60 and Highway 304, which resulted in a motor vehicle accident. He said he did not see the other vehicle coming when he pulled out to cross Highway 60.

Dec. 4
A Polvadera man reported at 11:51 a.m. that his neighbor’s dogs attacked his chickens, killing two of them. The chickens had been moved by the time the officer arrived. The neighbor said the chickens roam everywhere in the neighborhood.

Dec. 18
An officer was dispatched to a residence in Veguita at 8 a.m. on a domestic report. The suspect was met outside and claimed the victim had taken off walking. When the officer asked him if he could check the home the suspect refused. The officer placed him in the back of the patrol unit and then checked the home and found the victim inside. She said she was punched in the nose, but that she did not want him arrested, only that she wanted the incident documented. The officer then spoke with the suspect who stated that she was crazy and she was destroying his house. The suspect was then handcuffed and booked into the Socorro County Detention Center.