Letters to the editor (02/20/14)


Who is protecting your property rights?

Do you believe that your elected officials and government at all levels have your property rights as their main goal?  If you do you are not paying attention to what is happening throughout this country.  Property rights are being compromised everywhere.  Corporate rights trump individual rights almost all the time.  If you are not engaged in making your views and rights heard by your elected officials, then you will not be represented and your rights could well be lost.
Most of us believe that property rights are sacrosanct; however this is far from reality.  How often have you heard that the process of eminent domain has taken someone’s property for the so called greater good?  Property rights, water rights, mineral rights are not as protected now as they were in the past.  Mineral rights have been segregated from property rights a long ago by most of the original landowners.  Another issue is “regulatory takings” these are restrictions by zoning or other imposed ordinances in mostly urban areas.
Water rights are at risk as corporations see water as a means to greater wealth for them and their share holders.  Some corporations believe it is their right to control as much water as they can and many governments worldwide seem to be in collusion with them or at least agree with them.  So what does it mean to you to have your property rights protected?  If your neighbor takes all or most of the groundwater adjacent to your property, should that be deemed as okay, even thou it adversely affects your well? What if people in a community waste water in a time of drought, should that be tolerated as their right?
Is there a place where a line needs to be drawn so that someone who is exercising their perceived right is not infringing upon your rights?  If so how do you reconcile this difference of opinions?  I personally think that an ordinance or some sort of statue needs to be in place to ensure that some sort remedy can be exercised even if it means going to court.  It is incumbent upon us to make these changes if we are to protect what few rights we have left.  I think an ordinance should protect all existing rights currently granted by the State’s permitting system.  The only thing that would change is that a limit would be placed on the amount of water that someone or a corporation could export from Catron County.  You might consider that this is an infringement on someone’s right, but it is to protect the exploitation of our water resources.

Dennis Inman


Community support

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the Socorro High School Career Information Fair on Tuesday, February 11.
A great team of school staff and parents worked hard to contact potential participants and to organize the fair, and received an amazing response from local businesses, colleges, military branches, and other organizations. All Socorro High students had the opportunity to talk to exhibitors and learn about many different types of careers, including some really interesting demonstrations and displays.
Such an event can only be successful with strong community support, and we greatly appreciate the interest and enthusiasm of everyone who participated.
We’ll remember you for next time!

Jennifer Molina, SHS principal
Ruth Milner, SHS parent volunteer


The others

There is no greater sin than Desire. I want this, I want that, and then I want some of those. I want, I want, I want. More and more and more.
No greater curse than discontent. I don’t like this, I don’t like that, I don’t like them.
No greater misfortune than wanting something for oneself. I want to be Mayor again and again and again. I want to be councilor again and again and again and again.
Therefore, a person who knows that enough is enough will always have enough. The others?

Pablo Lopez