Lady Warriors split with Belen on Tuesday


Despite the cold and windy conditions, the Lady Warriors showed up ready to play softball in a double header at Belen on Tuesday.  Coach Belinda Sandoval is still trying to find the “right” fit for their attack as substituted players for different positions, including back up pitcher Jasmin Williams-Ortega’s. The Lady Warriors won the first game 11 – 9, but lost the second game 12 – 2.
The first inning started with No. 2 Hope Moses’ was walked to first, and scored when No. 1 Ashley Pyke belted one out to left center for a triple that gave Socorro the early lead 1 – 0.  Soon after, Belen tied the score, but also took the lead by the bottom of the second inning 5-1.
Socorro’s next bat at the top of the third inning repeated the previous attempt by with Moses and Pyke hit to right center; this time for a triple that brought in Moses. No. 13 Natamra Paz also joined the party when her right center triple smack brought in Pyke. No. 8 Faith Padilla hit a single that resulted in a triple due to Belen errors, and also scored Paz. By the end of the third, Belen was still on top, 8 – 6.
The fourth inning belonged to Belen as they scored one more; Socorro’s bats weren’t abundant. However, Socorro regained their composure in the fifth as their defense held off any Belen attempts. Specifically, No. 4 Ariana Garcia replaced Padilla in right field and secured the third out as she caught a fly ball. Belen led 9 – 6.
Socorro errors in the sixth inning corrected themselves, and Socorro got all three outs quickly.  Socorro had last bat, and proved Belen’s demise.  A solid hit by Williams-Ortega blazed past the pitcher for a single, and No. 12 Mariah Zamora walked to first base.  Alderete hit another ball to left for a double that scored Williams-Ortega and advanced Zamora.  No. 5 Maria Alderete also hit to right center, Belen errors resulted in a double for her, and Aracely also crossed the plate to tie the score 9 all.  No. 9 Natalie Paz was walked and cruised to first.  Pyke knocked another out past center field that scored Maria, and put Socorro on top 10 – 9.  Natamra crashed another to right field for a single, and Pyke was thrown out with one out left to go.  Garcia hit a grounder to the third base line for a single and a RBI that brought in Natalie for the win 11-9 Socorro.

Game 2
Williams-Ortega’s debut on the mound was both fruitful and challenging, and her teammates supported her throughout the game.  Padilla also replaced Natalie behind the diamond.
First bats in the first inning were quick compared to Belen. The Lady Eagles scored six straight runs from a result of walks and defensive errors.  With a runner on second, a steal attempt by Belen from first to second was spoiled when Padilla relayed the ball to Zamora.  Zamora missed the tag at third, but her quick reaction sent the ball to second basewoman Pyke, where Pyke tagged Belen for the third out.  Belen had a big lead 6 – 0.
Socorro’s bats were still cold at the top of the second inning.  Padilla grabbed a single, and stole second due to Belen errors.  Williams-Ortega hit a fly toward second, and the Belen player dropped the ball that gave her a single while Padilla advanced to third as she slid in for the “safe” call.  While Padilla created the diversion, Williams-Ortega ran to second.  Belen’s pitcher then stuck out Ariana and Aracely.
Williams-Ortega stuck out to a Belen batter and recorded her first “K” in the scorebook.  Socorro made some defensive errors, but Williams-Ortega garnered two more strike outs that put the Lady Warriors another turn at bat.
At the top of the third, Maria Moses walked to first.  Natamra’s hit scored them both, but she was tagged at second base for the second out.  Belen scored four more runs set up by walked batters.  Defensive plays by Pyke and Williams-Ortega ended their run.
Socorro didn’t hit at their next turn at bat, but at the bottom of the fourth Williams-Ortega struck out her fourth batter.  Padilla caught a fly, and Natamra, Zamora, and Padilla tagged out a Belen player stuck in a “pickle” for the third out.
Belen cut short Socorro’s attempt to get back in the game, and won 12 – 2.