Lady Warriors take third at Grants Invitational


The Lady Warriors demonstrated that they were a team to be reckoned with this past weekend in Laguna as they took 3rd place out of six teams. They lost to Reheboth 20-10, but came back and beat Laguna Acoma 18-5. Jaedyn Gutierrez and Hope Moses were honored on the all tournament team.

Reheboth scored the first four runs in the first inning, but Socorro closed down that lead by one when No. 9 Natalie Paz hit a RBI double over second base that scored No. 5 Maria Alderete. No. 2 Hope Moses also hit a RBI triple that scored Paz, and No. 1 Ashley Pyke hit a RBI single that scored Moses. Reheboth 4-3.

In second inning, Reheboth added four more runs while Socorro only contributed one additional run from the sacrifice of Paz’s walk that resulted in a “pickle” situation that allowed Alderete home, and Paz was tagged out. The score now 8-4 Reheboth.

No. 8 Faith Padilla replaced Paz, No. 15 Williams-Ortega replaced Gutierrez on the mound, and Gutierrez moved to right field in the third inning. Socorro’s attempt to contribute to the score was not effective, but they did manage to get on base with a couple of singles. Reheboth up 16-4.

However, in the fourth inning, with bases loaded by Reheboth, Socorro held Reheboth from scoring. Moses hit past short, stole two bases, stayed at third. Pyke hit a RBI single that scored Moses and Pyke also made it to third. Garcia also grabbed a RBI when her hit scored Pyke. Reheboth still up 16-7.

Reheboth scored four more runs at the top of the fifth inning that helped close the game, but not before Garcia would end the inning with a great grab out in right field for the third out. Socorro’s last bat included a huge crash from Alderete when she hit past the right fielder for an infield home run that also brought in her sister No. 14 Aracely Alderete. Moses also hit past short, and Padilla scored. Reheboth won the game 20-10.

Socorro took the early lead 3-0. The Lady Warriors defense thwarted any attempts by Laguna to score.

The second inning both teams stepped up to the plate defensively.

Socorro pulled ahead in the third inning when they scored six runs set up by a few walks and some singles. Socorro up 9-2.

In the fourth inning, another big hit to center by Garcia, and Laguna error, earned her a single. A right field error gave Maria a double. With bases loaded, Moses’ bit hit to center for a triple. Maria, Zamora, and Garcia advanced home. With bases loaded, Pyke knocked it down and threw to Zamora for the third out. Socorro up 12-2.

Both teams were held to three straight outs in the fifth inning, and the game was called by ruling since Socorro was up by ten runs. The final score was 12-2.

Socorro went through their line up, and each player contributed to the early lead as they scored six runs. With bases loaded, Zamora cracked the bat that sent the ball to right center that scored Natamra, Moses and Pyke. Wingate scored three runs at their bat, but Socorro stayed on top 6-3.

The second was a mammoth inning as once again the Lady Warriors went through their line up and scored six more runs. In the third inning Socorro continued to pummel the ball and scored another six runs as they went through the line up yet again. Wingate added three more runs, The score was 18-8 with Socorro on top.

The Lady Warriors hit well in the fifth inning, but only scored two more runs. Moses and Pyke each had a double when they hit to center field. Natamra’s RBI single scored Moses and Pyke’s hit scored Natamra. Wingate only scored one more run at their last bat, and the game was called. Socorro won 20-9.