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Letters to the Editor (02/05/15)

New Mexico House Speaker, Rep. Don Tripp wrote an article titled "GOP, Democrats can work together to benefit NM." It appeared in the Jan. 29, 2015 Albuquerque Journal. He said, "We need to make sure that (our children) are prepared to take the jobs in tomorrow's economy. Improving our schools will set our children up for success in the long run."

PAS lineup full of music, romance, art

Photo courtesy of PAS: “Hotel California – A Salute to the Eagles” takes the stage 7:30 p.m. Feb. 13 at Macey Center.

February and March may be the coldest months of the year, but things are sure starting to sizzle for New Mexico Tech's Performing Arts Series (PAS), with three exciting events scheduled for February and March.

State Land Commissioner slows SunZia

Following the federal approval of the SunZia Transmission Line, which is planned to be constructed through Socorro County, State Lands Commissioner Aubrey Dunn initiated a 60-day right-of-entry delay on the construction.

Long live the Colorado River

This is the best news I've heard in months! The Colorado River has rejoined the ocean at its historic delta on Mexico's Gulf of California (also named the Sea of Cortez). Why is this such wonderful news? Well, for most of my life, the mighty Colorado hasn't made it much past Yuma. Simply put, ol' Mexico was at the end of the line!

Mama don’t take my Kodachrome

I took a drive down Highway 60 out to Catron County Saturday afternoon – Datil to be specific – and was reminded of how nice that drive is – the western part of Socorro County with its rolling hills and then down into the Plains of San Agustin.