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Greening up San Antonio

It's been a long time since the residents of San Antonio heard the crack of a ball against a bat in the local park, or picnicked in the grass on a balmy day, and for good reason. Not enough grass. Too many goatheads.

Rape alleged at county jail

On New Year's Eve, a 40-year old Socorro County woman was arrested for DWI and taken to the detention center. Five days later, when she was released, she contacted Sheriff's Deputy William Armijo and told him she woke up in her cell on the second morning naked from the waist down, with her sweatpants and underwear around one ankle.

Audio Frenzy bursts on the scene

Equally at home in a folk music setting or on a rock stage, Daisy Morgan, Stas Edel and Ryen Laphan of Audio Frenzy have invented a new term to describe what they do: terra metal.

Citizen claims search violated his civil rights

Socorro's newly formed Police Oversight Commission has officially closed the file on four citizen complaints. In one case, the complaint was dropped. In two others, the attorney reviewing the allegations of police misconduct was unable to contact the people who actually filed the complaints.

Whose river is it?

File photo: Karen Gram’s Cottonwood Valley Charter School class takes part in New Mexico Watershed Watch, making monthly trips to the Otero Street Riverine Park to measure stream flow, pH, water temperature and other factors. It’s a rare opportunity for students in Socorro to see the Rio Grande, and to splash in its waters.

The initiative, introduced in January by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, has a dauntingly short timeline. There's only a week left for public input, and six short weeks after that to draft a plan.

Man stabbed in face

A car accident around noon and reports of a stabbing victim at Socorro General Hospital a little while later culminated in the arrest Thursday afternoon of Luciano "Bandit" Griego, 25.

Tech professor seeks win-win with city

Dr. Frank Huang, a professional engineer and an associate professor in New Mexico Tech's Environmental Engineering Department, has a plan that he thinks could benefit both his students and the taxpayers of the city of Socorro. Huang's students need working projects that will provide them with hands-on experience in environmental engineering. The city has an extensive infrastructure in constant need of maintenance and upgrades, and limited funds for engineering services.

County reserves take hit

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Socorro County will be taking a bigger bite out of its cash reserves this year than anticipated.