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Lady Warriors advance to quarterfinals

Susann Mikkelson/El Defensor Chieftain:  Dominque Molina, No. 7, scored the Lady Warriors’ only point against the Portales Rams in Saturday’s game for round one of the playoffs. Here, Molina dribbles around two opponents, as No. 1 Emily Chavez backs her up.

The Lady Warriors fought hard for their 1 – 0 win against the Portales Rams on Saturday, in first round of the finals. Both goalies worked hard, shutting each other out for the full first half. Dominque Molina scored the Lady Warriors' only goal early in the second half, off an assist from Sabine Fuierer.

Lady Steers ease up on To'hajillee

The Lady Steers backed off their game some on Oct. 31 against the To'hajiilee Warriors, still pulling off a 3 – 0 win, advancing their winning streak to six and an 18-2 record, 12-0 in their district. Non-starters and some junior varsity teammates were rotated in during the second and third game, causing a tighter game for the second set. This play time will be valuable experience for less experience players next year, when Magdalena loses six graduating seniors, four of whom starters.

Lady Warriors secure home advantage

The Lady Warriors nailed the win on Tuesday night, playing with a new passion against the Hot Springs Tigers in their last regular season home performance of the year. The Lady Warriors secured home advantage for their first district game next Thursday, also against the Tigers, with a 3-0 win, in three tightly played sets. Seniors Tamera Chavez, Jaedyn Gutierrez, Maria Alderete, Ashley Pyke and Natalie Paz had extra reason to play from the heart.

Warriors disappointed by Bears for Homecoming

Susann Mikkelson/El Defensor Chieftain: Warrior Zeb Esquivel receives the ball for a touchdown as his defender stretches for the interception on Friday night when the Warriors played the Estancia Bears for homecoming. The Warriors lost the game 8 - 54, after a hard battle up and down the field, where the Warriors ran the ball, but just couldn’t quite reach the goal line.

The Socorro Warriors football team's offensive game picked up speed as they ran their plays and marched down the field last Friday during their homecoming game against the Estancia Bears. Still, the Warriors could not seem to close the deal on Friday night against the Estancia Bears, losing 8 – 54 for homecoming.

Steers lose steam in second half; lose big to Jal

Susann Mikkelson/El Defensor Chieftain: Magdalena Steer Barak Stephens attempts to ward off the tackle on his way downfield last Saturday againsts the Jal Panthers. The game was held in Ruidoso, where the Panthers devoured the Steers, 45 - 13.

The Magdalena Steers went into their game against Jal with a 4-1 record. The Steers were holding their own against the 3-3 Panthers, until halftime. The score was 19 – 13 Jal Panthers starting the third quarter. The Steers seemed to lose steam on defense and offense, scoring no more points and increasing their turnovers, as the Panthers play was rough and a little dirty. The Steers had multiple attempts at touchdowns, but all were cut short by the Panther's defense and the ball was intercepted for a Jal touchdown once.