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Village faces rate hike

The Magdalena village government has no alternative but to raise residential, business and governmental water rates, according to an announcement at a special meeting of the Village Board of Trustees on June 4.

One man’s cigar box is a student’s guitar

Courtesy photo: Cottonwood Valley Charter School cigar-box guitar musicians show off their instruments last winter. They are: front row, from left, James Woods, Jeremiah Avery and Deondrah Silva; middle from left, Lici Petrie, Jared Padilla, Beth Crowder, Faith Meza, Selin Childs, Colten Lewis, Skyler Bunning and Radeen Moradi; and top, from left, Javi Acosta, Hannah Samuels, Dan Klinglesmith, Wyatt Kurtnaker, Ricky Cuevas, Mary Ruff and Jim Ruff. Not pictured is Ayden Lewis.

Take 16 cigar boxes, 48 guitar strings, some sassafras, plus poplar and pine wood. Add in tools, tape measures, a unique cadre of volunteers, 16 sixth-graders, one enthusiastic teacher and what do you get? You get an amazing collection of student-built guitars in Beth Crowder's music class at Cottonwood Valley Charter School.

Lottery scholarships pay for more than expected next fall

The amount of assistance for New Mexico's lottery scholarships will be larger than expected, thanks to lower student enrollment, but it won't cover 100 percent of tuition costs next year, according to an announcement from the New Mexico Higher Education Department.