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Letter to the editor (4/24/14)

The importance of attendance Editor: Many questions have been raised about this (Socorro Electric Cooperative annual membership) meeting. Leading the list is “Why no mail-in-ballots?” followed by “Why no notice…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (04/17/14)

The informed cynic Editor: Several years ago I set up a website,, dealing with issues affecting the citizens of Socorro County and the surrounding area. I also began filming…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (02/20/14)

Who is protecting your property rights? Editor: Do you believe that your elected officials and government at all levels have your property rights as their main goal?  If you do…[Read more]

Letters to the editor 02/06/14

A new space for ‘war games’ Editor: United States taxpayers spend millions providing training centers for members of our military. U.S. taxpayers also spend millions to support the preservation, maintenance…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor 01/30/14

FBI has hotline for corruption Editor: We in Socorro have had a lengthy conflict with the Socorro Electric Cooperative in recent years trying to get the Board of Trustees of…[Read more]

My veggie fix

There was an old movie streaming on the internet a few months back called "The Southerner," the story of a young farm family coping with just about every conceivable problem a small farmer could have, from bad neighbors and floods to bank loans. One incident recalled the old wives' tale of "spring sickness," which was thought to come from eating vegetables.

Watch February skies for Zodiacal Light

Early spring brings us opportunities, once again, for viewing the Zodiacal Light. To see it, find a nice dark viewing spot and wait until it is completely dark after sunset. In the spring you look to the western horizon to see sunlight reflected by interplanetary dust particles. Look for a tall, left sloping wedge of diffuse light rising up from the horizon.

Control texting while driving

All over New Mexico, towns are preparing. They are chartering buses, soliciting active civic leaders and top officials to reserve the dates, checking the Internet for Santa Fe hotel accommodations….[Read more]

Letters to the Editor 01/16/14

Aguilar should not promote own agenda in electric bills Editor: Dear Mr. Aguilar (SEC board member): Today I found a letter from you stuffed inside the same envelope as my…[Read more]

Letters to the editor 01/09/2014

Recent case sends powerful message: Take care of your dog Editor: I just returned from three and a half hours in Municipal Court listening to witnesses testify and the prosecutor…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (12/05/13)

NRAO comes through for Socorro youth Editor: On behalf of the Socorro High School Science Olympiad team, I would like to thank Dr. Frail and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (11/28/13)

People make a difference for special day Editor: Thank you to everyone who participated in Make a Difference Day on Oct. 26. Make a Difference Day is the largest day…[Read more]