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Letters to the editor (09/26/13)

Gun cartoon misrepresentation of shootings truth Editor: In the Sept. 19 edition of El Defensor Chieftain, an editorial cartoon was printed that is an attempt to perpetuate a series of…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (09/19/13)

Boundaries column has merit but hugs are great too Editor: Dear Laura London, Thank you for your column titled “Personal boundaries should be honored” (Aug. 1). No one can argue…[Read more]

Danger hides in standing or flood waters

Mosquitos and puddles go together. Recent rains and floods have left Socorro and Catron counties with plenty of standing water that will only get muddier, stinkier and more toxic as the month rolls on.

Data should drive teachers’ incentives

It sounds good: Pay teachers from high-performing schools to go teach on low-performing campuses. But without data driving the selection of those teachers, the results of Gov. Susana Martinez’s latest…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (08/29/13)

Socorro schools rate A+ from 1962 graduate Editor: With all the negative publicity in the media about low graduation rates and graduating seniors unable to solve modest math problems and…[Read more]

Letters to the editor

Back to school is always an exciting time. Throughout my career as an educator, nothing has pleased me more than welcoming back students to kick off a new academic year.

Letters to the Editor (8/15/2013)

Magdalena residents watch your forest
There they go again trying to pull a fast one! Cheryl Prewitt, spokesperson for the Cibola Ranger District, says “in the past they had to get a new permit every time … so we are working on getting a permit that will cover the whole thing (EDC Aug. 1).” Really? And what is that? “A joint proposal from the military entities and Forest Service,” for war games.

End-times report

What's with this whole "end of the world" thing people have going on? "World War Z" made half a billion dollars worldwide in a week and a half. The Discovery Channel is netting an average of 3 million viewers a week by dumping two strangers naked and wholly unequipped into various harsh climates. Two apocalypse comedies are slated for this summer, both chock full of stars.

Calendar creep could take away from practical education

We are just two-thirds of the way through summer. There is still plenty of time for a good picnic, camping trip or fishing expedition, to garden and work in the yard. With recent rainfall, farmers might get another cutting of hay, the green chili harvest is about to begin (if it hasn't already), and ranchers may be starting to wean their calves.

Occupy these truths

I have a few numbers for you to think about. They tell a classic American story of riches and rags. The tale spans the quarter century leading up to the Crash of 2008.

Expansion of military operations in Magdalena Ranger District: What’s the rush?

The military has been training in the Magdalena Ranger District of the Cibola National Forest for a long time. Most of us who live, work, hunt or hike in the area north of Highway 60 experience frequent low-flying helicopters and other aircraft. The noise of these aircraft rattles our houses, wakes us up at night, and scares wildlife and cattle. Many have also encountered ground-based training – with pyrotechnics, combat simulations, and dozens of soldiers traveling over the forest at night.

Prairie chicken needs protection

There was a bit of sorrow this April in the village of Milnesand, N.M. — akin to the sadness Magdalena experienced just last month. Milnesand's annual Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival had been cancelled — due, apparently, to drought significantly diminishing the numbers of wild "chickens," a wondrous cousin of the sage grouse.

Meteor shower strikes August skies

The August showstopper will be the annual Perseid Meteor Shower. This year the shower has two things going for it that should make meteor watching a fun event. The first is that the waxing crescent Moon will set about mid-evening, leaving the skies dark for meteor watching. The second is that the actual peak of the shower will occur during daylight hours on the 12th for North America. What this means is the shower should be visible on the night of Aug. 11-12 and again during the night of Aug. 12-13.