Articles for the ‘Opinion’ Category

Letters to the Editor (07/17/14)

Preserve public lands for future generations Citing unfounded criticism of Socorro Electric Cooperative rates and service, the Socorro city Council recently voted to conduct a feasibility study about taking over…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor (07/10/14)

Preserve public lands for future generations The Cibola National Forest has recently undergone public comment and review of its newly formed Assessment Plan, asking average town and country folks for…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (06/19/14)

Voting not just a privilege We must all be cognizant of the conditions under which we select public officials. It has become outrageously expensive to run for office, and donors…[Read more]

Letter To The Editor (06/12/14)

Every child needs faithful father Our greatest national resources are the faithful fathers who do not neglect the responsibility to provide for their families and to train their children. Although…[Read more]

Letter To The Editor (06/05/14)

Friends of Socorro Library express many thanks The Socorro Library, Friends of the Library and officers thank the following persons, firms and others for their help in organizing books, transportation…[Read more]

Letter to the editor (4/24/14)

The importance of attendance Editor: Many questions have been raised about this (Socorro Electric Cooperative annual membership) meeting. Leading the list is “Why no mail-in-ballots?” followed by “Why no notice…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (04/17/14)

The informed cynic Editor: Several years ago I set up a website,, dealing with issues affecting the citizens of Socorro County and the surrounding area. I also began filming…[Read more]

Letters to the editor (02/20/14)

Who is protecting your property rights? Editor: Do you believe that your elected officials and government at all levels have your property rights as their main goal?  If you do…[Read more]

Letters to the editor 02/06/14

A new space for ‘war games’ Editor: United States taxpayers spend millions providing training centers for members of our military. U.S. taxpayers also spend millions to support the preservation, maintenance…[Read more]

Letters to the Editor 01/30/14

FBI has hotline for corruption Editor: We in Socorro have had a lengthy conflict with the Socorro Electric Cooperative in recent years trying to get the Board of Trustees of…[Read more]