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Of ice, ingenuity: Saving Artic’s species

Call it a case of cabin fever — late February's famed for that. But since I can't flee to Cancun or any place else right now (well, maybe T or C), I'll content myself with writing about the ocean. That ought to cure this fever — especially if I take on the Arctic!

Letters to the Editor (02/26/15)

The letter from Socorro Electric Cooperative President Anne Dorough in the Feb. 19 El Defensor Chieftain was long on self-serving rhetoric but short on facts. I would like to point out a few surprises hidden in just the first section of this document.

Lovin’ Life: Doing the time warp again

I was watching a video on the Internet last weekend. I can't remember exactly who it was, but I know it was of the singers du jour, and I'm not sure if the artist's name was one, or two syllables, or included a number.