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End-times report

What's with this whole "end of the world" thing people have going on? "World War Z" made half a billion dollars worldwide in a week and a half. The Discovery Channel is netting an average of 3 million viewers a week by dumping two strangers naked and wholly unequipped into various harsh climates. Two apocalypse comedies are slated for this summer, both chock full of stars.

Calendar creep could take away from practical education

We are just two-thirds of the way through summer. There is still plenty of time for a good picnic, camping trip or fishing expedition, to garden and work in the yard. With recent rainfall, farmers might get another cutting of hay, the green chili harvest is about to begin (if it hasn't already), and ranchers may be starting to wean their calves.

Occupy these truths

I have a few numbers for you to think about. They tell a classic American story of riches and rags. The tale spans the quarter century leading up to the Crash of 2008.

Expansion of military operations in Magdalena Ranger District: What’s the rush?

The military has been training in the Magdalena Ranger District of the Cibola National Forest for a long time. Most of us who live, work, hunt or hike in the area north of Highway 60 experience frequent low-flying helicopters and other aircraft. The noise of these aircraft rattles our houses, wakes us up at night, and scares wildlife and cattle. Many have also encountered ground-based training – with pyrotechnics, combat simulations, and dozens of soldiers traveling over the forest at night.

Prairie chicken needs protection

There was a bit of sorrow this April in the village of Milnesand, N.M. — akin to the sadness Magdalena experienced just last month. Milnesand's annual Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival had been cancelled — due, apparently, to drought significantly diminishing the numbers of wild "chickens," a wondrous cousin of the sage grouse.

Meteor shower strikes August skies

The August showstopper will be the annual Perseid Meteor Shower. This year the shower has two things going for it that should make meteor watching a fun event. The first is that the waxing crescent Moon will set about mid-evening, leaving the skies dark for meteor watching. The second is that the actual peak of the shower will occur during daylight hours on the 12th for North America. What this means is the shower should be visible on the night of Aug. 11-12 and again during the night of Aug. 12-13.

Letters to the Editor (7/25/2013)

How are things supposed to be?

Doug May writes from a preacher’s perspective about how things are “supposed to be.” His view is founded on centuries of religious beliefs that many consider unassailable. To oppose them is generally called heresy or blasphemy — perhaps some other loaded term. The inference is that “thinking” is insulting to religious or superstitious tradition.

Letters to the Editor (7/18/2013)

SEC member miffed with reform group
In 2009, at the urging of the SEC reform group I began to actively partake in the involvement of our Socorro Electric Cooperative. Before this, I’ll admit to being guilty as heck for not paying much attention to what goes on at the SEC.

Let voters decide on same sex marriage

Can we get married?
That’s a question two Santa Fe men want answered — and sooner rather than later. The couple, who were denied a marriage license by the Santa Fe County clerk in June, are asking the New Mexico Supreme Court to decide whether same-sex marriages will be legal here.

Tolerance is a two-way street

The homosexual community is going to have as much trouble being tolerant with views of the Christians as the Christians have in being tolerant with sexual immorality.

Letters to the Editor (7/11/2013)

Co-op trustee opponents out this weekend with petition
It is against the law, both legally and morally, to deny anyone the right to vote. Yet this is happening today in the service district of the Socorro Electric Cooperative. Although the Board of Trustees, the SEC management and lawyers are dragging in all sorts of side issues, the basic issue remains: District 5 members passed 31 resolutions at their district meeting in October 2012 which according to the SEC bylaws should have been voted upon at the 2013 Annual Meeting.

The Blotter (7/11/2013)

Magdalena Marshal’s Office
June 3
• About 8 p.m. an officer was called to a residence on Kelly Road in reference to a verbal domestic dispute. The parties were separated and no charges were filed.

A good map worth every dime you spend on it

Map geeks live in Albuquerque's North Valley. Their home is a modest suite in an even more modest one-story brown stucco office building on North Fourth Street. Even the sign for the Public Lands Interpretive Association is modest. Fourth Street is commonly thought to be the route of El Camino Real, or Chihuahua Trail, that connected Mexico with Ohkay Owingeh pueblo, north of Española. An Albuquerque planning document corrects that "misperception," reporting that El Camino Real had two routes through the North Valley, neither of them Fourth Street.

Rationing health care

Now that so many more people are going to be eligible and able to afford health insurance, there's a big worry. There won't be enough doctors, enough nurses, enough clinics and hospitals. There will be long waits for an appointment with a doctor, long waits at clinics, waiting lists for surgeries, shortages of drugs and medical equipment. It's going to be a disaster. There's going to have to be rationing of health care.

Letters to the Editor (7/4/2013)

Highway 60 a tourist attraction
Several issues ago you published an article concerning a newcomer who proposes that U.S. Highway 60 west become a tourist attraction.
That is an idea whose time has come. U.S. Highway 60 was originally known as “The Ocean to Ocean Highway” and went from Virginia Beach, Va. to Santa Monica, Calif., passing through New Mexico, from Clovis to Arizona, through Socorro.